Café-goers who are familiar with The Kins’ at Pasir Panjang will be thrilled to know that the team has opened Oaks Coffee Co., their newest venture at Upper Thomson. Their humble beginnings date back to 2013 when they first established Kinsmen Coffee, a coffee catering company in Singapore.

Oaks Coffee Co. took over the space previously occupied by Habitat Coffee – which had since shifted to Jalan Besar.

With the new Upper Thomson MRT station newly opened last year, the area is now bustling with more cafes and eateries.

The café joins the many new additions to the hood including State of Affairs, SOD Cafe, and Hello Arigato.

The oak is a tree which signifies strength, robustness and growth.

Their mission here is to deliver creative food and drinks using mature cooking and brewing techniques through their experiences over the years.

The interior features a European-style decor with a distinctive blue shopfront, checkered floor tiles, wooden furniture pieces and brown leathered seats in the 30-seater space.

2 different menus are available throughout the day; Brunch menu starts from 10am to 5pm, whereas dinner items are served from 6pm.

Apart from the usual Big Breakfast ($25) commonly found in more brush menus, Oaks Coffee Co. offers more unique dishes such as Cheese Toasties ($21), Hokkaido Pork Sandwich ($22), Laksa Orzo Pasta ($21), Ginger Sake Clams ($23), Truffle Mushroom Pasta ($19), Duck “Rice” ($21), Corn-fed Chicken Roulade ($22) and Barramundi ($24).

The Laksa Orzo Pasta ($21) comes serves with tiger prawns, live venus clams, salmon row, tau pok and topped with laska leaves and… yup coconut ice cream. So don’t take too long on the photos or it would have melted.

Not like the other types of Laksa Pasta commonly served in Singapore, this uses orzo – a form of short-cut pasta which shaped like a large grain of rice.

It may remind you of risotto but they both have a different bite all together. The orzo pasta which had quite a firm yet chewy firm, would have absorbed some of the spicy-sweet laksa gravy which made it more appetising to have.

The Cheese Toasties ($21) is made from 3 types of cheeses: Parmigiano Reggiano, Swiss Cheddar, Goat Cheese sandwiched in between 2 slices of toasts, grilled before serving to give it extra crunch.

Poached Egg was also served on top of the avocado with dollops of Basil Gel and Tomato Jam for the additional flavours. Now that’s something different.

I enjoyed the melted cheese with a smooth texture and a distinctive cheesy, savoury taste, which complemented well with the basil gel and tomato jam that added a refreshing kick.

While most of the components such as the toast and cheese tend to be on the drier side, the poached eggs was a suitable addition, with the oozing egg yolks providing some moisture overall.

Their Sides and Desserts menus are available all day, with a selection of Mala Hokkaido Pork Dumplings ($15), Truffle Fries ($13), Korean Fried Chicken ($14) and Cheeseburger Spring Rolls ($14).

Only 3 desserts are on their menu, namely Chrysanthemum Jello ($12), Churros ($13) and Deconstructed Apple Crumble ($14).

The Chrysanthemum Jello ($12) sounds interesting and comes with White Fungus, Goji Berries, Vanilla, Lavender Ice Cream and chrysanthemum jelly in a wine glass.

While the components remind me of the Chinese dessert Cheng Teng, the taste was pretty mild.

Perhaps the flavour of the chrysanthemum jelly was perhaps too muted, and all I tasted was the vanilla and scented lavender ice cream

The usual beverages can be found: Espresso ($4), Black ($5), White ($5.50), Mocha ($6) with a choice of Brazil or Colombia beans and Matcha/ Hojicha/ Genmaicha Latte ($6).

Their Flat White ($5.50) was medium bodied and pretty robust with a chocolatey and nutty taste.

Specialty drinks include Fizzy Espresso Yuzu ($9), White Peach Matcha ($9), The Dirty Earl ($8), White Oolong & Sour Plum ($8) and Lychee & Rose ($8).

Oaks Coffee Co. should attract people to head down with its good location near the newly opened Upper Thomson MRT station, and a wide selection of dishes from Barramundi with warm quinoa and Sichuan spice, to Hokkaido Pork Loin with truffle mash.

Oaks Coffee Co.
223 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574355
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Tues, Thurs – Fri), 9am – 10pm (Sat, Sun), Closed Wed

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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