Does the name Waffle Place sound familiar? Well, not Raffles Place.

Waffle Place is “another place” opened by the folks behind Pancake Place at Kandahar Street near Bugis and popular Muslim-owned cafe Royz et Vous (with outlets at Telok Ayer and Sultan Gate).

All 3 sister outlets are just one street away from one another near Bugis.

Royz et Vous focuses on restaurant and café style food, while Pancake Place serves pancakes (obviously).

Taking over the space previously occupied by Bachelor Brothers at Bussorah Street, their newest concept cafe Waffle Place is a double storey cafe with a small alfresco dining area on the first floor.

The interior is similar to the previous tenant with an open-concept kitchen and small tables that can seat 2 pax on the first floor.

A space for larger group gatherings (5 at the moment) is found on their second storey.

Bold colours can be seen in the interior of both Pancake Place and Waffle Place, with the latter painted in royal blue and orange tone, with birdcage chairs in gold frames and comfy cushions.

Being a waffle-centric cafe, their menu includes both Sweet and Savoury Waffles ($13.90 – $20.90) and Croffles ($11.90), a mix between croissant and waffle.

Their Savoury Waffle menu includes Asian flavours such as Salmon Mentaiko ($17.90), Gochujang Fried Chicken ($13.90), Har Cheong Tai Chicken ($13.90), Teriyaki Maple Chicken ($13.90) and Takoyaki Croffle ($13.90).

Their dessert waffle menu each comes with a soft serve on top of the waffles with various toppings, with flavours such as Apple Crumble ($14.90), Rocky Road ($14.90), Mango Tango ($15.90), Banana Split ($14.90) and Ondeh-Ondeh ($12.90).

I had the Ondeh-Ondeh Waffle ($12.90) which also comes in Glass Cup ($6.90) and Cone ($5.90), topped with pandan custard cream, Gula Melaka jelly and sprinkled with toasted desiccated coconut with gula Melaka syrup served on the side.

I enjoyed the crispy waffle on the outside with an airy texture on the inside, a contrast to the smooth and creamy vanilla soft serve.

The faint level of sweetness comes from both the pandan custard cream and Gula Melaka jelly which gives it a firmer texture.

The Croffle menu is mainly made up of sweet options: Thai Tea Tres Leches ($11.90), Strawberry Cheese ($11.90), Banana Caramel ($11.90), Cinnamon Poached Pear ($11.90) and Chocolate, Fruits & Nuts ($11.90).

The Thai Tea Tres Leches Croffles ($11.90) was soaked in Thai milk tea, made from Thai tea leaves soaked in 3 types of milk, with fresh cream toppings, candied walnuts and fresh raspberries.

On its own, I liked the aroma of the Thai milk tea, distinctive and not overly sweet with a buttery scent from the croffle base.

Unfortunately, the amount of fresh cream was a little overwhelming, which overshadows the Thai tea flavour.

Apart from Waffles and Croffles, their beverage menu features a selection of interesting drinks similar to Pancake Place, such as Handcrafted Blends ($13.90 – $15.90),, Specialty Earl Grey Tea ($4.90 – $7.90), Coffee ($4 – $5) and Tea ($7).

At this rate, perhaps we will be seeing another Toast, Gelato, Sourdough, or Souffle “Place” opening nearby soon.

Waffle Place
50 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199466
Opening Hours: 12pm – 4pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon – Thurs), 12pm – 4pm, 5pm – 11pm (Fri – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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