Wonder if it is too exaggerating to call Singapore a burger-lovin’ nation.

In the last two years or so, there are sooooo many burger places that are opened here. These range from international brands of Shake Shack, Five Guys, Eggslut; to local establishments of Burgs and Hambaobao which have their stand-alone shops.

There is 2280 Burger which got a bit of social media attention, also because it does not come with a ‘simple’ background, opened by Ken Loon who is behind Naked Finn and Burger Labo.

Getting to this new burger place is not that easy though. It is located at Henderson Industrial Park surrounded by light industrial factories, warehouses and furniture showrooms.

Those who come all the way here are just for the 2280 Burger, unless you intend to pick up a furniture piece nearby.

If you are the type who has difficulty making food decisions, you would be glad to know there is just Burger and Fries, and a couple of drinks available.

A Burger with Single Patty goes for $9.50, Double Patty for $13.50, with French Fries at $4.50. I would say just go for the Double since you have already come all the way there.

You can add Milkshake ($9.80), Iced Tea ($3.50), Iced Lemon Tea ($3.80), or Coffee ($4.50 – $4.80) with beans provided by Tiong Hoe Specialty.

Why 2280?

2280 are the designated digits to represent beef neck cut.

While a neck cut is usually known to be more economical, it can still be rich with flavours and tender when cooked right.

Prepared from grass-fed Aberdeen Angus, I would say that the patty had a distinct strong meaty flavour and considerably juicy.

It may not be as soft and fatty as some of the burgers out there, but if you are all for the beefy taste – this is a suitable choice for the price.

The patty is also added with beef garum which you may have come across at other gourmet burger joints. Just think of it as soy sauce made from meat, which helps include that dark and rich flavours (some say umami-ness) to the patty.

I wasn’t totally blown away by the buns though – slightly oily and would personally prefer it to be fluffier.

A not-bad cheese burger well put together and considered worth-it for its price.

2280 Burger
213 Henderson Rd #01-10, Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore 159553
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

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