PAZZION may be known for shoes, but how about their PAZZION Café?

Hands up for those who didn’t know they actually have a café concept at JEWEL Changi Airport, except that that store has relocated to Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Orchard Road.

So you get the retail boutique on the left; a 55-seater café with brunch, mains, pasta, and desserts on the right. Technically an ideal place to rest your feet after a day of shopping.

Except that Takashimaya Shopping Centre / Ngee Ann City which once didn’t have that many coffee shops, has relatively recent openings of Found Café, café Q Classified, You Are My Sunshine, Matchaya, Drips Bakery Cafe, Cupping Room Coffee Roasters and FLIPPER’S.

That many. Yet like not enough.

PAZZION Café joins in the Orchard Road cafes pack, but can it stand out from the competition?

The café which is called a “urban rustic haven” is designed in monochromatic tones of black and white, peppered with grey and gold to complement the retail boutique.

There are soft furnishings placed within the space, creating cosy vibes for social gatherings and lazy meals.

Potential customers may have this question: can a shoe shop also sell good food?

The brunch menu is available till 3pm, featuring items such as Bacon Eggs Waffles ($18), B.E.L.T Burger ($20), Salmon Avocado Toast ($20), Sauteed Mushroom Toast ($18), and Royal Pastrami Bagel Sandwich ($18).


Two things to note: vegetarians and vegans can find a couple of food choices here, and cage-free organic eggs are incorporated in their egg dishes.

I would usually go for the all-in-one, in this case the Big Fabulous Breakfast ($26) – a plate with a couple of hits as well as misses.

The crispy, buttery sourdough was surprisingly my favourite component, followed by the earthy-tasting and soft portobello mushroom. The eggs would have fair better with more buttery-ness, but was in general okay.

Typically pork sausage would be a safe choice in such a big breakfast plate, but this strangely had a weird aftertaste (I suspect storage issues, but couldn’t be too sure.)


Mains can be ordered after 11:30am, with offerings of Barramundi with Assam Curry ($26), Classic Braised Pork ($26), Asian Spice Chicken ($22), and Braised Beef Cheeks ($28).

There are also pasta dishes of their signature Cold Truffle Pasta ($22), Mixed Mushroom Tomato Pasta ($18), Beef Ragu Pasta ($22) and Beyond Impossible Meatball Aglio Olio.

The King Prawn Linguine ($24) was a decent choice with a creamy base with fragrance of garlic butter.

It could do with a touch more salt, but perhaps they were trying to cater to the go-for-healthy-food customer base. Maybe.


Such cafes won’t be complete without desserts, and you can expect Mixed Berries Waffles ($18), Chocolate Granola French Toast with Berries ($20), and Coffee Caramel Savoury French Toast ($20).

To be fair, the Coffee Caramel Savoury French Toast ($20) I had here was at least more impressionable and instagrammable than another sad-looking French Toast I once had in this very same mall.

The components such as the coffee caramel sauce, streaky back bacon, berries and vanilla ice cream, something did not gel as well as I would have liked; and the brioche somehow lacked the melt-in-the-mouth fluffy taste.

But it was a good-looker.


PAZZION Café – Takashimaya Shopping Centre
391 Orchard Road Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, B1-39/40, Singapore 238872
Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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