Nestled within its colony of private residences, Siglap has a solid group of eateries, and Hubs, an Irish Pub joins the neighborhood’s offerings – at Siglap Shopping Centre (note: not Siglap Centre).

Serving up Western and Local fare, beer lovers can also enjoy pints of Irish beer and other bistro-type offerings.

Other cafes and eateries you can explore around Siglap include La Fez, Kota88, Five Oars Coffee Roasters, Chanterelle Café. (Also read: 10 SIGLAP Cafes In The East Coast)

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Upon entering the establishment, the adequately dimmed orange-tinged lighting coupled with Hubs’ wooden furnishing, made me feel the warmth and comfort of visiting an English home.

With majority of Irish restaurants in Singapore located around town, Hubs is a laid-back neighbourhood Irish watering hole – a location possible for casual dinner gatherings.

Why Irish pub?

After talking to the owner’s family member, he mentioned his father chose to open an Irish pub because of his Irish ancestry.

The Eurasian owner, previously a pilot, chose F&B as his choice of post-retirement venture with his family members helping with operations.

Albeit not entirely Irish in origin, some highlights of mains available here are the Lamb Shank ($29.80), Cottage Pie ($12.80), Truffled Mushroom Pizza ($16.80), Crab Pasta ($18.80), Sirloin Steak & French Fries ($20.80) and Fish & Chips ($18.80).

Wait, there is even Tonkatsu ($12.80).

If you are looking for starters, some notable options would be the HUBS Spicy Karaage ($12.80), Mushrooms Stuffed Escargots ($14.80), Mutton Satay ($10.80 for 1/2 Dozen), and Baked Camembert ($18.80).


As not many items were available on the menu that day, I ordered the most Irish/English food item available and recommended by the staff – Fish & Chips ($18.80).

Unfortunately, it was slightly disappointing, with the fish’s batter was less crispy than I would’ve liked, with slightly under-seasoned seabass. As far as sides go, you cannot go far wrong with the sesame dressing on salad with thick cut chips.

What looked to be the most un-Irish or English main was the HUBS Chicken Satay Pizza ($16.80), which stole the show from its Irish menu compatriots.

It may sound cliché but I love the salty-sweet combination of salty cheese blanketing of a bed of tender juicy chicken with sweet satay sauce.


This base was a win, also with its thin crust which was crisp and gave it a nice bite.

While because of unavailability we didn’t get to try many of their highlighted dishes, Hubs seems to be a location one could kick back at with friends, have a quick pint with grub and waddle back to home if you live around the area.

Imbibers would be delighted that Irish beer brands Kilkenny ($14.00 for pint) and Guinness ($14.00 for pint) are on tap.


889 East Coast Road, Singapore 459092
Tel: +65 6908 8037
Opening Hours: 3:00pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Laura Wong @llua who has gained nice life advice from dining at tables with loved ones and once-strangers. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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