As Chinese New Year 2022 draws near, once again it is time to plan, prepare and conveniently order your festive dishes via Oddle Eats.

Minimise the stress of CNY feast preparations so you can focus on spending more time with family and loved ones.

Whether you choose island-wide delivery service or takeaway, Oddle Eats got you covered from top Chinese restaurants in Singapore.

These include Soup Restaurant, A-One Signature, Min Jiang, Dian Xiao Er, Beauty in The Pot, Peony Jade, Char Restaurants, Imperial Treasure, Paradise Classic, PUTIEN, Canton Paradise, YUN NANS and more.

We have narrowed it down to 10 top Chinese restaurants for the best deals out there, and help you get your favourite CNY fare right to your doorstep (Note: prevailing delivery fees, taxes, and CNY eve/day surcharges apply for certain restaurants.)

Beauty in The Pot
Islandwide Delivery:

What better way than to start the Lunar New year on a nourishing note with hotpot right at home from Beauty in The Pot.

For CNY 2022, they are offering a Chinese New Year Set Menu ($245.14, serves up to 6 pax) for convenient takeaway, featuring Twin Pot with a duo of healthy soups – Beauty Collagen Broth and Spicy Nourishing Broth.

Dunk into your soup assorted fresh seafood, including Hokkaido Fresh Scallop, Fresh White Sea Prawn, Sliced Toman Fish, Dried Fish Maw, and Alaskan Crab Stick.

Also included is the favourite ingredient of Ebiko Prawn Paste shaped out of 100% prawn meat, added with shrimp roe which lends colour and crunch. After being shaped and cooked, the prawn meat has that delicious, succulent bite.

For more heft, throw in meats like Spanish Pork Collar, Japanese Pork Belly, Sliced Pork Collar, Sliced Chicken Thigh, Crunchy Gourmet Chicken Sausage, and Pork and Chives Dumpling.

The set is complete with La Mian noodles, as well as veggies and mushrooms such as Chinese Cabbage, Drumstick Mushroom, Enoki Mushroom, Black Fungus. Beauty and comfort for the new year.

Takeaway from Beauty in The Pot outlets at Jewel Changi Airport (B2-224), KINEX (#03-38), NEX (#02-01), The Centrepoint (#05-16), The Star Vista (#02-24), VivoCity (#03-08A), and Westgate (#03-10).

Char Restaurants
Islandwide Delivery:

Char Restaurants are known for their distinct roast meat offerings using a mix of Asian and Western ingredients and techniques.

They have developed a unique version of the traditional Char Siew, Roast Pork Belly and Roast Duck, and earned positive reviews including a “Michelin Plate” mention.

Alongside their charred specialties, they welcome the Lunar New Year 2022 with their Fortune Menu.

This menu has a bountiful spread of Prosperity Salmon Yusheng, Double-Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Fish Maw and Dried Scallops, Char’s Double Roast – Signature Char Siew & Soya Sauce Chicken, Hong Kong Steamed Atlantic Cod with Supreme Soya Sauce.

Also included are Stir-Fried Fresh Sea Prawns with Cured Sausages & Seasonal Vegetables, Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber, Fatt Choy and Chinese Mushrooms, Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice with Prawns, Scallops, Roast Pork & Dried Scallops, and dessert of Chrysanthemum Snow Fungus with Glutinous rice balls.

You can order CNY items a la carte such as soups (Double-Boiled Lotus Root Soup with Dried Oysters $10.80 per portion; Wanton Seafood Thick Soup $13.80 per portion; Double-Boiled Luo Han Guo, Ginseng & Snow Fungus with Glutinous Rice Balls $10.80 per portion); seafood (Live Prawns with Supreme Soya Sauce $24.80); and vegetarian dishes (Vegetarian Ee Mian $19.90; Jade Beancurd topped with Fatt Choy $18.50).

They also offer Prosperity Salmon Yusheng ($32.80 for S, $39.80 for M) and Stir-Fried Cai Xin with Cured Sausages ($16.80) and Stir-Fried Celery with Scallops ($18.80).

You cannot miss Char’s roast specialties including melt-in-your-mouth tender Signature Char Siew ($29.70 for 300g), Crispy Roast Pork Belly ($18 for 200g), Jasmine Tea Roast Duck ($33 for half, $63.80 for whole), and Soya Sauce Chicken ($22 for half, $41.80 for whole).

Dian Xiao Er
Islandwide Delivery:


For your at-home reunion dinner parties, get ready to grab Dian Xiao Er’s CNY Bundle.

