Experience Japan’s latest food trend – the popular Rice Sandwich aka Rice Sando – right here in Singapore.

Located at Plaza Singapura basement, #ricesando tokyo (ライスサンド東京) is a takeaway kiosk offering a brand-new way of enjoying onigiri.

It highlights a selection of Japanese-style sandwiches using buns made of premium Japanese rice wrapped with nori sheet.

Hearty fillings of meat and mushrooms make this a delectable, savoury fuss-free sandwich.

#ricesando tokyo takes pride in using 100% Yumepirika, a super-premium rice produced in Hokkaido, Japan.

Chewier and sweeter than the usual Japanese rice, Yumepirika elevates the rice sando to a premium level of deliciousness and gives it a better bite.

For the seaweed sheet, they use no less than Premium Japanese Ariake Nori from Fukuoka.

Produced by Yanagawa Nori Honpo since 1955, this superior nori is particularly selected for its crispier texture and distinct marine taste that stays on your palate.

Get them always fresh as they’re prepared à la minute. You can even get to watch how they make them through the glass-fronted show kitchen.

See how they sauté, grill, and flambé the ingredients on a Teppan pan, and assemble them all together to deliver one unique Japanese creation.

Starting from only $4.60, the rice sandos are just as attractive pricewise. Here are menu highlights to check out when you drop by #ricesando tokyo:

Sunny Hamburg 月見ハンバーグ ($6.80)
This certified Japanese-style burger is a must try. Featuring a thick, handmade ground beef patty with 8:2 meat to fat ratio minced meat for an optimum juiciness.

Wrapped in between rice buns is the heart of the burger, topped with a delicate sunny side up egg.

Dig in and savour the meat oozing with an original Hamburg sauce drizzled all over.

Miso Pork Yakiniku 味噌ポーク焼き肉 ($5.80)
Enjoy Japanese-style pork barbecue in a unique rice sandwich form. Having a balance of lean meat and fat, the pork slices are drenched in a homemade Hokkaido miso sauce.

This original recipe combines red and white miso together with fragrant black garlic mayu – where all the flavours of black peppercorns, chili powder and sesame oil meld.

Gyu Sukiyaki 牛すき焼き ($6.20)
Hankering for tender, juicy beef? Gyu Sukiyaki rewards your taste buds with succulent beef simmered in a special Sukiyaki sauce made of nine secret ingredients.

Flame-seared then stir-fried, the thinly sliced beef releases an irresistible aroma.

Each strip is coated with #ricesando’s sweet-savoury signature sauce, a mix of soya sauce, mirin, ginger puree, minced onion, and Fuji apples.

Unagi うなぎ ($7.80)
You cannot go wrong with two thick chunks of unagi glazed with teriyaki sauce.

A dollop of Japanese mayo is snuck in between to add a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Together with fresh, crisp lettuce, they are all comfortably nestled in between rice buns.

“Una-Gyu” Unagi and Beef うな牛 ($8.20)
The fine textured, subtly sweet unagi joins tender savoury slices of beef in this surf-and-turf inspired dish.

Double your delight as you sink your teeth into “Una-Gyu” served with #ricesando’s signature sauce, while green lettuce adds a crisp freshness.

Inari Mushroom きのこ ($6.40)
Go meat-free with this plant-based rice sando, chockful of sautéed shitake and hon shimeji (brown beech mushroom) wrapped in sweet inari skin.

An in-house Hokkaido miso sauce, a blend of red and white miso, coats the mushrooms in a smooth glaze.

Looking for add ons? Aside from Wafu Coleslaw ($3.80) and French Fries ($3.80), they have featured sides including Tonjiru Miso Soup with Pork 具だくさんの豚汁 ($3.80) served with tender sliced pork, carrot, daikon, and onions.

Recommended are the Original Karaage 鶏からあげ ($3.80) chicken that is addictively crunchy on the outside and juicy inside; and Curry Karaage カレー唐揚げ ($3.80), where crispy chicken is slathered with a sweet and mildly spicy sauce.

For your ultimate benefit, why not make it a Rice Sando Value Set? Just add $4.80 and your rice sando already comes with a side and a drink.

#ricesando tokyo
Plaza Singapura #B2-45, 68 Orchard Rd Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with #ricesando tokyo.



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