Burgers, burgers everywhere.

There are the famous international burger brands such as Five Guys, Shake Shack, and Burger and Lobster, BUT there are the many homegrown Burger shops we can be proud of.

(Sorry that I didn’t include all the SG names yet). Here are 12 local Burger start-ups that you can support:

Burgs – 313@somerset
313@somerset #05-01/02/03 Stall 25, 313 Orchard Road Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

Local foodies may be more familiar with the branding of “Burgs by Project Warung”, but this outlet marks something different with an exclusive menu and improved recipes.

Opened by founders Indra and Ridzuan who used to work in Michelin-star restaurants, they found an opportunity to start a business offering local-style gourmet burgers at affordable pricing.

The Burgs Classic Cheese Burger ($6.90 single, 9.90 double) starts with handcrafted beef patty, American cheese, lettuce and tomato, with a local spin by the addition of pickled green chilli and crispy fried shallots.

Let’s start with the buns: they are customed made and freshly baked from an original recipe. The buns are soft and slightly crunchy on the outside.

They also use the “smashed” style of cooking for their patty. This methods starts with the ball of ground meat flattened on the hot griddle with a spatula. The “smashing” helps create extra browning and flavour on the outside, while maintaining the patty’s juiciness.

The burger is then dressed in house-made signature sauces.

I found this a solid-tasty burger without the frills and thrills, with soft buns and well-seasoned moist patty.

Read more at: Burgs (313@somerset)

One Fattened Calf Burgers
Galaxis #0-131, 1 Fusionopolis Place, Singapore 138522
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 8pm (Mon – Tues, Thurs – Sat), 11am – 3pm (Wed), Closed Sun

The idea of One Fattened Calf Burgers was born out of the husband-and-wife-duo’s passion to cook for others.

Burger choices here include the OFC Burger ($14), OFC Cheeseburger ($15), OFC Butterburger ($15), OFC Goldburger ($18), and OFC Impossible Burger ($20). Top up $4.90 for a combo.

The namesake OFC Burger ($14.) uses New Zealand premium grassfed beef, with a lean-fat ratio that gave the patty some welcomed chewiness.

The garnish is a mix of charred onions, red onions, tomatoes and house-made crisp pickles. The OFC special sauce, in all its umami goodness, is the thread that ties the burger together into a delightful bite.

I really enjoyed the bun which was soft to the touch, which I felt elevated the entire burger (because some buns elsewhere are more generic). The potato bun is made in-house, proofed and baked fresh.

Read more at: One Fattened Calf Burgers (Fusionopolis)

OOTB (Out of the Bun)
1 Selegie Rd, 01-08 GR.ID Mall, Singapore 188306
Tel: +65 9750 1027
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Adding to this burger list is OOTB (Out of the Bun) which serves beef, pulled chicken and vegetarian burgers in handcrafted soft buns.

It has opened its first store in GR.ID (the revamped POMO), a 8-10 minutes’ walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.

OOTB has a twist-of-fate origin story, shared by the owner himself. Just out of blockchain logistic sales in the start of 2020, he started a venture of smoking meats for friends.

With the way ribs are served, there were extra scraps of meat and he didn’t want to see it go to waste. Thus, he started making pulled meat burgers, which quickly overtook orders for smoked meats.

I ordered the Classic Cheese ($12.90 for ala carte, $15.90 for a meal) which had a grilled (I requested for medium rare) black angus grain-fed beef patty, fresh lettuce & tomatoes, secret sauce, cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, in-house dill pickles.

The patty was made from their Australian manufacturer, with a 80-20 lean meat to fat ratio. As such, together with its bouncy brioche buns, it was melt-in-the mouth with every bite.

Read more at: OOTB (Selegie Road)

NBCB Nothing But Cheese Burger
Orchard Central #04-23, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

“NBCB” is short for an uncouth-sounding Hokkien swear word, and also the name of this burger joint “Nothing But Cheese Burger” at Orchard Central.

The owners who started off as a home-based business, have landed up with a full-fledged shop taking over where Omakase Burger used to be. Brave.

