If you are looking for inexpensive Japanese BBQ, quality and affordability collide at Bazuka Yakiniku Japanese BBQ – a new Japanese restaurant at Westgate.

To find your way there, the restaurant is located on Level 4 (outside) near Westgate Wonderland.

For fans of Japanese food, a yakiniku is the fast-food style place-to-be for quick-served Japanese-style BBQ.

At Bazuka, you get quality meats and seafood ready for the grilling. Plus, their Combo Sets make it easy and convenient.

Served daily from 11am to 9:30pm, Bazuka’s Combo Sets range from $7.90 for a Pork Belly Set, $8.80 for a Pork and Chicken Set, to $16.80 for Sirloin Steak Set. Very affordable.

They offer more than 10 set meals so you should find the best one for your degree of craving. Each set comes complete with a bowl of Japanese rice, soup, kimchi or salad.

Your yakiniku experience won’t be complete without tare or dipping sauce. Complement your barbecued meats with either of their 2 dipping sauces: Original Bazuka BBQ Sauce and Garlic Soy Sauce.

Grill the Japanese way with your individual electric grill, designed to be smoke-less so you will leave with a satisfying taste, not a lingering post-meal BB odour.

Here are what you can savour from Bazuka Yakiniku Japanese BBQ:

Karubi Set ($9.80 for 120g, $13.80 for 180g)
Get a complete value-for-money meal with the Karubi Set, which comes with a plate of boneless short rib, premium Japanese rice, miso soup and salad/kimchi.

The beef’s marbling makes it a yakiniku staple – you only need a few seconds to grill it.

The result are tender and juicy slices ready to pop into your mouth. Want more? Upgrade to the 180g platter ($13.80) and get more.

Prime Karubi Set ($12.80)
Imported from US and Australia, the Prime Karubi Set is available in two portions: 120g and 180g. Get marbled premium jyo karubi or boneless short rib, with more marbling that most roast cuts for beef.

Between the two, I preferred the Prime Karubi in which you can taste the subtle but exceptional edge of premium beef with depth of flavour and tenderness. So I would say pay the few dollars more for deeper satisfaction.

Other than the Karubi, you can also go for the Gyutan ($6.90) if you enjoy thinly-sliced beef tongue for the deep beefy flavour and chewier texture.

Premium Sirloin Steak ($13.80)
This plate turned out to be the favourite at the table. Satisfy your deep craving for fine meat with an ala carte order of Premium Sirloin Steak.

You get a juicy, succulent thin and long cuts meat on your plate with a light char on the exterior. This is good to go even without the sauces.

Chicken and Pork Set ($8.80)
A non-beef eater? Try their popular chicken-and-pork combo. Their teriyaki sauce marinated chicken is made using thigh meat, known for being tender juicy; while the pork belly gives delectably crisp edges once grilled.

Alternative non-beef sets include Pork Belly Set ($7.80), Chicken and Hotate Scallop ($13.80), Pork and Hotate Scallop ($10.80).

Good Trio Set ($11.80)
A threesome combo of beef, pork and chicken, this all-meat set satisfies your cravings for various tastes and textures.

You are getting not only tender pork belly and beautifully marbled short beef rib, but also chicken thigh marinated in a special in-house teriyaki sauce.

Assorted Sausage, Bacon & Oyster Mushroom Platter ($5.80)
Get this mini platter sampler with Japanese mini sausages, bacon strips and oyster mushroom — basic items perfect for grilling.

Scallops with Butter, Garlic and Japanese Brewed Soya Sauce ($5.80)
Seared on the grill to keep their moistness, the add-on scallops served with the melted basting butter.

Chopped garlic are added together with Japanese-brewed soya sauce for a burst of savoury flavours.

Other add-ons to the grill you can select include Smoked Duck ($3.80), Oyster Mushroom Tare ($2.60), Japanese Mini Sausages ($2.80), and Ebi Shrimps with Garlic and Butter ($5.80).

Corn with Cheddar Cheese and Butter ($4.80)
Don’t skip this unique side dish made with golden-coloured buttered corn kernels. Cheese lovers will give a thumbs up for the savoury cheddar cheese blended into the mix.

Bazuka Yakiniku Japanese BBQ
3 Gateway Drive, Westgate #04-07, Singapore 608532
Tel: +65 6802 7234
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun), Last order 9pm

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Bazuka Yakiniku Japanese BBQ.


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