The EAST of Singapore is getting more exciting for foodies with several well-known F&B brands launched at Century Square and Tampines 1.

Famous names at Century Square include Japan’s top Gyudon chain SUKIYA, well-loved dim sum eatery Swee Choon, highly-raved The Original Vadai, Fukuoka’s popular Kanada-ya Ramen, Taiwanese dumpling shop Yu Ba Fang, and Jollibee.

They join other restaurants from Haidilao Hot Pot, Ichiban Boshi, Fatburger & Buffalo’s, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Mediumrare by Saveur, Men Men Don Don, Shi Tang by Mahota Kitchen, Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen, Teahouse by Soup Restaurant, to The Meathouse by 18 Chefs.

Not forgetting kiosks of D’Laksa, Beef Bro Concept Bento, Ayam Penyet President, Mr You Tiao, PARTEA, and more.

Hungry already? Here are 12 restaurants and kiosks can you find at Century Square, and what’s recommended there:

Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant
Century Square #01-01
Opening Hours: 9am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

Award-Winning Dim Sum Specialist With Variety Of Hand-Made Items
Talk about Dim Sum, and Swee Choon is known as one of the most popular dim sum eateries in Singapore. After 59 years of history, the brand has ventured out of Jalan Besar with a dine-in restaurant nestled in Century Square.

For night owls, you can also head over there for late night suppers as the outlet is opened till 11pm daily.

Look forward to Swee Choon’s signatures such as Swee Choon Big Bao ($2.20), Siew Mai ($2.60), Har Kow ($3.30), Sichuan Chilli Oil Wanton ($5.20), Shanghai Xiao Long Bao ($5.20), Char Siew Bao ($2.4), Portugese Egg Tart ($3.60), Carrot Cake ($2.60), and Beancurd Prawn Roll ($3.60).

The must-have is the Swee Choon Mee-Suah Kueh ($2.80), with original recipe developed by the second-generation owner. If you love your mee-suah, have it in a kueh form with crisp outer layer.

The wheat vermicelli is first stir-fried with preserved sausages, chicken, char siew, chilled in a mould for it to set, then fried again for a contrast between the outside and inside.

Go for the Sesame Lava Bao, Tofu Bomb
One of Swee Choon’s latest addition in the Sesame Lava Bao ($4.20) of steamed fluffy charcoal bun. Break it open, and find a centre of smooth and fragrant black sesame lava filling.

Talk about lava, and you may also want to try the Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun ($5.20) which is your Liu Sha Bao in a deep-fried form with golden-yellow skin and oozy molten fillings.

Another addictive item is the Tofu Bomb ($3.50) of crispy taupok packed with meat, prawn and a surprise element of chilli padi that adds that appealing kick.

Century Square #01-34
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

London’s Leading Ramen Chain With Exclusive Seafood Tomato Ramen
This Fukuoka originated ramen chain which attracts long queues in London, is also voted No.1 by The Telegraph.

Head over to this new Tampines outlet and find more than 10 types of ramen, savoury rice bowls, side dishes and cakes available on the menu.

Mouth-watering ramen choices include Kotteri Tonkotsu, Chashu Tonkotsu, Spicy Yuzu, Tonkotsu Mix, Black Garlic, and Gekikara Ramen.

My to-go-for bowl is the Truffle Ramen ($22.90 for basic, $24.90 for regular, $26.90 for special) which is also London’s most popular bowl.

What you get is an aromatic bowl with signature creamy tonkotsu soup flavoured with black truffle oil, topped with truffle marinated chashu belly and truffle jelly.

I love the flavourful pork bone broth that goes easy on the palate, accordingly boiled for 18-hours, mixed in with a secret sauce, imported directly from the original restaurant in Japan.

Accompanied with long, straight and springy Hakata-style wheat noodles, specially made using a specific type of flour. Note: only available in limited quantities daily, so do check with the service staff.

Go for the Seafood Tomato Ramen
This brand-new Seafood Tomato Ramen ($20.90 for basic, $22.90 for regular, $24.90 for special) is exclusive to the Century Square outlet.

