CAVA Cafe is named after the French greeting Ça va (pronounced sah-vah) which literally means “it goes” or “that goes”.

You can greet someone as the French would do with ”How’s it going?” and say ”Ça va”?

Its location of “Jalan Gelenggang” may not ring a bell at all, but it is near Upper Thomson of walking distance from Sembawang Hills Food Centre.

This all-day café offers a selection of brunch-appropriate dishes and classic café favourites. Here you can dine in a relaxing space, adorned with green booth seats, sky blue plates, and plant greeneries.

The area is quite huge (think you can hold a birthday or events here), with an outdoor area which is pets-friendly.

Another fun-fact: the co-owner mentioned that Singapore has only three remaining water wells. One of them can be found here!

Menu includes all-day brunch items, and selections of small bites, pastas & risotto, side dishes, all the way down to dessert.

They also offer a variety of beverages, including coffees, speciality teas, teas in pot by Roji, cold-pressed juices, and even beers, ciders, and wine. The cafe has also just introduced brand-new dishes such as Truffle Bacon Mac & Cheese ($12) and Ducking Nice Open-Sandwich ($20).

Here are CAVA Café’s highlights:

Chicken & Croffles ($20)
Wake up to this chicken-and-waffle combo brekkie made with whole chicken thigh, served 2 ways: crisp-breaded fried or grilled.

It is buddied up with freshly made croissant-style waffles aka croffles served with butter maple syrup. The chicken’s savoury fried flavour contrasts the sweetness from the drizzle of homemade maple butter syrup over freshly baked croffles with light crisp.

A cool and refreshing coleslaw salad completes this chef recommended all-day brunch dish.

Double Happiness ($20)
Newly introduced is the Double Happiness done Eggs Ben style with grilled unagi and smoked salmon on toasted English muffins, topped with house-made lime hollandaise over poached eggs.

Pepper Pig ($36, good for 2)
For something more substantial, go for the oven-roasted Duroc pork ribs in house-made pepper sauce for that kick. This is approximately 400grams so get a friend to share.

The platter also comes with mashed potatoes and sweet corn.

CAVA Burger ($20 for wagyu, $18 for crispy chicken thigh)
Revel in the crispiness of this chicken thigh patty snuggled in-between a toasted brioche bun.

Melted cheddar is slathered onto the chicken (making it more IG-worthy), accompanied with grilled pineapple and sauteed wild mushrooms.

For a more luxurious filling, opt for a juicy Wagyu beef patty. Enjoy this Cava signature burger with crispy truffle-flavoured fries. Available for all-day brunch.

Rösti Platter “Rösffles” ($20)
A Swiss-inspired dish composed of freshly made Rösti or potato waffles. Yes, so the “Rösffles” pieces are shaped like waffles, but taste of shredded potatoes.

Gently break a poached egg and let its luscious yolk run over the “Rösffles”, brightened up with a lime-infused hollandaise dressing.

A robust-flavoured pork sausage, sauteed wild mushrooms, and sundried tomato round up this dish available all-day.

If you prefer something more conventional, then there is the English BF ($18) comprising of toasted muffin with grilled cauliflower, grilled pork sausage, satueed wild mushrooms and scrambled eggs.

Otah Bruschetta ($18, +$2 for grilled cheese)
Of the many brunch items, I would recommend the Otah Bruschetta – an oven baked sourdough with thick and moist Muar Otah spread across, then topped with melted cheese (additional $2).

Served with Keropok fries and greens.

Sakura Cream Tagliatelle ($20)
This chef and patron recommended dish features al dente tagliatelle served to capture the flavours of the sea.

Long, flat ribbons of egg semolina-pasta are tossed in mentaiko cream along with Tiger prawns and clams, accentuated with fresh cherry tomatoes.

As a fitting touch, it is served with a sprinkle of tiny, dried shrimps or Sakura ebi.


Spinach Cream Tagliatelle ($17)
Make a healthy-yet-satisfying choice with this spinach-flavoured pasta, green with wholesomeness.

Al dente ribbons of tagliatelle are tossed into a cheese cream sauce with spinach greens and asparagus spears. A dash of parmesan flakes adds an extra layer of umami-ness and creamy texture to the dish.

Ducking Good Pasta ($19)
Inspired by the popular dish of Peking Duck, this East-meets-West rendition features oven-roasted smoked duck with tagliatelle tossed in a sweetish house-made Peking Duck sauce.

There are asparagus and cherry tomatoes to balance out the richness.

Other pasta and risotto items you can consider include Seafood Aglio Olio ($19), Wild Mushroom Cream Linguini ($17), Seafood Marinara Linguini ($20), Bolognaise de Impossible ($21), to Wild Mushroom Risotto ($18).

K-Style Spicy Chicken ($12)
Throw in a side dish that won’t skimp on flavour. These crispy chicken tenders are glossed with a sweet and spicy gochujang-based sauce with garlic, sugar, and other spices.

Enjoy this finger-lickin’ K-style Yangnyeom chicken as a side, appetiser, or even as bar chow.

Ondeh~Ondeh Cake ($9)
Reconnect with local flavours as you make your way to dessert with this Ondeh~Ondeh Cake. Pillow-soft layers of moist pandan-flavoured sponge cake are set in place, sweetened with palm sugar or gula melaka. Its sweet and fragrant aroma greets you as you scoop a slice, topped with toasted coconut flakes.


If you have room for other desserts, consider the Lychee Cheese Cake ($8), Lemon Yuzu Cheese Cake ($8), Lemon Meringue Tart ($9), Warm Chocolate Cake ($11), or Warm Apple Crumble Slice ($8, $11 with vanilla ice cream).


Special Coffee Drinks by Hook Coffee
Whether you are in the mood for a hot or cold drink, there are interesting CAVA creations in collaboration with local-brand Hook Coffee (which sources specialty coffee beans from the world’s best farms) to appease your caffeine cravings.

Expect to find interesting drinks including Sea-salt Caramel Latte ($8), Coconut Americano ($7), Puff Rice Cafe Latte ($8), Speculoos Cafe Latte ($8), to the refreshing Fruity Americano Soda ($8) perfect for the hot weather.

Enjoy your Coconut Pandan Latte ($8) hot or iced, and let the tropical flavours take you on a journey as you sip, with just a delicate touch of pandan fragrance.


8 Jalan Gelenggang, Singapore 578190
Tel: +65 6910 9656
Opening Hours: 10am – 10:30pm (Mon – Thurs, Sun), 10am – 11pm (Fri – Sat)


* This entry is brought to you in partnership with CAVA Cafe.


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