We did take some time to search for a gelato café in Punggol, and didn’t find many options. Well, North-easterners, you do have Sugartown in your hood.

Sugartown, as its name suggests, is an simple, cosy place found at the residential block of Block 658 of Punggol East for your favourite gelato and waffles.

There are classic, premium and “super premium” flavours, which you can take home in pints too. Have a single scoop ($3.90) for a taste or spoil yourself with a double scoop ($7.60).

Classic flavours ($3.90 per scoop) include nutella, cookies & cream, salted caramel, lavender, coffee chip, vanilla; while premium flavours ($4.90 per scoop) are chocolate 85%, bacio, yuzu, strawberry, mascarpone basil, italian white truffle.

The super premium flavour ($5.90 per scoop) was pistachio.

Have the gelato on a waffle, which comes in Original, Charcoal or Red Velvet. Nothing is better than pairing gelato with the crispy waffle, which is warm and fluffy inside.

When you are deciding on the gelato, perhaps you may want to be adventurous and try out their Italian White Truffle flavour.


Real white truffle shavings are supposedly incorporated into the gelato (rather than just oil), creating a decadent mix of sweet and savoury.

I found it a novel experience – just for the fun of it, but honestly would stick to ‘safer’ flavours if I just want an easy-going ice cream treat. It was kind of weird. Haha.

Other popular choices would be the bacio which is a chocolate hazelnut flavour that is rich and nutty; and 85% chocolate for the chocolate lovers.

If you really love chocolate, go for the Chocolate Affogato ($7.40) with single scoop of gelato drown in hot chocolate.

Sugartown has a set menu ($10.90/$11.30) for you to enjoy a single waffle, a single scoop of gelato with iced shaken tea or hot tea which makes it pretty affordable.


If you’re looking for more fun beyond the sweet treats, there is an arcade machine in the café that you can play. 1 token is $1 and 12 tokens are $10. Go to town with it.

I was given 3 tokens for all I ordered, but sadly lost pretty fast due to the lack of practice. All the nostalgic moments coming back again.


Sugartown Café
658 Punggol East, #01-08, Singapore 820658
Opening Hours: 6pm – 11pm (Mon – Thurs), 6pm – 11:30pm (Fri), 11am – 11:30pm (Sat), 11am – 11pm (Sun)

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