In case the name sounds similar, Maguro Brothers is a brand-new Japanese restaurant concept by the same team behind Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining and Kuro Maguro at Guoco Tower.

In Japan, the bluefin tuna is one of the consumers’ most beloved fish for sushi and sashimi, also considered an expensive variety.

While salmon tend to be the most-loved and popular sashimi fish among Singaporeans, maguro (bluefin tuna) is also enjoying more love in the recent years.

Some background: the restaurant concepts are by Misaki Megumi Suisan, regarded as one of the most renowned tuna and fish wholesalers in Japan, and its trawlers have the capabilities to catch the biggest maguro in the world.

Maguro Brothers

As such, Maguro Brothers is able to ship the freshest maguro from the trawler directly, and can keep its prices competitive and affordable.

The meat served are from blue fins that weigh a minimum of 280kg, with a good amount of fat as well as lean meat.

The fishes are imported directly from Misaki Port to Singapore via ANA air freight, using a technique called super frozen (超低温) to freeze its maguro.

The recommended menu at Maguro Brothers include Omakase 7 cuts of Sashimi ($69), Maguro 5 cuts of Sashimi ($49), Maguro Kama Teriyaki ($29.80, $39.80), and Tsubaki Sushi Set ($37.80).

Sashimi options can include offerings such as chūtoro (medium fatty tuna), otoro (lowest section of tuna belly), kamatoro (collar bone of bluefin tuna) and more.

Maguro Brothers

I thought that the Donburi Sets are considered value-for-money considering this Tanjong Pagar area, with a sashimi rice bowl with tori karaage, chawanmushi, miso soup and fruit at $19.80 onwards for dinner.

The lunch sets are priced from $17.80, but comes without the chicken pieces.

Choices include Negitoro Don ($19.80), Tekka Don ($21.80), Zuke Maguro Don which is marinated akami ($23.80), Teritama Salmon ($19.80), Salmon Ikura Don ($22.80), to Kaison Don ($26.80).

I also had the classic Barachirashi ($20.80) with an assortment of cubed sashimi (the set comes with the all the above items listed, considered quite filling).

Compared to the other brands in Singapore, I find that this bowl had a cleaner, somewhat more delicate taste without going too heavy on the marinate.

Maguro Brothers

Ingredients wise, the bowl had proportionally more maguro pieces, complemented with fluffy Japanese rice which was tasty on its own.

My qualms with some other barachirashi bowls are that the short-grain rice used may not be of the best quality, and diners had to depend on (too much) seasoning.

This had no such problem. In fact, I found the rice quite tasty as it was mixed with a special house-mixed vinegar.

Maguro Brothers

Maguro Brothers
100 Tras Street #03-K1 Itadakimasu by PARCO, 100AM Shopping Mall Singapore 079027
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2pm, 5:30pm – 10pm (Tues – Fri), 11:30am – 2pm, 5:30pm – 9pm (Sat – Sun)

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