99 Specialty Coffee And Gelato Bar is the latest café addition to the Jalan Besar district, located at Kitchener Complex.

Wondering how to get there? The small relatively-unknown shopping mall is 5 minutes’ walk from Lavender MRT, just opposite V Hotel Lavender.

It is opened by the folks behind The Glasshouse at CHIJMES in partnership with XM Studios, a luxury art collectible group who own the franchise properties of DC Comics, Marvel and Star Wars.

The area nearer to Lavender MRT station is also becoming more populated with cafes, including Pacto 忆缘 by Parchmen, Zerah Coffee Roasters, Holy Cow Creamery, and Habitat Coffee – in case you are planning a route.

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Occupying the entire 3rd floor of Kitchener Complex, 99 Coffee and Gelato also incorporates an art collectibles gallery and a retail corner.

The entire compound is huge and spacious, with LED ceiling lights, comfy sofa seats in a muted-colour tone setting, decorated with dried flowers.

Prices for their gelato are on the higher side (considering not that uptown area), with Classic flavours starting from $6+, Premium flavours at $7+ and Exclusive flavours at $8+ a scoop. Two exclusive scoops would be… you work out the sums.

(For comparison purpose, a single scoop at Michelin-Plated Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique is $4.70 and double scoops at $7.70.)

The flavours do sound interesting and less commonly found though.

There are offerings of Classic flavours ($6+) such as Espresso (Seasonal Beans), Mango Tajin, Coconut Pineapple, 70% Guanaja Chocolate, Caramelised Banana with Cacao Nibs, Tomato Strawberry and Tahitian Vanilla.

The Premium flavours ($7+) include Baileys and Cacao Nibs, Rum and Raisin, Ricotta & Lime Curd, EVOO & Strawberry, Ceylon Tea & Peach Liqueur, Caramelised Sicilian Pistachio and Sicilian Pistachio Sorbet.

2 rotating exclusive flavours ($8+) are Sorrel, Creme Fraiche & Yuzu Jelly and Dulcey Chocolate, Whiskey & Seasalt, comes with toppings for the former and an extra shot of whiskey for the latter.

Add-on such as Waffle Cone ($1.50) and Waffles ($7) are available on the menu.

I liked the Sorrel and Creme Fraiche gelato served with Yuzu Jelly on top – the combination was light and refreshing..

There was this smooth and creamy texture, and herbaceous taste from the sorrel (rhubarb) that left a distinctive citrus aftertaste

For a more intense flavour, mix in some yuzu jelly which would enhance the fruittiness.

The Tomato Strawberry ($6+) was considered decent, a good balance between savoury tomato and sweet strawberry, yet not overpowering.

Apart from gelato, a small selection of pastries can be found on display: Croissant ($5), Sausage Roll ($8), Mushroom Quiche ($8), Apple Crumble ($6), Earl Grey Loaf Cake ($6), Sticky Bun ($7) and Chocolate Valrhona Bun ($7).

Coffee beans are roasted by The Glasshouse, with 2 single origins used for their espresso based drinks, Ethiopian for White ($6+) and Colombia beans for their Black ($5+).

My cup of Flat White ($6+) is medium bodied, pretty robust with hints of chocolates, cherries and vanilla.

99 Coffee and Gelato is a place for figurine enthusiasts and collectors to sit down and chill with a cup of coffee and some gelato after touring the toy collectibles gallery and their retail store.

99 Specialty Coffee And Gelato Bar
Kitchener Complex Level 3, 809 French Rd, Singapore 200809
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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