Looking for a NEW café at Orchard Road? Have you met The Super Manual, the world’s first 5th wave coffee robotic barista?

RATIO Café + GastroBar serves up not-your-usual café food, refreshing cocktails, and customised coffee made by a robot barista – complete with latte art.

With RATIO’s first outlet at the Centrepoint, this new flagship store at ION Orchard is decked out in Peranakan-inspired décor that is a mix of retro and modern chic, accentuated with patterned tiles and a mural wall art that is Instagram-worthy.

Most would want to take photos in front of the Chinese characters 我。自在 on the mural wall, which implies “I feel relaxed and at ease”.

There are also booth seats that reminds me of a retro Hainanese kopitiam that are great for relaxing conversations, any time from day (opens at 10am) till night.

RATIO Café’ + GastroBar’s menu combines traditional and contemporary flavours and techniques, inspired by the four founders’ travels across the globe.

The Chef and team also had experience working in the kitchens of famous Peranakan restaurants in Singapore thus, you would find interesting flavours in the food, influenced by different cultures to provide pleasant surprises.

From Seafood Laksa Cream Linguine, Har Cheong Wings, Char Siew Kurobuta Sandwich, to desserts like the Rose Crème Brûlée and Lychee Panna Cotta Martini, check out the following highlights from RATIO Café + GastroBar:

Truffled Angel Hair with Tiger Prawn ($24.90)
Pasta lovers can go for choices including the Truffled Bacon Carbonara ($24.50), Hand-pulled Mushrooms Aglio Olio ($18.50), and Seafood Laksa Cream Linguine ($26.90).

Immerse yourself in a mix of oceanic and herbal flavours as you slurp up the Truffled Angel Hair with Tiger Prawn ($24.90). Twirl some tobiko-topped truffle kombu seasoned al dente capellini on your fork and indulge in this delicate tasting dish.

Cooked only upon order, the pretty-looking and refreshing cold pasta dish also comes with a couple of butterflied Tiger Prawns torched with herb-thyme emulsion.

RATIO’s Seafood Laksa Cream Linguine ($26.90)
A must-try pasta is this house special seafood-based linguine, incorporating the rich and creamy flavours from local dish laksa.

You get al dente linguine swirling in a rich, piquant laksa-spiced cream sauce.

This dish is chockful of fresh tiger prawns, mussels, and squid rings, finished off with a dollop of tobiko and micro greens.

Between the two pasta dishes I tried, I would prefer this due to the strong flavours and fragrant laksa base – said to be prepared from scratch using Chef’s own recipe of “Laksa stock”.

Char Siew Kurobuta Sandwich ($22.90)
In terms of burgers and sandwiches, there are the recommended Wagyu Beef Burger ($24.50), IMPOSSIBLE ™ Kimchi Burger ($26.90), Crispy Cod Burger ($23.50), and Char Siew Kurobuta Sandwich ($22.90).

This hefty, meaty Char Siew Kurobuta Sandwich uses a crisp-crusted ciabatta filled with tender slices of pork collar, accompanied with fresh crunchy kale and green lettuce.

Taste how flavourful and soft each slice of meat is, using the pork collar of Kurobuta or Japanese black pigs and marinated with a special in-house char siew sauce before torching it for a caramelised finish.

This heirloom pork sandwich is interestingly served with localised sides of homemade red chili pickles and sweet and sour achar to balance out the savoury flavours.

Mum’s Spiced Chicken Tail ($11.50)
For munchies to go along with drinks, there is the Kurobuta Ngoh Hiang ($17.50), Tom Yum Mussels ($17.90), White Wine & Garlic Mussels ($17.90), Gambas Ajillo ($18.90), and Wagyu Beef Sliders ($18.90), and Mum’s Spiced Chicken Tail ($11.50) which I was told is a “must-order”.

Not the usual starter you would find in a café, this unconventional dish introduced by one of the founders is a skewered dish made with curry spice – marinated chicken tails.

Enjoy the distinct flavour and crispiness of the chicken tails (aka “bishop’s nose”) like how the founder’s mum would often make them for him. Served on a bed of crisp white noodles topped with fried basil leaves.

If you have not tried before, I say, why not? You may be in for a surprise, and I enjoyed this for the light touch of curry spices.

Har Cheong Wings ($12.50)
If you fancy the comforting taste of savoury Singaporean fried food, then go for the Har Cheong Wings – the café-interpretation of an all-time favourite zi char item.

These tender and juicy chicken wings are marinated in fermented shrimp paste and coated in a batter.

Once deep-fried to a golden-brown hue, and optimum crispiness is achieved, all that is needed is a hungry diner who can’t resist chicken wings.

Chef also added some house-made crumbs all over to enhance the overall textures and a more varied bite.

Sweet Potato Fries with Sour Plum Powder ($9.90)
To add variety to your meal. throw in a side of crispy sweet potato fries generously tossed in a homemade sour plum powder.

The result is a sweet and sour flavour combo (reminding me of those I had in Taiwan’s night markets) that is bound to perk up your taste buds. Once you pop one into your mouth, it may be difficult to stop.

Passion Pop ($14)
Push boundaries when it comes to your choice of beverage and make a statement. Would you like your Espresso with Vodka? How about a frozen cocktail spiced up with siracha?

Go beyond the usual and “normal” items and explore unusual, and sometimes, quirky flavour combinations.

This icy sweet & sour beverage comes as an ice-cold popsicle made with rum, passionfruit, lime, mint, and glitter syrup.

A fun way to consume your cocktail, this boozy treat may just get you tipsy.

Once Upon a Time I(o)n Orchard ($18)
This ION Orchard exclusive drink is made with sour cherry gin, vermouth, rose syrup, lemon juice, and egg white.

Each sip is a showcase of floral flavours, while citrus notes add a sparkling acidity to this cocktail.

There are two frozen cocktails which allows you to push your alcohol limit by choosing your alcohol level – Dragon Tears ($18) and Life’s A Beach ($18).

The decision is yours to choose from 0% alcohol all the way to 100%, though one or two shots are generally recommended first.

Now let’s talk about coffee, prepared by The Super Manual – an impressive AI-powered robotic barista.

If you are doubting The Super Manual’s skill and craftmanship, doubt no more as this robot barista is ‘trained’ by the best.

In fact, this robot makes coffees well as they are ‘trained’ by Tiong Hoe, Singapore’s leading specialty coffee shop – everything from proportions to latte art.

With AI technology, The Super Manual can grind, tamp, extract espressos, and create perfect latte art consistently and efficiently every single time.

Get your daily java dose with RATIO’s classic espresso drinks like Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, and Caffe Mocha ($4.50 – $7).

Flavoured lattes (complete with latte art) are also available if you need pops of sweetness and fruitiness in your cup. Try their Pandan Latte, Gula Melaka Latte, Banana Latte, Coconut Latte, and Salted Caramel Latte.

Get them either hot or cold, whichever you prefer.

RATIO Café + GastroBar
ION Orchard #B1-12, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

RATIO Café + Lounge
Centrepoint #05-06, 176 Orchard Road, Singapore 238843
Opening Hours: 9am – 8:30pm Last order 8pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with RATIO Café + GastroBar.


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