The lean menu features NBCB Cheeseburger ($11.90), DCB Double Patty ($15.90), and CCB which refers to Chicken Burger ($8.90).

Customers can top up $4 to make it a set meal with fries and drinks.

The NBCB Cheeseburger layered with a flame-grilled beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes and a slice of cheddar between toasted bun was not bad leh.

The patty was quite smoky while retaining the natural flavours of the beef – so you don’t have to add any additional sauces.

Read more at: NBCB Nothing But Cheese Burger (Orchard Central)

2280 Burger
213 Henderson Rd #01-10, Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore 159553
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

There is 2280 Burger which got a bit of social media attention, also because it does not come with a ‘simple’ background, opened by Ken Loon who is behind Naked Finn and Burger Labo.

Getting to this new burger place is not that easy though. It is located at Henderson Industrial Park surrounded by light industrial factories, warehouses and furniture showrooms.

A Burger with Single Patty goes for $9.50, Double Patty for $13.50, with French Fries at $4.50. I would say just go for the Double since you have already come all the way there.

Prepared from grass-fed Aberdeen Angus, I would say that the patty had a distinct strong meaty flavour and considerably juicy.

It may not be as soft and fatty as some of the burgers out there, but if you are all for the beefy taste – this is a suitable choice for the price.

The patty is also added with beef garum which you may have come across at other gourmet burger joints. Just think of it as soy sauce made from meat, which helps include that dark and rich flavours (some say umami-ness) to the patty.

Read more at: 2280 Burger (Henderson Road)

Trio, 11 Sam Leong Rd, #03-08, Singapore 207903
Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

A creative and catchy name which means “burgers” in Mandarin, Hambaobao is known to serve interesting Asian-inspired artisanal burgers at an affordable pricing.

It first started off as a food stall located at Beauty World Food Centre in 2014 to relative popularity, and subsequently ended operations there during November 2019.

It is now back with a physical store at Sam Leong Road, Jalan Besar.

Bringing back their 5 signature burgers, they include The Classic Beef ($7.50), What The Fish! ($8), Crispy Pork Belly ($8), Spiced Pulled Pork, and Ayam Buah Keluak ($8).

Read more at: Hambaobao (Jalan Besar)

31 Commonwealth Crescent, #02-93 Market & Food Centre, Singapore 149644
Tel: +65 9818 8014
Opening Hours: 11am – 5pm or sold out (Wed – Sun), Closed Mon, Tues

Hammee’s had a very humble beginning when they initially started out with just two burgers on the menu – Classic Beef Cheeseburger and Fried Chicken Burger in original and spicy versions.

However, with time they flourished and evolved to set a solid foundation and attract a loyal customer base. So be prepared for a long wait. I waited for about an hour during off-peak. Just so you know.

They ‘disappeared’ for a short while, and now they are back.

This also gave them the chance to expand their menu, giving you the juiciest variety of delicious American cuisines.

It would be a crime to not try their classic Premium Beef Cheeseburger ($6 for single, $8 for double) when visiting the stall.

Their beef patties have been upgraded after partnership with Huber’s butchery for beef supply – never frozen, freshly hand formed, and contains no growth hormones.

Also, the beef patty size is slightly increased, as they noticed the single cheeseburger can have a little more meat for a better bun to meat ratio.

I loved how stuffed it was for the given price, with generous amounts of American cheese, mouthwatering caramelized onions and a lip-smacking homemade sauce amongst other ingredients to compliment the juicy beef patty. Accompanied with fries.

Skirt and Dirt
Tiong Bahru Food Centre #02-66, 30 Seng Poh Road Singapore 168898
Opening Hours: 11pm – 8pm (Tues – Sun), Closed Mon

Skirt and Dirt is possibly the first hawker stall in Singapore to serve Cheese Skirt Burger ($8.00, which has the cheese seared with a salty, cracker-like texture.

The patties are made of 100% beef rump, which was juicy and complemented the crispy texture of the cheese skirt very well.

If I have a feedback, I wished there was a double patty option for a better, fuller bite, and better balance the saltiness and crunchiness of the cheese.

Oh yes, the cheese may get rather soggy if you do a takeaway, so it is best if you can have it there and then.

