[London] Initially, I didn’t have Omotesando Koffee in my “to-drink-list” for London, as we have the brand back home anyway.

Described as a “super hip Japanese coffee brand”, Omotesando Koffee did earn positive reviews among the Londoners.

And if you are looking for London coffee shops, some of our other favourites are Monmouth Coffee Company, Flat White, Workshop Coffee, and Kaffeine.

Getting to Omotesando Koffee isn’t hard, with the nearest stations being Tottenham Court Road Station (Central / Northern line) and Oxford Circus Station (Bakerloo / Central / Victoria line). If you are up for more eating after coffee, Chinatown and SOHO are a walk away.

Some background: Originated from Tokyo, the chic coffee stall first started off as a pop-up concept in the quaint neighbourhood of Omotesando Hills.

The coffee place propelled to fame, thanks to its minimal wooden vibes and distinctive ‘koffee culture’ which garnered much visitor-ship from coffee fanatics around the world.

After the original site’s building was torn down, founder Eiichi Kunitomo decided to expand its operations into Hong Kong (and other parts of Southeast Asia), partnered with Russell Stradmoor.

(Bangkok’s outlet is closed, while Singapore’s is temporary closed by the way.)

The interior here is done in a similar minimalist, woody style with limited seating. Strange that while the place was packed when I visited and London coffee shops can be full of chatter, this space remained relatively quiet.

Available drinks include the Omotesando Koffee (£2.80 for hot, £3.20 for iced), Cafe Latte (£3.50 for hot, £3.80), and Hand Drip Koffee (£4.50, £5).

Their famed Iced Cappuccino (£4) aka “Doppio” is the signature drink to have during hotter summer weathers, capped with layer of bubble foam and topped with cocoa powder, and with a foamy feel and creamy, milky finish.

For non-coffee drinkers, there are Matcha Latte (£4) and Hot Chocolate (£3.70) prepared using Mörk chocolate from Melbourne, Australia.

Just so you know: the coffee you get here won’t be the same as what you get in Singapore – other than the factors of water, milk and the baristas.

The Singapore product was adjusted to a darker roast after local research, which unfortunately was not my preference.

To be honest, the Iced Latte I had was velvety and smooth, balanced with beautiful notes, in fact more impressionable than the other Omotesandos that I tried (other than Japan’s).

I was in bliss after this coffee, no regrets.

Omotesando Koffee London
8 Newman St, London W1T 1PB, United Kingdom
Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm (Mon – Sun)

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  1. Can we please stop with the ridiculous hyperbole? There are thousands of coffee places in London – saying the one you happened to go to is “the best” or “one of the best” just makes you look silly. Say it’s good, it’s great even, but stop talking BS.

  2. Wow. Watch your tone, Antonia? It’s simply a food review and if the reviewer thinks it’s one of the best he’s been to in London, then just take his word for it? I don’t see how this is BS and your comment and bad attitude was just so unnecessary.


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