With 4 outlets in Fukuoka, Japan, Matcha Cafe Hachi (抹茶カフェHACHI) has opened their first international outlet right here in Singapore, named as Cafe Hachi.

Founded in 2017, “Hachi” means Eight in Japanese, where the figure 8 resembles the infinity sign, and signifies the concept of limitless possibilities.

Located few doors away from PUNCH at North Canal Road, Cafe Hachi is unlike the usual Japanese teahouse that is brightly-lit with minimalist light wooden furniture pieces.

Instead, Cafe Hachi has a more kissaten vibe, like an old-style Japanese tearoom with a rustic and nostalgic charm, equipped with solid mahogany wood and leather seats.

High quality powdered green tea grown and produced in Uji Wazuka-cho, Kyoto, Japan is used in all their matcha dishes.

3 ceremonial grades matcha powder are used in their drinks, from the mildest to strongest according to their aroma profiles (and also their matcha grade), namely Okumidori ($6.90++), Samidori ($10.90++) and Asahi ($14.90++).

Okumidori is used in making matcha desserts as it has the strongest matcha aroma and the most bitter aftertaste, balancing the overall sweetness level.

Only single origin matcha, known as tencha is used here. Tencha refers to those tea leaves that are grounded to make matcha, grown in a single place.

And thus they are unique because of its strong and unique characteristics in terms of its smell, flavour, colour and finish.

Focusing on matcha desserts on their menu, with an extensive 9 options, prices are slightly on the steeper side.

The cheapest item is the Matcha Milk Pudding starting from $6.80++ whereas a Matcha Tall Parfait is priced at $18.80++.

Other selection includes Matcha Tiramisu & Warabimochi ($16.80++), Matcha Swiss Roll ($8.80++), Matcha Chiffon Cake ($7.80++), Matcha Basque Cheese Cake ($8.80++), Matcha Tarte ($7.80++), Matcha & Fruit Middle Parfait ($14.80++) and Matcha Affogato ($15.80++).

Cafe Hachi

Their signature is the Matcha Tall Parfait ($18.80++), textured with various ingredients.

At the top, there was a scoop of matcha ice cream, Azuki red beans, dango and chestnut, though slightly too sweet to my liking.

The middle layer was my favourite, consisting of earthy matcha chocolate and Genmaicha (brown rice cracker bits) that added a roasted popcorn-like taste in contrast to the earthy matcha notes.

There Is also a layer of matcha chiffon cake with matcha ice cream, which unfortunately turns soggy when the ice cream melts.

The bottom layer is pretty interesting, a layer of panda cotta, matcha pudding and white wine jelly that gives it a wobbly and bouncy texture.

Cafe Hachi

Another signature item is the Matcha Swiss Roll ($8.80++), a fluffy matcha sponge cake rolled up with 2 different matcha intensities: fresh matcha cream and custard.

The matcha sponge was soft and moist, whereas the cream provided a different contrasting texture.

On a side note, the matcha cream could be a tad sweet, even though the tea notes were alluring.

Cafe Hachi

I decided to give the Matcha Tarte ($7.80++) a try, made using almond powder and matcha to give it a rich and crumbly texture similar to a frangipane tart.

A good selection of drinks can be found here at Cafe Hachi, Matcha ($6.90++ – $14.90++), Shakes ($7.80++ – $8.80++), Smoothie ($7.80++ – $10.80++), Coffee ($4.50++ – $7.50++), and Green/ black Tea ($5.90++ – $6.90++) sourced from Hoshino Village and Saga Ureshino in Kyushu region.

Okumidori matcha is used to make their Matcha Latte ($8.80++), served unsweetened with milk foam on top, dusted with more matcha powder for an extra punch.

Cafe Hachi

Probably my favourite item on the menu, the matcha was whisked with a smooth texture and distinctive umami notes.

The Matcha Latte had a full body, fragrant with earthy notes that was not overpowering or bitter.

Matcha is widely accepted for its health benefits such as high antioxidants, boost in metabolism and calming effects.

Since Japan has not opened up fully for free-and-easy leisure travel, Cafe Hachi can be a possible alternative to get a taste of Japan.

Cafe Hachi

Cafe Hachi
35 North Canal Rd, #01-01 Singapore 059291
Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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