Wait, no-added sugar, low-calorie tea beverages that still taste sweet?

Home-grown brand LiHO TEA, in partnership with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), has opened its very first healthy and eco-friendly concept in Singapore – for those who want to have tasty drinks that are healthy.

The drinks at this new KTPH outlet are served at default 0% sweetness level.

If you like some sweetness in them, only Stevia sweeteners are used – replacing the conventional sugar syrup.

Ushering in a new breed of tea drinks to cater to healthier-drink-seekers, LiHO TEA presents its range of “Zero Sugar Added” tea beverages made with Stevia.

This natural sweetener comes from the leaves of the plant Stevia rebaudiana and is a popular sugar substitute. You would be amazed Stevia is 100x to 300x sweeter than table sugar, yet it has no calories.

All the base drinks (without any toppings) have sugar content less than 5% of entire drink and classified under the HPB healthier choice requirements.

LiHO TEA is committed to offer better beverages that they partnered with a respectable Singapore food tech company to work on an improved version of Stevia.

Better in taste and flavour, the improved Stevia mix will be progressively rolled out for use across all outlets islandwide; and customers can feel free to request for it.

Behind this new Zero Added Sugar concept is an eco-friendly outlet at KTPH, promoting initiatives to reduce sugar intake, reduce use of plastic, and reduce wastage.

Plastic straws will not be offered to customers. Should straws really be required for consumption (for drinks with toppings), bio-degradable PLA straws will be given.

Drinks will also only be offered in medium size only, to reduce potential wastage.

Aside from using paper cups at the outlet (featured in photo above), LiHO TEA will also be offering a $0.50 discount when customers who bring their own cups to get their cup of tea (T&C apply, not applicable with other promotions).

Check out the 8 exclusive drinks only available at LiHO TEA at KTPH:

An KTPH Hospital-exclusive item, the GRAPEFRUiTEA series includes 4 healthy and refreshing creations that are rich in Vitamin C.

This well-designed series has the key ingredient of grapefruit – the citrus fruit known for its high fibre and vitamin content, plus low in calories.

Yup, the calories of each of the base drinks is only between 31 kcal to 36 kcal (with no additional toppings).

Once combined with your choice of tea, a bouquet of aromatic tea notes develops making it a healthy, fragrant, and pleasant tasting drink. Here are the 4 choices:

Oolong GRAPEFRUiTEA ($3.30)
Invigorating both in aroma and taste, this blend of premium oolong tea and grapefruit is perfect as pick-me-up drink.

Make your dull afternoon zesty with this refreshing tea, infused with fruity and floral tones.

Earl Grey GRAPEFRUiTEA ($3.30)
Brewed from black tea with natural oil of bergamot and grapefruit essence, this lovely blend of Earl Grey and grapefruit is a thrill for any tea lover.

Jing Syuan GRAPEFRUiTEA ($3.30)
Taste the mingling of Jing Syuan tea and the zing of grapefruit in this smooth beverage.

A variety of oolong tea, Jing Syuan tea is known for its light, creamy, floral, and milk-like quality that it’s called “milk oolong”.

Jasmine Green GRAPEFRUiTEA ($3.30)
The tea’s relaxing scent coupled with its soothing aroma and soft aftertaste make this an ideal tea to unwind after a day’s work.

Get yourself hydrated with another KTPT-exclusive series called VitaliTEA. This round of drinks includes addition of fruits such as grapefruit and lime, which provides a healthy boost of Vitamin C through a stimulating cup of tea.

For calorie-watchers, each 500ml base cup only ranges from 25 kcal to 30 kcal (with no further toppings).

A serving of VitaliTEA is also what you need to cool down on a warm day. The 4 VitaliTEA drinks include:

Oolong VitaliTEA ($4.30)
Feel the fragrance of oolong tea as you sip it along with a dose of Vitamin C. Combining the qualities of dark and green teas, oolong has valuable health benefits including improvement of mental alertness.

Earl Grey VitaliTEA ($4.30)
Enliven your mood with this scented black tea, with citrus flavour that stands up to the bold flavour of black tea.

Jing Syuan VitaliTEA ($4.30)
Enjoy this spring tea with a light milky and sweet taste, powered with Vitamin C.

Jasmine VitaliTEA ($4.30)
Served with thin slices of citrus fruits, this delicate, floral and subtly sweet tea is pretty refreshing.

Tea afficionados can bank of quality of the drinks as they are healthy as they are great tasting.

LiHO TEA @ Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
90 Yishun Central, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital #01-07A, Singapore 768828
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with LiHO TEA.


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