Look out for other burgers such as the SND Hamburger ($6), Big Bad Wolf Pork Burger ($7), Fish Crisp with Tropical Salsa ($6), Cheesy Chicken Katsu Burger ($6), and Truffle Mushroom Swiss Cheese & Rockets ($8).

Read more at: Skirt & Dirt (Tiong Bahru Food Centre)

Ashes Burnnit
Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Road, #B1-24, Singapore 199583
Tel: +65 9270 4670
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sun)

In case you have not realised, Ashes Burnnit occupies the same exactly stall location as Burgs by Project Warung previously.

The partners split ways, but there is slight differentiation in the recipe for Ashes.

A main highlight is the price. The basis Ashes Smash Cheese Burger complete with handcrafted beef patty and American cheese, is priced at $5.90 for a single patty complete with fries. Pretty neat price, and more value than those offered by the typical fast-food joints.

You can also expect Truffle Mushroom Burger ($8), Best of Both World ($9), Fried Chicken Burger ($5.90), and Grilled Chicken Burger ($6.50).

I thought that the Truffle Mushroom Burger ($8) provide good value with its juicy beef patties with slight char on the outside, though the truffle cream sauce lacked that ‘aroma’ people would love.

The fries slightly seasoned and crisp, were quite the bomb. For health-conscious people, you can add $2 to replace with salad. But then again, why have salad when you can have those fries?

(working title) Burger Bar
783 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198751
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Inspired by the cafe scene in Melbourne, (working title) with its choice of eclectic decor and upcycled furnishing, has been serving a mean brunch, proper burgers and specialty coffee as one the pioneers in Singapore cafe-hopping.

Now you can have their burgers and other food across brands conveniently delivered to you.

Start with the perennial crowd favourite of Baconator ($21.90), with streaky beef bacon as the star of this show.

What you get is freshly home-ground beef patty sandwiched in a golden brioche bun, accompanied with colby jack, caramelised onions and garlic aioli to finish.

Go baa baa with The Black Sheep ($21.60), comprising of freshly home-ground lamb patty in a striking charcoal bun with arugula, pickled red onions and sun-dried tomatoes to give it a real crunch.

A dollop of tangy, thick and creamy Labnah helps to cut through the richness of the lamb.

Read more at: Ashes Burnnit (Golden Mile Food Centre)

Zipp Burger And Pasta
1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World #B1-K106, Singapore 069111
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

The kiosk which started from Amoy Street Food Centre moved to the basement Great World with more offerings, bigger space for preparation, though it mainly functions as a takeaway concept.

Signature items with both single or double patty options include the Hamburger ($8, $12), Crusty Pork Burger ($7, $11), Grilled Pork Burger ($7, $11), Classic Fish Burger ($6, $9), Cheesy Fish Burger ($7, $10), Grilled Chicken Burger ($6, $9) and Crispy Chicken Burger ($6, $9).

The prices are still considered value-for-its-money considering what you are getting.

The Hamburger ($8, $12) also contained thick hand-formed beef patties made fresh from scratch, layered with sliced tomatoes and lettuce.

Though I have the feeling this won’t taste as moist and shiok after bringing back home, so I ate it on the spot standing up at the kiosk. It was a slightly messy affair with juices dripping and all that, but thought it was worth the experience.

Read more at: Zipp Burger And Pasta (Great World)

WOLF Burgers
107 North Bridge Road, #01-05 Funan Mall, Singapore 179105
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sun)

The star of WOLF Burgers is said to be the patty – produced in house with a secret recipe, to ensure a juicy, succulent burger always.

Started from the team of Carvers & Co., the burger kiosk first started from Pasarbella, and they also opened a stand-alone shop at Funan.

They are known for “The WOLF Burger”, their version of a standard Cheeseburger. Best paired with some Korean-American inspired Kimchi Cheese Fries topped with kimchi, sour cream, cheese and chives.

There are two components that I enjoyed about the Magic Mushroom Burger ($13.90) – the provolone cheese which added fuller-buttery flavours with a semisoft texture; and sautéed truffle mushrooms which would ‘release’ that aroma as you take a huge bite into the burger.

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