The countdown to Chinese New Year 2022 has begun, and festive feasts are just around the corner.

You can welcome the spirited Year of the Tiger with a luxurious dining experience at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant, PARKROYAL on Beach Road.

This is where you can savour the best of Sichuan cuisine and find familiar favourites and new, specially curated Lunar New Year Set Menus, available from now till 15 February 2022.

The CNY set menus include:
– Rising Success Set Menu ($98++ per person, min 2 pax)
– Joyous Celebrations Set Menu ($118++ per person, min 2 pax)
– Blooming Prosperity Set Menu ($148++ per person, min 4 pax)
– Blissful Celebrations Set Menu ($158++ per person, min 4 pax)
– Vegetarian Set Menu ($78++ per person)
(Full menus available here.)

Satisfy your cravings for signature dishes like Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw and Dried Scallops, Steamed Garoupa with Golden Mushroom and Wolfberries, Pan-fried Scallops with Waxed Meat Rice and more with the Rising Success Set Menu ($98++ per person, min 2 pax).

Better yet, treat your taste buds to a more premium Blissful Celebrations Set Menu ($158++ per person, min 4 pax) with chef-recommended dishes like Stir-fried Lobster with Chilli and Peppercorn, Braised Spareribs with Chinese Black Vinegar, and Double-boiled Chicken with Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber and Sea Whelk.

Check out the following 8 highlights from Si Chuan Dou Hua, PARKROYAL on Beach Road’s Joyous Celebrations Set Menu: ($118++ per person, min 2 pax)

Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yusheng with Crispy Fish Skin 新春三文魚捞起
An essential dish this Lunar New Year – raise your chopsticks and toss to abundance with this Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yusheng.

Adding crunch of the colourful medley of fresh vegetables are crispy fish skins.

Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Sea Cucumber, Dried Scallop and Matsutake Mushrooms 菜胆干贝海参松茸鸡汤
Nourish your tummy and heart with this better-for-you chicken soup, a labour of love that takes so many hours to make.

Luxurious ingredients like sea cucumber, dried scallops and Matsutake mushrooms combine richness and flavour. A comforting, sweet, flavourful broth to start the new year right.

Steamed Cod Fish with Minced Garlic 蒜茸蒸鳕鱼
The pristine taste of steamed fish is enhanced in this dish, with bursts of pungency from minced garlic.

Thanks to minimal seasoning, the cod’s natural sweetness shines through as its silky flesh melts in your mouth. You get all the nutrients intact in this mellow dish.

Stir-fried Lobster with Chilli and Peppercorn 干锅麻辣开边龙虾
In the tradition of Sichuan Dou Hua’s famed Chong Qing Diced Chicken, this lobster dish is prepared in a similar fashion.

It is not Sichuan without the loads of dried chili and peppercorns tossed along with the stir-fried lobster. A spicy special you dare not miss this festive season.

Braised Pork Belly with Honey Sauce 樱桃肉
Auspiciously deep-red coloured like the cherry blossoms, this Cherry Blossom Pork with Honey Sauce highlights the braising method perfected.

The pork belly is cooked to utmost softness yet not mushy that it falls apart. A sample of regional cooking raised to fine dining level.

Braised 6-head Abalone with Seasonal Vegetables 原只 6 头鲍鱼时蔬
Usher in abundance and good fortune as you savour a braised abalone or bao yu for “guaranteed abundance” this CNY.

Indulge in this delicacy’s distinctively fresh and rich flavour and succulent texture. Bring in six times the fortune with a 6-head abalone cooked with seasonal vegetables.

Braised Ee Fu Noodles with Crab Meat 蟹肉焖伊面
An indispensable noodle dish taking the form of braised ee fu noodles, topped with chunks of naturally sweet crab meat.

This type of noodle absorbs the flavours of the accompanying ingredients until it becomes chewy in a delectable way.

Double-boiled Hasma with Red Dates and Lotus Seeds 红莲炖雪蛤,香煎年糕
After all the revelry and festive eating, you need a good palate cleanser. This double-boiled hasma (aka snow frog jelly) is an invigorating, wholesome dessert.

Strengthen your Qi (vital energy) with jujube or Chinese red dates, and the heal your way to good health with lotus seeds – both in this dish.

Dried longan is also in the mix to add some distinct sweetness. Refreshing.

Pan-fried New Year Cake
Prepared from glutinous rice flour, the Nian Gao (a homonym for “higher year”) prepared in the shape of blossoms and topped with coconut shreds and gold flakes, is a must-eat for a more prosperous year this 2022.

Auspicious Takeaways & Gifting
For those who prefer to keep their festive celebrations intimate and cosy at home, check out Si Chuan Dou Hua curated selection including their well-loved Prosperity Fugu Yusheng. The fugu (pufferfish) sashimi is also a nod to its Japanese significance of happiness for the year.

Yes, they are first and only Chinese restaurant in Singapore licensed to serve the fugu.

Other noteworthy highlights available for takeaway includes the Happiness Smoked Salmon Yusheng, Fortune Abalone Yusheng, Prosperity Pen Cai, and Premium Grand Fortune Pen Cai including a little bit of every sea treasure from abalone to fish maw.

Indulge in the Chinese New Year Goodies Set with a choice of two items: Traditional Prosperity Nian Gao (New Year Cake), Carrot Cake or Kueh Lapis with Prunes.

For a pick-me-up in between house visits, next-door restaurant Ginger also offers festive bites such as the Double Happiness Banana and Pineapple Cakes, Fortune Peanut Cookies, and Orange and Jasmine Sugee Cake slathered with a layer of apricot gelatin.

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant – PARKROYAL on Beach Road
7500 Beach Road Singapore 199591
Tel: +65 3138 6711
Reservations online:

Si Chuan Dou Hua Festive Set Menu, from $98++ per pax
Available from 10 January 2022 to 15 February 2022, Monday to Sunday
Lunch: 11:30pm – 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:30pm

– 20% on a la carte dine-in only on 1, 2 and 3 February 2022 for UOB, American Express and HSBC card members.
– 15% on a la carte takeaway from 31 January to 15 February 2022 for UOB, American Express and HSBC card members. Applicable for self pick-up only.
– Receive a Haw Par Care Bag with a signature tiger motif and Tiger Balm products with minimum spend of $600++ on Lunar New Year Set Menus.
– Exclusive to UOB: Complimentary bottle of Glenfiddich 15YO Glenfiddich with minimum spend of $1,000++ on Lunar New Year Set Menus. Other T&C apply.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with PARKROYAL on Beach Road.


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