The TANGS Chinese New Year Fair is back at Tang Plaza and VivoCity with more than 30 delightful brands of festive goodies and decorations.

The fair is held from now till 29 Jan (Sat) at VivoCity (Level 1 within TANGS) and 6 Feb (Sun) at Tang Plaza (basement 1).

If you are looking out for special pineapple tarts, feast your eyes on a variety: From keto-friendly “No Pineapple” Pineapple Tarts, Yuzu Pineapple Balls, to Pineapple Tarts with a fragrant Roselle Hibiscus Crust.

Craving for unique flavours?

Don’t miss out on loving curations. From the sweet Nutella White Rabbit Nyonya Kuih Kapit and Salted Caramel Cashew Nuts to the savoury Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin Cookies, Abalone Macadamia, and Mala Peanuts, these are swoon-worthy goodies to surprise the taste buds.

Here are 10 unique and tasty CNY picks from TANGS Chinese New Year Fair 2022 for you:

Chilli Padi Goodies
As Singapore’s foremost Peranakan food services companies, Chilli Padi adds Nyonya flair to the festivities with its confectionery arm, Chilli Padi Goodies.

Offering an array of traditional handmade treats for Chinese New Year, the pastries and sweets are prepared from the heart, Nyonya-style.

From the bestsellers such as the Belinjo Cookie ($30.80) and Kueh Bangkit ($27.80) to crowd favourites such as the Spicy Prawn Roll ($27.80) and Handmade Nyonya Egg Roll ($32.80), every Chilli Padi Goodies treat is handmade and prepared based on recipes refined over generations.

A highlight of the season would be the Award-Winning Mini Pineapple Tarts ($32.80). These high-quality, handmade bite-sized pineapple tarts deserve to be savoured and shared for their buttery goodness. With a one-to-one ratio of pastry and pineapple taste, it boasts an ideal proportion of flavours.

Unique CNY Snack: Pineapple Tarts with Roselle Hibiscus Crust
Infusing its crust with the fragrant roselle hibiscus, Chilli Padi Goodies reinvents the classic Nyonya Pineapple Tart.

This edible blossom imparts a lovely red tint to the crust, and a tart flavour complementing the sweetness of the pineapple paste.

Sweet, sticky, and homemade, the pineapple paste forms the flavourful soul of the tart, finished with a sprinkling of gold dust.

Get it as part of the Three Treasures Chinese New Year Gift Bundle, in which you can choose any 3 items at $68.80.

Cookies 4 U
Satisfy your cravings with Cookies 4 U’s healthy range. The brand’s low-sugar eggless cookies are delicious, yet guilt-free.

Striving to deliver a remarkable experience, Cookies 4 U handcrafts every cookie, ensuring that their treats are of the best quality.

This Chinese New Year, explore a range of creative cookies, including the best-selling flavours: Golden Pebble ($21.80), Buttery Cocoa ($21.80), Heavenly Dark Chocolate ($21.80), Ah Ma Almond ($21.80), and Golden Pineapple ($23.80).

Unique CNY Snack: Golden Pebble ($21.80)
Far from the texture of real, hard pebbles, these Golden Pebbles are delicately crisp and light in texture which melts in your mouth.

The best part? They are eggless and low in sugar, making for a perfect snack option.

A natural delight, this buttery, eggless cookie simply melts in the mouth. Revel in its rich, buttery fragrance and sugee-like texture.

Gin Thye
If you are looking for an authentic and traditional Asian bakery experience, explore Gin Thye’s handmade signature pastries.

Established in 1964, this well-regarded confectionery is committed to preserving the legacy of good old-fashioned Asian pastries.

Recommended signature goodies include the Gin Thye Nutella White Rabbit Nyonya Kuih Kapit ($15), Gin Thye Handmade Traditional Egg Rolls ($15), Gin Thye White Rabbit Pineapple Tarts ($15), and Gin Thye Almond Salted Egg Cookies ($18).

The traditional Gin Thye Pineapple Tart ($18) is handmade with fresh pineapple, while the baked tart uses pure creamery butter. Using premium Golden Churn butter, the tasty tart carries a fragrant butteriness.

Get these signature tarts in a prosperous bright yellow tin, matching your Chinese New Year snack spread perfectly.

Unique CNY Snack: Gin Thye Nutella White Rabbit Nyonya Kuih Kapit ($15)
To celebrate the festive season, Gin Thye expands its range of White Rabbit Cookies and launches the Gin Thye Nutella White Rabbit Nyonya Kuih Kapit.

