Katong and Joo Chiat must have been the latest cafe hopping spots lately.

Cafehoppers will be glad with the sheer number of cafes and F&Bs opening in East Coast of late.

The East Coast had been a good thriving spot for Ebb & Flow Group, the brainchild behind Chin Mee Chin and Tigerlily Patisserie, both located in the vicinity.

For the record, Ebb & Flow Group also owns The Dragon Chamber, Sommer Dining, Willow and Love Handle.

Cafe Natsu is their latest opening at Crane (Joo Chiat) which houses a houseware and provision retail section on the first floor, a co-working space on the 2nd storey, and hole-in-a-wall Kōhī Roastery & Coffee Bar at the back alley.

They are also located diagonally across popular Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Roti Prata and the iconic colourful Peranakan Houses in Joo Chiat.

Natsu means “Summer” in Japanese, a symbolism of the all-year climate in Singapore, with a Japanese-inspired menu.

Lit by warm lightings with tropical touches such as the use of teal-coloured furnitures, the entire space is pretty cosy with natural sunlight shining through the open concept space.

Different menus are available here: Brunch (9am – 4pm) and Lunch (12pm – 4pm), considered on the pricier side with all mains above $20 after including the taxes. (They used to have dinner service but has stopped that.)

Only a limited selection is offered here if you decide to pop by in the morning, namely Roasted Buckwheat Granola ($19), Souffle Pancakes ($23), Benedict ($28), Florentine ($30, add caviar +$12), Breakfast Plate ($28) and Veggie Plate ($28).

Their Lunch menu is much more extensive but unfortunately, I will have to wait for 3 hours before it starts serving at 12pm.

Looks like I will have to make a second visit soon.

With a Japanese influence for their lunch menu, think Sando (Chicken Katsu $26, Wagyu Beef Short Rib ($30), Egg Mayo ($22), Hamachi ($30), Wagyu Burger ($28), Shio Kombu Gnocchi ($24), Togarashi Fries ($8) and Wasabi Spinach ($5).

The Sando does remind me of the ones at Hello Arigato, recently opened diagonally across the street.

I decided to go ahead and get the Souffle Pancakes ($23), which is the only item that sounds interesting and available before 12pm.

With a minimum waiting time of 20 minutes to prepare the pancakes upon request, the Souffle Pancakes ($23) comes with 2 thin and eggy layers, with slices of peach sandwiched in between, drizzled with litchi honey and a scoop of roasted almond ice cream.

The souffle pancakes were moist and soft, a little on the thinner side, and pretty delicate and refined in taste.

The peaches were fresh and adds a different texture to it, whereas the almond slices add an additional crunch.

It’s definitely pricey for the portion and size, which is slightly bigger than a 6oz cup.

4 items are on their dessert menu, namely Kurozato Brown Sugar Tart ($8), Baked Hokkaido Cheese Tart ($8), Yuzu & Lime Meringue Pie ($12) and Kurozato Mochi Fried Doughnuts ($12).

I had already decided on the Kurozato Mochi Fried Doughnuts ($12) but was only told that it is only available after 12pm and they have yet to update the system.

Their drinks are offered from Kōhī Roastery & Coffee Bar, directly linked via a common walkway at the rear end of the cafe.

Prices start from $3.85 for a cup of Espresso, with other espresso-based options such as Black ($6.05), White ($6.60), Macchiato ($4.40), Piccolo ($4.95) and Mocha ($7.10),

Non-espresso based drinks include Chocolate ($6.60), Matcha/ Hojicha Latte ($7.10), Dark Chocolate ($7.10), Tea ($7.15), Juice ($6) and Kombucha ($8).

I enjoyed the Matcha Latte ($7.10) which was unsweetened, rich and robust with distinctive earthly and umami taste.

Welcome Cafe Natsu to the neighbour, which will adding more vibrancy and options here, with prices which are steeper for the portion than many cafes.

Cafe Natsu
283 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427537
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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