From an online business to a brick-and-mortar space, Breakfast Grill is a sandwich-specialty shop currently co-sharing a space with Mad Nest – a bistro that operates in the evening.

We are seeing more sandwich shops in the market these days, from Korio at Far East Square, Samwitch at Hougang, MoMiJi at King Albert Park Mall, and Dazzling Delish at Circular Road.

The 27-seater space is decked in concrete walls and floorings, equipped with wooden and rattan furniture pieces that provides a cosy setting for diners to settle in.

Their signature items are their Sammies ($10 – $15.50), two or more slices of buttered bread with a filling of meat, cheese, etc, arranged like a sandwich.

Breakfast Grill

Due to their open face structure that reveals the different layered content within the between the toasted bread, Sammies are now becoming a popular item to feature on the social media.

9 different types of Sammies are available on their menu, from the simple Cheeses ($10) to those with more fillings such as Sunday Cals ($12), Counter Brekkie ($13.50), Classic Brekkie ($14), Chicky ($14), Cali ($14), Magic Mushroom ($14.50), Hot Chick ($15.50), Skinny ($15.50).

The Cheeses Sammies ($10) happened to be my favourite, being the cheapest item on the menu, a simple yet indulgent treat.

To create the molten and stretchy cheese effect, this Cheeses Sammies would take approximately half an hour to prepare, so do allocating waiting time if you are thinking of getting this.

Breakfast Grill

The sandwich came with a generous amount of garlic and chilli flakes added, cutting through the greasiness of the cheese and giving it more complexity.

The cheese added were also light and not overpowering, while the breads were nicely-buttered and flaky.

For a more filling option, the Hot Chick ($15.50) was recommended by the staff as it was their best seller since their online days.

The Hot Chick Sammies came with a deep-fried chicken thigh marinated with five spices, scrambled egg, cheesy jalapeño Cheetos and house made garlic aioli, in between the toasted brioche bread which adds a texture contrast.

Breakfast Grill

It could get a little messy while eating, especially when there are more ingredients packed within the sandwich.

Apart from Sammies, Breakfast Grill also serve dishes such as Greek Yogurt Custard Pudding ($8), Chorizo Maccas ($12), All Filled Up ($21.50), Chicken & Waffles ($22) and Fries ($8 – $11.50).

Coffee starts from $3.50 for a cup of Espresso, whereas non-espresso drinks include Tea ($5), Cold- pressed Juices ($7.50), Shakes ($10) and Kombucha ($6).

Operations-wise, they will probably need to iron out some teething issues as we waited close to an hour, even though there were only 2 customers in the shop.

Breakfast Grill is providing an early breakfast place opened at 8am daily. Welcome to the East Coast.

Breakfast Grill

Breakfast Grill
380 East Coast Road, Singapore 428986 (Within Mad Nest)
Opening Hours: 8am – 4pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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