Each container comprises 2 types of egg roll crisps: one is made from the chewy, milky candy; and another is made with Nutella chocolate.

Home’s Favourite
Home’s Favourite began in 1997 to preserve a mother’s baking legacy and to share her enchanting handmade pastries and cookies.

For many years, it has been a homegrown go-to brand for Chinese New Year cookies and durian-flavoured pastries. Through the years, they have remained loyal to their baking processes.

They continue to innovate by creating new flavours in products like Durian Cookies, Lychee Cookies, and Green Tea Cookies.

One of the brand’s most popular items is the Macadamia Butter Cookies ($29.80) — the fusion of creamy macadamia nuts and 100% pure butter is a magical combination. A melt-in-your-mouth texture, along with crunchy bites of macadamia — make this treat a hit with the masses.

Or you can try the Date Tart ($29.80), also made with 100% pure butter: A true delight to the palate for its tender, rich and buttery crust. For the filling, a special date paste is used with the right amount of sweetness. Finally, a dusting of sugar powder completes this pastry.

Unique CNY Snack: Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin Cookies ($33.80)
Don’t you just love salted egg yolk? Now you can enjoy them in your cookies with fish skin blended into them.

The yummy saltiness of the egg yolks and the savoury crunchiness of fish skin make unique components for these savoury cookies.

Another interesting snack is the Truffle Assorted Seeds Cookies ($34.80). Munch on these cookies, filled with a chock-full of melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and black sesame seeds. Together with assorted seeds is a splash of truffle oil that infuses the cookies with a special aroma.

Dubbed as the makers of Singapore’s best pineapple tarts, Kele is a leading local pineapple tart confectionery operating since 1983.

As a homegrown brand, it is a master of local and heritage flavours. Yet, it keeps itself fresh with innovation.

The brand is recognised for its quality handcrafted pastries and authentic taste and has become synonymous with pineapple tarts.

For thirty over years, Kele’s Traditional Pineapple Tarts ($32.80) have been consistent fan-favourites. They have been voted The Best Pineapple Tarts in Singapore, not an easy feat in a sea of pineapple tarts across the island.

The secret lies in Kele’s recipe to achieve that perfect pineapple-to-tart ratio. You can tell the difference in its signature milk flavour and soft, buttery crust.

Unique CNY Snack: Shiitake Mushroom Chips ($38.80)
Snack away with Kele’s all-new Shiitake Mushroom Chips — a guilt-free, air-dried nibble.

Lightly salted to preserve the earthy umami flavours, these vegetarian-friendly chips are crunchy and tasty. This could be the snack to end all cravings.

Kim Tee
For almost fifty years, Kim Tee has spanned three generations, making and selling Bak Kwa. It has preserved the original quality and taste of the family’s grandfather’s Bak Kwa by remaining true to the original recipe.

With this faithfulness to the ingredients and procedure, Kim Tee’s Bak Kwa continues to attract loyal patrons across many generations.

An all-time best-seller, the Signature Bak Kwa (from $52-62/kg) is prepared using minced fresh pork taken from the shoulder cut. Each batch of meat is inspected carefully for quality and trimmed for excess fats. This keeps the bak kwa lean and meaty.

Kim Tee doesn’t use any meat tenderiser. Instead, they make it uniquely thin, slow-cooking it over charcoal fire. The right temperature and cooking time makes the meat extra tender.

All Kim Tee Bak Kwa are 100% handmade, containing no preservatives, tenderisers, or artificial colourings.

Popular CNY Snack: Nyonya Love Letters ($15)
A light and crispy egg roll made using a traditional Nyonya recipe. The mild sweet taste of this handmade roll serves as background for aromatic hints of coconut and sesame.

Available in tin boxes of 400g.

King Of Melon Seeds
Hailing from humble beginnings, King of Melon Seeds has become a popular household brand recognised for its premium range of goodies.

They use only the finest ingredients to make a wide array of products – that are more than 70 varieties of melon seeds, nuts, dried fruits, and signature snacks.

For your Chinese New Year nibblers, add all their delectable items, including Signature Spicy Prawn Roll ($13), Tom Yum Cashews ($11.80), Gula Melaka Sunflower Seeds ($13.80), Emping Pedas ($13.80), Chunky Cuttlefish ($13), Salted Caramel Cashew Nuts ($13.80), and Mala Peanuts ($3.80).

