Am always on the lookout for under-the-radar cafes, and found myself at One North.

Even though Galaxis is in the business park area, there are a number of notable food choices including Bread Yard, One Fattened Calf, Bowl Chap, Daehwa (Korean vegetarian), Hoodadak, Super Simple, and The Food Barn.

Marcy is a homely nook to pop by for a quick bite and refreshments. They pride themselves on making good food to fuel a healthy body, which is definitely reflected in its menu.

As to why the name Marcy, it is the combination of three women’s names – Margaret, Nancy and Alice – who have had significant influence on their founder’s journey. (The tricky thing is there is another Marcy Restaurant located at Duxton Road.)

Marcy presents a lean selection of sandwiches and small plates, with signatures being the Signature Savoury Waffle ($21), Roasted Sliced Sirloin Sandwich ($14.90), Dino Burger ($20.80), Unagi Tamago Sandwich ($15.60), and Acai Bowls ($7.20 onwards).

The Marcy’s Signature Savoury Waffle ($21) is recommended with mouth-watering plate of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on buttermilk waffles, with salad and avocado salsa.

However, I was most enticed by the Unagi Tamago ($15.60) combines a tender piece of unagi with tamago, bonito flakes and nori for a very Japanese flavour.

It was an unusual mix of ingredients for a sandwich, and I think it worked for a savoury-slightly-sweet finish and thinly crisp toasted bread.

I would have personally preferred it better if there was a more prominent sauce of some kind, or say creamy Japanese-style mayonnaise?

Marcy’s signature is their organic acai bowls, which comes in three options: Marcy Original, Yogurt and Chia Pudding.

They are served in Petite ($7.20), Regular ($9.60) and Dino ($15.50).

The refreshing goodness is topped with mango, pomegranate, kiwi, dragonfruit, blueberries, maple granola, cacao nibs, chia seeds and almond flakes.

The fruits and nuts create a symphony of sweetness and acidity, makes a refreshing treat for any time of the day. I enjoyed the granola and cocoa nibs which provided some crunch.

Juices here, such as the Acai Dragon Berry Smoothie ($8.60), are pressed to order with fresh fruits and vegetables, without any added sugar.

Their Hokkaido Acai Shake ($8.50) is another customer’s favourite, blended with air-flown milk from Hokkaido.

The same premium milk is used for the Hokkaido White ($6.50, $7.50 for iced) – they use a Common Man blend, which can be slightly on the acidic side.

Located on the first floor of Fusionopolis, Marcy is convenient to drop by for anyone looking to get a quick fix of something to eat.

Galaxis #01-16, 1 Fusionopolis Place, Singapore 138522
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 5pm (Mon), 9:30am – 8pm (Tues, Thurs), 8:30am – 6pm (Wed), 9:30am – 3pm (Fri), 9am – 5pm (Sat – Sun)

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