OMMA Korean Charcoal BBQ introduces Singapore to a new way of Korean BBQ-dining with friends and family.

While barbeque restaurants are widespread across the city, only OMMA can boast of being Singapore’s first wood-fire Korean Charcoal BBQ.

Located at Bukit Timah (Cheong Chin Nam Road) and Holland Village, OMMA is one of the best places to satiate your K-barbeque cravings. It can get quite popular during the weekends, so reservations are recommended.

There are over 60 ala carte dishes from $8.80 and set menus from $49.

From prime cut meats and vegetables to Korean classics like Fried Chicken, Spicy Soft Tofu Stew with Seafood, to Kimchi Stew, come prepared for a meal to remember.

Similarly, the restaurant does not use conventional gas fire. Instead, grilling at OMMA is done on all-natural wood charcoal, that too of the smokeless variety.

Furthermore, for as little as $3 per 30g, guests can pick one of five charcoal types carefully curated to give the food a unique blend of taste.

Each of these five charcoal wood chips from Applewood, Cherry, Pecan, Hickory, to Mesquite, adds a luscious element to the barbeque, almost like pairing wine with different courses of your meal.

Applewood, for instance, gives seafood, lean white meat, or vegetables a subtle sweet note. You can taste it, but it also doesn’t overpower the ingredients.

Another recommendation is the Hickory. It has quite a noticeable fragrance and smokiness that easily cuts through pork, poultry, or red meat fat.

Dining at OMMA may be like taking a trip to Seoul, as the ambience at the restaurant is laidback yet elegant in an almost zen-like fashion.

Inspired by traditional Hanok architecture, the restaurant’s interiors makes the dining experience quite cosy.

Beautiful wallpapers celebrating the Korean culture, marble tabletops, and copper chimneys give the space a contemporary look without coming across as ultra-modern.

Here are some of the highlights from OMMA Korean Charcoal BBQ:

Beef OMMA Set ($95, good for 2-3 pax)
A substantial meal to share between 2-3 diners, the Beef OMMA Set features Beef Ribs, Beef Brisket, and Beef Striploin.

My favourite part was the Beef Brisket. Consisting of several connecting tissues, the brisket is a prime cut taken from the lower
chest area of the animal.

Thinly-sliced and chewy, it requires minimum grilling. Although moderately fatty, brisket quickly turns succulent and goes rather well with plain (to better appreciate the delicate smokiness of the firewood) or with just a dip on the ssamjang sauce.

If you prefer a cut less fatty, you should enjoy the striploin.

However, do note that as customers generally need to do their own grilling and cutting due to shortage of staff.

Also available is a Beef OMMA Value Set at a special price of $76, valid from Mondays to Thursdays. While the “Value Set” comes with slightly less meat in terms of grammage, it is still served with choice of Soup, Steamed Egg and Banchan.

Pork OMMA Set ($60, good for 2-3 pax)
The benefit of choosing the Pork OMMA Set is that you can experiment with and taste various meat pieces with quite generous portion.

This particular set includes two Spanish-origin cuts, the Iberico Pork Collar and the Iberico Jowl.

My favourite part was the Iberico Pork Collar. The intrusion of fat in the muscles under the skin of the Pork Collar helps keep the meat tender while packing it with robust flavour.

At the same time, the Jowl has that singular and lean marbled cut with a layer of surrounding fat, biting into it is quite a delicious affair.

Completing the set is the Black Pork Belly (samgyupsal), which has a good mix of meaty and fatty parts which gives it a delectable firm bite with juiciness.

Also available is a Pork OMMA Value Set at a special price of $48, valid from Mondays to Thursdays.

Both the Beef and Pork (mentioned above) sets come with Soybean Paste Soup (beef/seafood) or Kimchi Soup (tuna/pork).

Additionally, there is steamed egg and an endless supply of banchan – Korean side dishes and fresh vegetables.

Combo Chicken Set ($25 for 9 pieces, $40 for 18 pieces)
The Combo Chicken Set promises an appetizing mini-banquet for Chimaek lovers. You get to enjoy the Original Korean Crispy Chicken, and OMMA’s special Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken OR Sweet & Spicy Chicken.

The Original Fried Chicken, on the other hand, was perfection. Non-greasy, crunchier than usual, with juicy meat.

The Garlic Soy Sauce Chicken is also recommended. Accordingly, preparing the garlic soy sauce for the chicken consists of hand-crushing the garlic and mixing it with healthy Korean herbs and ingredients.

The result is a delicious version of fried chicken with infused garlic that accentuates the overall flavour profile.

Army Stew ($38)
The Budae Jjigae at OMMA is fit for a small ‘army’ of 4-5 diners. Remember to order the dish only if your group is ravenous because the portions that arrive on the table are pretty generous.

The dish displays an element of comfort and warmth first through its rustic look and then its ingredients.

Found boiling in the stew are vegetables, mushrooms, Ramyeon (Korean instant noodles), baked beans, small pieces of sausage, and Tteokbokki (Korean rice cake).

Although tasty and very filling, the Army Stew turned out to be spicier than expected. Nevertheless, the tanginess of the nourishing mixture kept the flavours very much in balance.

Watermelon Soju ($45)
A hearty meal featuring an array of meats requires equally enticing drinks that complement the food.

For this, OMMA offers a pretty good range of Korean spirits. They serve everything from soju to rice wine and even Maesil Ju, a traditional sweet and sharp liqueur made from green maesil plums.

However, do not miss out on the restaurant’s energizing Watermelon Soju ($45) or Pineapple Soju ($35).

Whether to pacify the spiciness of the Korean BBQ or as preparation to battle the heat outside, this refreshing alcoholic drink should leave you in a rejuvenated and high-spirited state of mind.

Complimentary FREE Flow Beer for 90 minutes for all diners with minimum spend of $150++ (for Bukit Timah outlet) in a single receipt per table.

OMMA Korean Charcoal BBQ – Bukit Timah
20 Cheong Chin Nam Road, Singapore 599744
Tel: +65 6513 9553
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 11:30pm (Mon – Sun)

OMMA Korean Charcoal BBQ – Holland Village
21 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277680
Tel: +65 6365 3688
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with OMMA Korean Charcoal BBQ.


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