Unique CNY Snack: Salted Caramel Cashew Nuts ($13.80)
If you enjoy the interplay of sweet and salty flavours, you should love these cashew nuts. A fusion of sweet caramel and sea salt joins crunchy cashew nuts to create this sweet-savoury snack.

You can also bring some heat to your snacking with the newly introduced Mala Peanuts ($3.80). Let the numbingly spicy flavours transport you to Sichuan, China in an instant. Warning: these fiery nuts can be quite addictive.

My Mum’s Cookies
My Mum’s Cookies was born to continue a mum’s legacy of authentic home-baked goodness.

Guided by her steadfast standards of using only quality ingredients and processes, the founders provide the best products to its customers. How they create their cookies are inspired by how she gifted the best goodies to family and friends. They review and refine current recipes and continue to test new ones.

The brand advocates healthy eating and offers gluten-free and vegetarian products that are just as tasty. These include Mini Pineapple Ball ($30.80), Mini Macadamia Cups ($30.80), Mixed Nuts Crips ($30.80) and Cranberry Almond Cookies ($23.80).

Unique CNY Snack: Yuzu Pineapple Balls ($30.80)
Go mini with these bite-sized pineapple balls using 100% pure ripe pineapples. These golden, rich buttery pastry spheres are filled with a sweet-tangy pineapple jam made from fresh pineapples.

With its size and flavours, it can be hard to stop at just a mini ball. Bite into one and feel the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the pastry and smooth, thick pineapple jam that is mildly sweet.

Plus, they also come in interesting variants including Yuzu Pineapple Ball ($30.80) and Passion Fruit Pineapple Ball ($30.80) for a tangy touch.

Nature’s Field
Using only all-natural ingredients, Nature’s Field refrains from adding artificial flavourings, chemicals, and preservatives into their products. They continue to evolve as they create tastier and healthy snacks.

Take your snacking to a new level with flavours like Garlic Turmeric Cashew and Cacao Pecans, or more unique ones like Abalone Macadamia.

Try their Spicy Pickled Pineapples with Passion Fruit and Lemon ($14.90) – you can find this under the “Farmer’s Pickles” category. What’s special about them is the added nutrition that comes from the natural fermentation process. They are also infused with passion fruit and lemon.

Unique CNY Snack: Prosperity Twin Box ($56)
This twin box consists of a canister of Honey Cashew Nuts (270g) and Cacao Pecan Nuts (250g).

The Pecans are coated with cacao powder that introduces an element of bitterness which complements the “maple” sweetness of the nut whereas a simple combination of honey and cashew draws out the right balance of flavours.

Seriously Keto
Guided by its pursuit of improving one’s overall well-being, Seriously Keto encompasses all things sugar-free. Its highest priority is to deliver products that embody healthy nutrition and delicious taste.

Since it began in 2019, it has developed a wide variety of products containing no added sugars. Many have welcomed their low-carb, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, and keto-compliant products.

Most popular items include Pecan Coconut Tart ($88.80), “No Pineapple” Pineapple Tarts ($18.80), Cashew Cookies ($11.80), Cheese Crisps ($10.80), Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies ($12.50), and Matcha Shortbread Cookies ($13.80).

Bedecked for the festive season with intricate gold leaves, the recommended Pecan Coconut Tart ($88.80) is impeccably prepared from crust to crown. A low carb gluten-free tart with zero-added sugar, it carries faint hints of butterscotch just enough to tease your palate.

Unique CNY Snack: “No Pineapple” Pineapple Tarts ($18.80)
It’s hard to imagine Chinese New Year without pineapple tarts, but Seriously Keto has made pineapple-less pineapple tarts a reality. With “No Pineapple” Pineapple Tarts, even diabetics can partake of this traditional festive treat.

Available bite-sized for easy munching, these tarts are low-carb, keto and diabetic-friendly. The filling is developed with winter melon replicating that sweet-tangy pineapple taste and rich jam texture.

You are getting the same pastry crust exterior but an alternative filling that can be just as satisfying.

The TANGS Chinese New Year Fair 2022 is held at:

TANGS at Vivocity (L1)
Now till 29 Jan 2022
Opening Hours: 11am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sun)

TANGS at Tang Plaza (B1)
Now till 6 Feb 2022
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 8.30pm (Mon – Sun)

Alternatively, shop for all your favourite festive goodies online at:

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with TANGS.


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