Two Bake Boys known for its gorgeous looking Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake has finally opened a full-fledge dine-in cafe at Rest Bugis Hotel (in between Bugis and Lavender).

It first started off as a home-based business in 2020, then a takeaway kiosk at CT Hub 2.

Talking about Two Bake Boys, you might be wondering if this is started by two male bakers.

Instead, Two Bake Boys is started by a female baker, Kitty and her husband, and the business is named after her two sons Carter and Coby.

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Both Kitty and her husband Philip were in the aviation industry, thus affected by Covid-19 in Year 2020.

This prompted them to look for alternative income sources to complement the reduced salary they are receiving.

Located within Rest Bugis Hotel (near Kumoya, Double Up Coffee, Inside Scoop and Mother Dough Bakery), Two Bake Boys has a warm and cosy space that can accommodate 20 diners.

Frequent flyers to Bangkok will remember Audrey Café & Bistro for their Thai Tea Crepe Cake with orangey Thai favourite “cha-yen” infused within.

Their bestseller looks similar to Audrey’s, a Thai Tea Crepe Cake (Slice $7.40, Whole $48) that is served with Thai Milk Tea sauce on the side.

Each layer of crepe cake is hand-made from scratch and takes up to 6 hours to complete as it is labour-intensive to make alternating layers of crepe and fresh cream.

Thai milk tea is infused into each layer of crepe, alongside an accompanying Thai tea sauce to drizzle on it for the extra oomph.

The layers of crepe and so pillowy-soft and moist with fresh cream that is so light and complements well with the crepe. Aroi mak mak!

The Thai tea sauce adds a distinctive tea taste to it, with subtle sweetness that is not overpowering, yet it reminds me of The Land of Smiles.

A total of 18 flavours are available for their Crepe Cakes, with crowd’s favourites Thai Green Tea (Slice $7.40, Whole $48), Vanilla Rainbow (Slice $9, Whole $62), Mango (Slice $9, Whole $58), Lychee Rose (Slice $9, Whole $58), Honey Yuzu (Slice $9, Whole $58), Tiramisu (Slice $8, Whole $56), Taro (Slice $7.40, Whole $48) and Matcha (Slice $8, Whole $56).

The Mango Crepe Cake (Slice $9, Whole $58) is worth a mention, a deconstructed version of Mango Sticky Rice with alternating layers of Mango crepes and fresh cream and fresh mango embedded within.

Coconut sauce is served on the side to add a creamy texture and extra fragrance to it.

With a dine-in space, Two Bake Boys is ready to serve some hot dishes on their menu.

Thai influences and flavours can be seen to be incorporated into some of their dishes such as Thai Style Breakfast ($8) and Truffle Green Curry Spaghetti ($16).

The Thai Style Breakfast ($8) is served in an interesting condiments rack, with black soy sauce, 2 soft-boiled eggs, a choice of tea or coffee and a Kaya toast.

Unlike the Kaya toast that we are familiar with, Thai milk tea is infused into the Thai -style kaya and spread across the brioche toast.

The coconut taste is distinct in the kaya toast and I wished that the Thai milk tea can be stronger and more pronounced.

Apart from their crepe cakes, their dessert menu includes Thai Tea Waffle ($9) and Croffles Krub ($8).

Choose from 10 different gelato flavours such as Thai Tea, Blue Pea Lemongrass, Strawberry Yogurt, Matcha Adzuki Red Bean, Mango and Milo Dinosaur.

The Thai Tea Waffle ($9) has a distinct orangey hue, crispy on the outside and cake-like texture on the inside, with subtle tea fragrance.

I liked the Blue Pea Lemongrass with a light and refreshing taste, which complements the more earthly Thai tea waffles.

Glad to see that Two Bake Boys has opened dine-in space to cater to those who wanted to get a slice of their delicious crepe cakes.

Two Bake Boys Cafe
Rest Bugis Hotel, 8 Jalan Kubor, Singapore 199207
Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm (Mon – Sun)

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