It is easy to view Rise at Potong Pasir (not to be confused with RISE at Marina Bay Sands) as another pretty-in-pink, aesthetic café.

When I tried some of its bakes (done in-house), I was pleasantly surprised.

Rise is found next to a clinic at Potong Pasir Ave 1, of short walking distance from the MRT station, and near cafes such as Kizuna and Juparo Coffee.

Going all-out-in-pink can be tacky in some situation, but Rise got it all right – elegantly painted in salmon pink with round windows, with aspects that are Scandinavian-inspired. Stylish yet comforting.

A cosy little place, though with limited seating.

Also note that there is a dining limit of 60 minutes if the place gets packed.

On the menu are artisanal bakes (refer to pastries display), signature Brown Butter Waffles, Gelato, and drinks with the usual coffee selection.

For non-coffee drinkers, there are the 40% Dark Chocolate ($6), Peppermint Chocolate ($6.50), Iced Yuzu Lemonade Spitzer ($6), and Iced Peached & Creme Tea ($6.50).

Apple Crumble Pie Teacake ($7.20), Strawberry Cheesecake Teacake ($7.20), Uji Matcha Tart ($7.20), Carrot Walnut Cake ($7.50), Royal Truffle Chocolate Cake ($7.50), Yuzu Lemon Teacake ($6.90)… the bakes were colourful and well-presented, and almost reminded me of one of those Korean bakehouses.

I went with the aesthetically-pleasing choice of Raspberry Lychee Rose Teacake ($7.20), also because they were placed right smacked in the middle.

There was a delicate perfumed fragrance of rose, and when you cut through the cake, you would find it sufficiently moist and fluffy.

The delightful touches came from the bits of lychee flesh in the middle that was still rather juicy, and the cake was overall not too sweet.

The stylishly-dressed barista in matching pastel colours (to the café and coffee machine) also recommended the Pistachio Honeycomb Cake well hidden at the back of the display.

A good recommendation, with light buttercream layered with fluffy sponge, but the ‘magical’ moment when you bite into the sticky honeycomb cubes. Whoever the baker is, works the textures well.

If you are in need for something cold, the café also serves gelato ($3.90 for single, $7.50 for double, +$1 for premium) with flavours of Black Sesame, Earl Grey Lavender, Shizuoka Genmaicha, Bailey’s Irish Cream Tiramisu, Blue Milk Vanilla, Lemon Curd Speculoos and more.

Truly a hidden and comforting gem found in the heartlands of Potong Pasir, somewhere you can spend a lazy afternoon.

148 Potong Pasir Ave 1, #01-53, Singapore 350148
Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm (Sun – Mon, Wed – Thurs), 10am – 9pm (Fri – Sat), Closed Tues

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