The Food Peeps Coffee & Deli may sound familiar to those working near Maxwell.

This humble cafe previously located at Maxwell House has shifted to Chinatown, next to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

Their previous location within the Maxwell House is not obvious and may attract little foot-traffic compared this new space along Sago Street. Even with the move, it is still considered quite under-the-radar.

Apart from the expansion in space, the cafe has also undergone a change in colour tone, a distinctive green added to the previous pink colour used.

With an alfresco dining space that can accommodate 2 tables, there are 3 tables indoors and another 4 tables in the backyard.

My favourite cosy corner is the quaint backyard painted in a soothing shade of green, with natural sunlight pouring through the roofs.

Offering the same menu as their days over at Maxwell House, a good selection of Small Plates ($11 – $16), Brunch ($14 – $18), Sandwiches ($12 – $15), Pasta ($15 – $18) and Sweets ($8 – $14).

The Small Plates menu includes Acai & Fruits Bowl ($11), Rendang on Toast ($14), Avocado on Toast ($14), Prawn & Guac on Toast ($16) and Halloumi on Toast ($14).

In the sandwich department, there are some creative items such as Hong Kong Breakfast Bagelwich ($12), Halloumi & Avocado Bagelwich ($12) and Spicy Prawn Burger ($15).

Their Brunch menu, on the other hand, has more than just sourdough toasts, with interesting options such as Big Breakfast Club ($18), Omelette “Crepe” ($15), 3-Cheese Rosemary Waffle ($14) and Hangover Pancake ($15).

The Omelette “Crepe” ($15) caught my attention.

It was a thin crepe-like omelette with wilted spinach, creamy avocado, multigrain toast and a choice of smoked salmon or mushrooms added on top.

There was a pleasant combination of textures, from the thin crepe-like omelette to the chewy smoked salmon and creamy avocado and soft spinach.

The flavours were considered pretty balanced, with savouriness mainly from the smoked salmon and spinach and sweetness from the avocado cream.

The Sweets menu features mainly Waffle (Classic $8, Peanut Butter Jelly $12, Fruits & Ice Cream $12) and Pancakes ($14).

The Peanut Butter Jelly Waffle ($12) came with blueberries embedded within the waffle, topped with generous amount of peanut butter, banana and blueberries, and maple syrup on the side.

The waffle had a moist and cake-like texture, almost like eating a muffin, a blueberry muffin in fact with the blueberries added during the waffle-making process.

The peanut butter has a more earthy and nutty taste, in contrast to the citrusy berries, adding some complexity to the combination.

Coffee starts from $3 for a cup of Espresso, with the usual options of Black ($4), Piccolo ($4), White ($5), Flavoured Latte ($5.50) and Mocha ($5.50).

Other interesting drinks on the menu include Passion Fruit Lime Cooler ($6), Sea Salt Litchi Lemonade ($6), Iced Berries Mint Tea ($6), Acai Smoothie ($8) and Bottled Sea Salt Matcha/ Earl Grey Milk ($7) and Bottled Cold Brew Lavender Yuzu Hojicha ($6.50).

While most matcha tends to be more robust and earthly, as a matcha-lover, I’m not a fan of their Bottled Sea Salt Matcha Milk ($7) which leaned towards a more milky taste, and distinctive sea salt notes in it.

Perhaps their Matcha Latte ($5) will be a safer choice.

I am glad that The Food Peeps Coffee & Deli has expanded with a bigger compound and a cosy space, with a nett pricing that remains affordable.

The Food Peeps Coffee & Deli
34 Sago Street, Singapore 059026
Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Tues, Thurs – Sun), Closed Wed

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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