The CBD folks are happy that Market Street Hawker Centre has reopened at CapitaSpring (near Raffles Place MRT) with 2-floors of affordable hawker fare.

While many of the well-known stalls generally enjoy a long line during lunch hours, the one stall that is possibly one of the most popular is Ah Liang Ipoh Hor Fun 亚良怡保沙河粉.

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This is a family-run business that used to run in a neighbourhood kopitiam, now taken over by their 2nd generation.

Be sure and decisive when you make your orders here, as this queue is easily the longest during lunch hours.

Also note that while Google operational hours state 8:30am to 8pm, they usually start about 9:30am to 10am or so (from the few times I observed) and sometimes sell out after lunch.

Most of the office workers are prepared to wait in line for a delicious plate of Ipoh Hor Fun. They come in varieties of Shredded Chicken with Fried Fish Dumpling & Prawn ($5, $6), Crab Meat Hor Fun ($4) – should be crab stick, Seafood Hor Fun ($5, $6), Fried Fish Dumpling Seafood Hor Fun ($5, $6), and Fried Wanton Hor Fun ($4, $5).

They also sell Wanton Noodles ($4, $5) matched with kolo mee.

This Ipoh Hor Fun is not quite like the usual hor fun you come across in most Singapore food centres.

Served with a flavourful dark sauce, this savoury Ipoh Hor Fun has a recipe that is unique to the stall owner, Mdm Ong. There is this slight herbal taste and sesame oil fragrance that make the sauce stand out from the others.

I liked how slipppery smooth the rice noodles went with the gravy, and possibly softer than the usual.

Now for the main star of the plate… the fried fish dumplings.

They are deep-fried in small batches so remain hot and crispy when served. When you bite into them, you get generous portion of fish meat and cubes of radish that add some crunch.

So whichever combination you order, do try out their signature fried dumplings.

Ah Liang Ipoh Hor Fun 亚良怡保沙河粉
Market Street Hawker Centre #02-04, CapitaSpring, 86 Market Street, Singapore 048947
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 8pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat, Sun

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