Cooked using a blend of chicken broth and secret house-made sauce, the bowl is topped only with the fresh prawns, mussels, octopus and clams.

Other than a sweet-tanginess, you would find a light kick of spice in the soup. Limited to 20 bowls daily.

Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles
Century Square #01-42
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Last order 9.30pm (Mon – Sun)

Halal-Certified Lanzhou Lamian Restaurant With Flavourful Beef Broth
Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles offers comforting bowls of hand-pulled noodles (you can watch the chefs doing so in the kitchen) in flavourful beef broth.

What is special is that there are 8 different types (or shapes) of hand-pulled noodles to choose from, prepared by the chef to exact specifications with every order.

The styles range from normal, thin, thick, thicker, leek leaf, small flat, flat, and triangle. The first four are round-shaped, next three are flat, while the last is a special ‘triangle’. You can mix-and-match and try something different every time you can.

Varieties here include Signature Beef Noodles ($9.90), Sauerkraut Beef Noodles ($10.90), Mala Beef Noodles ($10.90); to dry choices of Dry Chicken Noodles ($9.90), Dry Beef Noodles ($9.90), Dry Mushroom Noodles ($9.90), Dry Noodles ($7.50) to Stir-Fried Beef Noodles ($14.90).

The seared chicken fillet, and delicious braised mushrooms (one of my favourites) options are suitable for non-beef and non-meat eaters.

The good news if you order a large-sized portion, there will be FREE top up of noodles for a more fulling meal.

Go for the Signature Beef Noodles ($9.90) and Mala Beef Noodles (from $10.90)
A bowl of hand-pulled noodles in a clear broth that is topped with tender slices of beef shank, radish, and finished with a dollop of mala chili.

The star is really the beef broth which is prepared from more than 15 kinds of herbs and spices, cooked and simmered for at least 10 hours daily. While it looks clear, it is very tasty with all the ‘essence’ within.

Have a drink of the beef soup first, then mix in some of the signature chilli to have a varied taste. The fragrance from the deep red chili oil adds the right amount of heat.

Student Meal $6.50++ for a bowl of noodles, available from 1pm – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Century Square #01-21
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm, Last order 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Japan’s Leading Gyudon Restaurant Chain
SUKIYA, Japan’s No. 1 Gyudon restaurant chain and its recognisable red bowl logo has opened at Century Square, offering rice bowls and ala carte dishes with prices starting from $4.20 Nett.

Yes, no additional service charge. So that is pretty affordable.

Although Gyudon is SUKIYA’s claim to fame, it also serves a diverse set of popular Japanese meals, like curry rice, yakitori bowls, yakiniku bowls, and many more. Available in various sizes (S, M, L, XL) so suit your appetite level.

Go for the Classic Gyudon
Not to be missed is SUKIYA’s signature Classic Gyudon. The Gyudon is a hot and fluffy Japanese rice bowl topped with thinly sliced beef and onions simmered in a mildly sweet soy-based sauce.

They use Koshihikari, a 100% Japanese-grown short grain rice that is soft, moist, springy and slightly sweet; while the high-quality beef is imported from USA.

The beef is specially-sliced thin so it takes on the full aroma and flavour of the sweet and savoury shoyu-based sauce. Another highlight was the soft sliced onions.

The Original Vadai
Century Square #01-37
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

Uniquely Singapore Crispy & Fluffy Vadai
The Original Vadai attracts a constant queue at Century Square, with customers lining up patiently for a bite of their crispy and fluffy Vadai.

They first started as a stall in the Hari Raya Puasa Bazaar at Geylang Serai old taxi stand back in the late 1980s. Mdm Jumana Rani from The Original Vadai tweaked the recipe to make it lighter, fluffier, and more suitable from the local tastebuds, and it became very popular.

The shop is lined with freshly-prepared and fried Prawn Vadai, Ikan Bilis Vadai, Graco Vadai, Dhal Vadai, Veg Vadai, Chilli Vadai, Onion Vadai, to Cheese Vadai.

