Nestled at Bedok Reservoir and now with a new outlet a Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Burp Kitchen & Bar is your oasis from the hustle & bustle of your daily grind.

If you are looking for a relaxing dining venue with view of lush greenery, the café is focused on Americanised comfort food, with Asian-inspired and Tex-Mex fusion dishes.

Complete with rustic décor and friendly service.

This can be considered a place to hang out with friends for dinner and after-work drinks, especially when their cocktails, mocktails and bottled craft beers are priced inexpensively.

While their brunch menu is previously available only during the weekends, you can now get brunch items every day of the week (till 4pm).

Brunch starts at 11am on weekdays, and 10am on weekends – you can have ample time of sleep in before you break the fast at Burp.

What you can get is essentially comfort food made to fill your tummies, satisfy your taste buds, and feed your soul. Together with a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee and pleasantly green views, your days are off to a good start.

Here are 12 of the recommended items from Burp Kitchen & Bar:

Smoked Salmon Croissant ($16)
Indulge yourself with a crisp and flaky croissant filled with soft and creamy scrambled eggs, topped with smoked salmon.

Salty, smooth, and mildly sweet, the thinly sliced salmon makes this sandwich a savoury treat to your taste buds. A few sprigs of arugula add some peppery notes to perk you up.

Truffle Mushroom & Eggs Toast ($14)
Go meatless with this mushroom and egg toast made with a wide-pored and woolly crumbed ciabatta.

The golden-yellow bread is served topped with luscious, scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms drizzled with aromatic truffle oil.

Garnished with arugula leaves and accompanied with sides of baked beans and salad greens.

Omelette & Toast ($14)
A trio of tender, smoky ham, earthy mushrooms and cheese are encased in fluffy omelette topped with tangy tomato concasse.

Enjoy this quintessential brunch item with accompanying warm, toasted slices of brioche.

French Toast ($10)
Make it a sweet and cheery morning with a visually stunning serving of French Toast. Made using house-made brioche, each slice is dipped in egg mixture then pan fried ‘til golden brown.

Each order comes with three toasts topped with fresh blueberries and sliced strawberries, plus a side of maple syrup to drizzle all over.

You can also catch of whiff of cinnamon making this item irresistible.

Crab & Shrimp Roll ($16)
Bring the taste of the ocean in a bun. A warm, toasted brioche roll is stuffed with seafood mix made with fried shrimps and lump crab meat.

The naturally sweet morsels are enhanced with a blend of creamy Hollandaise sauce. A succulent filling that delivers a burst of flavours at each bite.

Mushroom Soup with Drink ($6)
If you are having brunch, then why not top-up for a bowl of comforting mushroom soup made in-house and bundled with a non-alcoholic drink for only $6.00.

You may choose from any of their mocktails, coffee, tea, soft drink, and juices.

For mocktails, have your go at the Candy Apple (apple + ginger ale), Resevoir Sunrise (orange, mango, pomegranate), Virgin Mojito, Singapore Slang (cranberry, mango, pineapple, tonic), to the striking Monday Blues (lime, tonic, blue curacao).

Shrimp & Squid Tom Yum Pasta ($16)
Other than brunch items, there is also a spread of burgers, tacos and pasta available – from Truffle Mac & Cheese ($12), Crab Mac & Cheese ($16), Truffle Mushroom Carbonara ($15), Pork Marinara ($15), Seafood Arrabbiata ($18), Bacon Shrimp Aglio Olio ($15), to Grilled Unagi Alio Olio ($18).

The Shrimp & Squid Tom Yum Pasta is one of the most popular choices, with serving of al dente linguine tossed in rich and creamy tom yum sauce.

The Thai-inspired flavours are made even better with generous servings of shrimp and squid.

Baja Fish Tacos ($16)
There is always a fun factor when eating tacos, so why not throw in a few of these to your table.

Exercise your choice as you select your preferred filling – would it be cajun chicken, BBQ pulled pork, Korean beef bulgogi, citrusy miso tofu, or grilled shrimp?

Whatever you pick, they will be cradled in a soft and warm tortilla side-by-side with fresh crisp shredded lettuce.

Get the Baja Fish Tacos, of crispy battered fish tucked into flour tortillas. A drizzle of Mexican-flavoured sauce completes the dish, served with chips and a wedge of lime.

Truffle Beefy Shrooms Burger ($18)
The burgers are worth a go here – these are big, juicy ones.

I particularly enjoyed the Beefy Shrooms Burger with the seared beef patty with rich hearty flavours, topped with savoury sautéed mushrooms.

The ingredients were held together well in a soft brioche bun, and the addition of truffle mayo added some aroma as you bring it closer to your nose.

Mexican Fried Chicken Burger ($15)
If you need something non-beef, go for Burp’s Fried Chicken Burger prepared Mexican style.

Nestled on a black charcoal sesame bun is a deep-fried chicken thigh topped with salsa fresca and drizzled with nacho cheese.

The crispy exterior of the chicken patty is matched with fresh crisp lettuce to provide you a satisfying bite.

Salted Egg Wings ($14)
Moving on to the “Bar Grub” section, get your hands on Mushroom Poppers ($10), Burp Kitchen Wings ($12), Spicy Buffalo Wings ($14), Burp’s Fiery Wings ($14) or Grilled Sausage Platter ($12).

The table’s favourite dish had to be the crispy Salted Egg Wings, drizzled over with in-house salted egg sauce which had that bit of grainy texture.

Grilled Unagi Cups ($12)
Add a touch of Japanese when you savour these kueh pie tee shells.

These light, crisp pastry shells are delightfully filled up with bite-size pieces of smoky grilled unagi.Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) are sprinkled all over, loading up the flavours of this pick-me-up snackable.

Also available are Cheesy Smoked Duck Cups ($12) with kueh pie tee shells filled with smoked duck and combination of cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Burp Kitchen & Bar – Bedok
740 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3165 Singapore 470740
Tel: +65 8428 4722
Opening Hours: 10am – 12am (Mon – Fri), 12am – 12am (Sat – Sun)

Burp Kitchen & Bar – Bishan Park
Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, 510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 56998
Opening Hours: 11am – 12am (Mon – Fri), 9am – 12am (Sat – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Burp Kitchen & Bar.


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