This festive set impresses with its combination of dishes led by their signature Herbal Roast Duck, accompanied with Prosperity Pork Trotters, Braised Sea Cucumbers with Abalone, and more.

A symbol of family togetherness, the Herbal Roast Duck uses only the finest Cherry Valley ducks. They are marinated for hours in a blend of herbs and spices to infuse the meat, then roasted at optimum temperature. This keeps the juices intact making the meat tender and succulent, while the skin turns crisp and golden brown.

You are guaranteed of freshness as they prepare and roast them daily, complemented with a specially concocted herbal sauce.

Make it a proper feast with the must-have Prosperity Yu Sheng. This Cantonese-style raw fish salad comes with your choice of Abalone ($46.87 for M, $73.62 for L) or Smoked Salmon ($40.45 for M, $65.06 for L).

Toss in the raw fish strips, shredded veggies, and pickles with the variety of traditional condiments and sauces. Huat ah!

Imperial Treasure Steamboat
Islandwide Delivery:

Imperial Treasure has become synonymous with authentic fine Chinese cuisine, and this multi-awarded steamboat concept serves exceptional quality hot pot with a distinct selection of soup bases.

All soup bases are made in-house and prepared fresh daily. Classic options include Imperial Drunken Chicken Soup, Sichuan Spicy Soup, Ginseng Chicken Soup, and Traditional Pork Bone Soup.

You can tell how they are being painstakingly simmered for hours from the richness of their flavours.

Get a load of choice ingredients like fresh meats, seafood, mushrooms, veggies, and handmade meatballs and noodles. Recommended to add to your hot pot are sliced Japanese Wagyu beef, sliced USA Kurobuta pork belly, sliced fresh abalone, and nice and juicy Boston lobsters.

They offer CNY 2022 Set Menus (till Feb 15) for 2 pax at $359.52, 4 pax from $505.04, 6 pax from $950.16 and 8 pax from $1,438.08. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Keng Eng Kee Seafood
Islandwide Delivery:

Keng Eng Kee (KEK) began in the 1970s from a stall in Old Havelock Road Hawker Centre. Since then, this local Chinese eatery has continuously wok-ked out family-friendly zi char fare for 3 generations.

For CNY 2022, they offer Prosperity Reunion Set ($388) which includes Ten Treasure Pot, a large Lou Hei, and large Lap Mei Pork Floss Fried Rice for the convenience of families.

The Ten Treasure Pot includes luxurious ingredients of abalone, scallops, fish maw, roasted pork, sea cucumber, half roasted chicken, dried scallops, Chinese mushrooms and more in a moreish sauce.

The festive favourite of Fried Rice with preserved Chinese waxed meats with fragrant eggs gets a twist with the addition of fluffy pork floss.

Or try any one of their other bundle sets ranging from CNY Reunion Set ($398.80 for 5 pax) to their CNY Huat Premium Set ($598.80 for 8 pax).

Min Jiang at Dempsey
Islandwide Delivery:

Nested among the greens of Dempsey Hill, Ming Jiang at Dempsey is an off-shoot of the award-winning Min Jiang Restaurant.

Celebrate CNY with their Braised Pork Belly, Sea Treasures & Baked Whole Chicken in Pot ($388 for 6 pax). The trio includes a slow-cooked pork belly, braised for 2 hours in aromatics before steaming for 3 hours.

A bevy of sea delicacies accompany this succulent meat such as Australian 10-head abalone, sea cucumber, dried oysters, black moss, dried scallops, and Tientsin cabbage.

Finally, a whole kampung chicken is marinated overnight in light & dark soy sauce, shallots, ginger, and spring onions, then slow roasted for maximum juiciness.

Want a comforting, hearty soup? Get the Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Abalone & Matsutake Mushrooms in Claypot ($238 includes pot). Bursting with umami flavours from matsutake mushrooms, pork, dried scallops, and Australian 6-head abalone, this soup is not complete without a fresh chicken boiled with full extraction of flavours.

Welcome the Year of the Tiger with Auspicious Abundance ‘Lo Hei’ ($228 per large portion) featuring fresh tiger prawns.

Created by Master Chef Goh Chee Kong, this prosperity salad carries a rainbow of colours from deep-fried shredded purple sweet potato, Romaine lettuce, julienned carrots, Affilla Cress, pomelo and watermelon balls, and prawns and abalone arranged like firecrackers.

Drizzle with dressing made with a mix of plum and strawberry sauces, kumquat juice, ginger flowers and sesame oil.

