With the relaxed dining measures in place, perhaps you would want to experience modern European cuisine with a touch of elegance at Tablescape Restaurant & Bar.

Located at Grand Park City Hall which is near City Hall MRT station, the dining destination has also launched a Sunday Brunch where items are served European family-style.

This semi-buffet is where you can be indulgently filled with fresh seafood, roasted succulent meats, brunch classics with a twist, a hearty main course, and of course desserts.

If you have not been to Tablescape before, its neo-classical interiors give that touch of romance-meets-elegance vibes.

White-clothed tables, soft blue seating, and plush pink seats create a relaxing mood, complemented with soft illumination.

Together with warm discreet service, the food and ambiance can lead you to a memorable culinary experience.

Food-wise, its menu is focused on European cuisine – hearty, comforting modern, with elegant plating – even for the Sunday Brunch.

It is available every Sunday from 12pm to 3pm ($118++ per person) and offers seven courses. Conceptualised semi-buffet style, five of these seven courses may be re-ordered as you please.

Expect to be served European family-style. This means starters are served on elegant serving platters before moving onto hearty individual courses. You can feast on a table full of seafood, meats, yummy little bites called “Chef Pass-Around” and a choice of sumptuous main.

Expect to be really full and satisfied. Here’s what you can expect from Tablescape’s NEW Sunday Brunch: (*denotes one serving only)

Seafood on Ice
Feast your senses on a spectacular heap of fresh seafood on ice. An enticing Boston lobster is allocated for each person, who also gets juicy prawns and plump mussels.

These oceanic jewels are poached in a house made court bouillon to preserve their delicate, natural sweetness. While I am typically not the biggest fan of mussels, these were succulent and tender, sweet and mild with no ‘fishy’ notes.

Can’t get enough of these prawns and mussels? You can order them again.

Freshly Shucked Canadian Oysters*
Each happy buffet diner also gets four pieces of plump Canadian oysters served to your table. Enjoy their salty, briny, and vegetative flavours and aroma only freshly shucked oysters can give.

Accompanied with lemon wedges, Tabasco, mignonette sauce, and the sunrise-like pinkish-red buttery tomato sauce Aurore.

Charcuterie Board*
This charcuterie board is a perfect addition to your Sunday spread as you share a table with family, friends and loved ones.

Ease your way thru brunch with a mix and mingling of ham, salami, chunks and wedges of assorted cheeses, fresh fruits, nuts, breadsticks, and crackers.

Mesclun Salad or Smoked Duck Salad
Cleanse your palate with a salad of your preference. Get either the simple Mesclun Salad, a mix of leafy greens, olives, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, and red onion.

Or the more robust Smoked Duck Salad, served with house-smoked duck breast, leafy greens, feta cheese, quinoa, blueberry and butternut squash which is what I would recommend between the two.

Chef Pass-Around
Consider Chef Pass-Around the scenic route thru your Sunday brunch. Here you get a series of tasty treats serving as a bridge from salads to your main course.

These may include a homemade Truffle Ebi Maki Roll served with Wasabi Foam, or some flavourful soups like Celery Root Veloute with Saffron, Onsen Egg and Dill Oil.

For foie gras lovers, the Pan-Seared Foie Gras with Brioche, Fig and Pistachio Powder would be irresistible with its savoury-fruity sweet flavours.

My favourite item of the Chef Pass-Around was the Pernod-scented Melon Soup with Prosciutto and Sesame Lavosh. Reminding me almost of a dessert, the chilled soup was deliciously light and refreshing, just a tad alcoholic.

You will be glad to know they can be re-ordered.

Beef Striploin* (main course, choose 1 out of 5)
Tablescape’s Sunday Brunch comes with your choice of 1 of 5 available Main Courses (read on to find out more).

If you prefer the depth of flavour of red meats, try their rendition of Black Angus Striploin.

Seasoned then grilled in a Josper charcoal grill to achieve the perfect Maillard effect and light smoky flavours. This savoury steak is served au jus with mildly sweet-flavoured broccolini, and an ultra-indulgent truffle mousseline.

Pork Belly* (main course, choose 1 out of 5)
Give in to your pork cravings with this savoury crisp-roasted pork belly. Its well-seasoned skin is tasty and crunchy, while its succulent meat-and-fat layers rest atop a creamy cauliflower puree.

Also comes with buttered sugar snaps for a touch of greens. To balance the richness of this dish, dab a meaty slice with an espresso-based sauce.

Sea Bass Meunière* (main course, choose 1 out of 5)
For a lighter main, try this delicate white fish fillet cooked a la meunière. This meaty skin-on sea bass is rolled lightly in flour and sauteed in butter, then topped with refreshing home-made salsa verde.

Complement the lightness of the fish with a rich & creamy sweet potato mousseline. Served with roasted asparagus spears.

Slow Roasted Chicken* (main course, choose 1 out of 5)
Go for this poultry main and savour an entire half spring chicken, slow roasted for better infusion of flavours, accompanied with au jus and roasted veggies.

Notice how it is served flattened to make sure it gets an even sear in cooking.

What you get is chicken with crispy skin on the outside, and tender juicy meat on the inside.

Gnocchi* (main course, choose 1 out of 5)
A popular Italian dumpling, gnocchi, made in-house at Tablescape the classic Italian way, served with creamy sauce, peas and forest mushrooms.

Pure potato puree is incorporated into the semolina dough that it melts in your mouth.

Each soft bite of this potato-based pasta releases a burst of cheesy and herbal flavours, from the mingling of parmesan and sage.

Dessert Platter
Your gustatory anticipation comes to an exciting end as you meet the dessert selection.

Reward your taste buds with a Tablescape signature ‘shot’ of Champagne, made with Champagne jelly, mascarpone and berries, or a delectably creamy Cheesecake Tart.

For choco lovers, the classic French pâtisserie Chocolate Millefeuille is an absolute treat with its multi-layered flavours and textures. Their rendition of Mont Blanc, a chestnut cream meringue, is worth the calories too.

Exclusive to the Sunday Brunch is a selection of cocktails or glass of Prosecco for $12++. Alternatively, go for the free flow of G.H. Mumm champagne and house spirits at $55++ or free flow housepour red and white wines at $45++.

Tablescape Sunday Brunch
Available every Sunday, 12pm – 3pm (Last walk in 2pm)

$118++ per person for Brunch menu
Add $55++ for free flow G.H Mumm Champagne and House Spirits
Add $45++ for free flow Housepour Red and White Wine

Exclusive Promotion
UOB Cardmembers may enjoy 20% savings on the Sunday Brunch and Citibank Cardmembers will enjoy 15% savings on the Sunday Brunch. This does not apply to the Beverage Add-Ons.

Tablescape Restaurant & Bar
Level 3, 10 Coleman Street, Grand Park City Hall, S179809
Tel: +65 6432 5566
Email: hello@tablescape.sg
Operating Hours: Lunch 12pm – 2pm (Mon – Sat)
Afternoon Tea 2:30pm – 4:30pm (Mon – Fri), 3pm – 5pm (Sat, Sun)
Dinner 6pm – 10pm
Sunday Brunch 12pm – 3pm

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Grand Park City Hall.


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