Toss for prosperity a mix of sesame, peanuts, deep-fried sweet potato strips, deep-fried yam strips, and deep-fried spring roll skin.

Paradise Dynasty
Islandwide Delivery:

Roar into the Year of the Tiger alongside celebratory dishes courtesy of Paradise Dynasty.

Recognised for creating the world’s first xiao long bao with flavours, Paradise Dynasty also offers hot and cold appetisers, and a wide selection of seafood, vegetable, and rice dishes.

Their Chinese New Year Set Menu ($295.36, serves up to 6 persons) features a Dumpling Platter with assorted dumplings – Poached Vegetable and Pork Dumpling, Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Vinaigrette, and Steamed Vegetable Dumpling.

It also includes mains like Braised Duck and Deep-Fried Marble Goby, accompanied with a comforting bowl of Poached Prawns in Superior Herbal Broth.

Veggies and noodles round up the set with Braised Broccoli with Mushroom and Stir-fried Noodle with Shredded Pork and Black Fungus.

Takeaway from Paradise Dynasty outlets at Changi Airport T3 (#03-32), Funan (#B1-01), Paya Lebar Quarter Mall (#03-08), Suntec City (#B1-110), VivoCity (#02-128), Westgate (#02-13), and Wisma Atria (#01-18).

Islandwide Delivery:

Five-time winner of the one MICHELIN Star award, PUTIEN joins in ushering in the new year with its Prosperity Set Meals and Fortune Set Meals, both with options for 2, 4, 6, 8 to 10 pax.

Have your goodies delivered at the comforts of your home, such as the Prosperity Set for 2 ($83.50).

This features a Prosperity Yu Sheng with Abalone, accompanied with Longevity Noodles, Pan-Fried Yellow Croaker, and Scallop and Asparagus in XO Sauce. The made-for-two set includes two kinds of soup – Cordyceps Flower with sea cucumber fish mall soup, and Longan with White Fungus Soup.

For a larger group, get the Fortune for Four ($254.70) which also includes Prosperity Yu Sheng with Abalone, Longevity Noodles, Pan-fried Yellow Croaker, and Scallop and Asparagus in XO Sauce.

In addition, it features a large Pot of Goodies with Abalone and Prawn, and Longan with White Fungus Soup.

Soup Restaurant
Islandwide Delivery:

Famous for its signature Samsui Ginger Chicken, Soup Chicken joins the festivities with a selection of CNY Set Menus for 2022.

For CNY, these two Set Menus are recommended: Reunion Take Away Set 5 Pax ($415.16, U.P $480.75) and Fatt Choi Tower ($88.00 inclusive of free delivery)

The Reunion Take Away Set for 5 Pax features the signature Samsui Ginger Chicken, beautifully arranged minimally seasoned steamed chicken. They are served with thinly sliced cucumbers and comes with a fragrant ginger sauce. Dip the chicken in ginger sauce or wrap in lettuce for a crunchy bite.

The set includes a Wellness Collagen Treasure Pot with Abalone, chockful of prawns, roast pork, fish maw, scallops, sea cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, cabbage, lotus root, bean curd skin – all in a pumpkin collagen supreme stock.

A colourful Yu Sheng with Baby Abalone completes with set, along with Traditional Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausage and Braised Mushroom.

The Fatt Choi Tower showcases twenty-four pieces of handmade specialty dim sum. There are 3 kinds of artistically shaped dim sum, including 8 pieces of Money Bag, 12 pieces of Mini Longevity Buns, and 4 pieces of Fatt Choi Bao Baos. Enjoy the sweet lotus paste encased in a fluffy handmade bao.

Promotion: Citibank Cardmembers get $10 off any CNY Set Menu with promo code [CITICNY10]

Islandwide Delivery:

The brand YUN NANS specialises in Yunnan ethnic highland cuisines (高原料理). This type of cooking sources and uses fresh mountain ingredients from the Yunnan Province of China, where you can discover regional cooking nuances in China.

For your reunion dinner, they created a special Take-home Festive Set ($338) which includes Yun Nans Prosperity Treasure Hot Pot, a sumptuous layered “Pen Cai” filled with premium ingredients like superior abalone, sea cucumber, fresh scallops and more.

The celebratory set includes a Prosperity Yu Sheng with whole, succulent abalones. Toss up an auspicious Year of the Tiger, alongside Traditional Salt Baked Chicken, and Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf.

You may order the Yun Nans Prosperity Treasure Hot Pot separately for only $298 for 4-6 pax, and $458 for 8-10 pax; and the Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng for $68.80 (serves 6) and $88.80 (serves 10).

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