Not just Vadai, but also skewers of Chicken Wing, Chicken Liver, Chicken Gizzard, Bishop Nose, Chicken Steak, and Chicken Skin. Each skewer stick is priced at $2.20

When I visited recently, also offered was Large Crispy Squid ($9) in original or hot & spicy seasonings.

Go for the Original Prawn Vadai
The best way to appreciate this Prawn Vadai is to have it freshly out to appreciate that crispy outer layer with fluffy and light interior – can be described as almost like donut.

Also do not forget to pair this with fresh green chillies which will up the shiok factor.

Yu Ba Fang
Century Square #B1-33
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Taiwanese-style Pan-Fried Dumplings and Steamed Dumplings
Famous chain Yu Ba Fang 御八方known for its Pan-Fried Dumplings (Guo Tie) and Steamed Dumplings (Shui Jiao), has opened a kiosk outlet at the basement of Century Square.

The menu at Yu Ba Fang is divided into sections of Pan-Fried Dumplings, Dumplings, Rice such as YBF Special Minced Pork Rice, Snacks, Soup and Drinks – with choice of Gourmet Grounded Soymilk or Premium Black Tea.

The Pan-Fried Dumplings come with 8 pieces per serving, and you can choose from YBF Classic Signature Pan-Fried Dumplings ($10.90), Hualien Ji’an Fragrant Chives Pan-Fried Dumplings ($10.90), Golden Sweet Corn Chicken Pan-Fried Dumplings ($10.90).

Accordingly, each dumpling made till exactly 28 grams in weight and bursting with flavour.

A recommended-favourite is the Jeju Island Korean Spicy Flavour Pan Fried Dumpling ($10.90). The dumplings are pan-fried upon ordering so that the skin stays thin and slightly crispy, with moist fillings – minced pork with a kick from spicy tangy cabbage.

Go for the QQ Fresh Prawn Pan Fried Dumpling
The QQ Fresh Prawn Pan Fried Dumpling ($12.90) is the latest addition to the YBF menu.

Other than the well-seasoned pork, you get a varying texture with a crunch of the fresh prawns wrapped neatly within.

Shake Shake in a Tub
Century Square #B1-24
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Signature Finger Food Items Of Shake Shake Chicken, Fries and Popcorn Chicken
Halal-certified Shake Shake in a Tub specialises in tasty finger food with innovative flavours.

Not to be missed is its classic Shoestring Fries made with quality premium potatoes imported from USA. Or level up with some Crisscut or Curly fries starting from just $3.20

The items are all cooked-to-order so that you can enjoy piping-hot fries, then coated in your favourite seasonings from Truffle, Cheese, Sour Cream, Mala, Curry, Barbeque, Buttercorn to seasonal ones. Many possibilities for customisation.

You can also get a Shake Shake Chicken combo (from $10.90 for 4 pcs) which comes with one flavoured shoestring fries and drink.

The Shake Shake Chicken are deep-fried to golden-brown crisp, brushed with addictive in-house sauce of soy garlic or spicy. Only fresh chicken is used, so you can be assured that the meat would be both tender and juicy.

Go for the Shake Shake Bola Bola
An East-meets-West creation, the Shake Shake Bola Bola ($3.20 each) are deep-fried potato balls made of fresh potatoes, with varying melted core of flavours.

Choose from flavours of Chocolate Shake Shake Bola Bola, Nacho Cheese Bola Bola or Tom Yum Shake Shake Bola Bola – with fillings of aromatic tom yum gravy cooked with prawns.

$50 Christmas special available on FRx Rewards Catalogue for the month of Nov and Dec 2021.

Traditional Sarawak Kolo Mee
Century Square #B1-22
Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

Taste Of Sarawak Kolo Mee And Kuching Fried Chicken Wing
Get a taste of Sarawak with Kolo Mee here, characterised by combination of springy egg noodles, topped with savoury minced pork, topped in crispy fragrant shallot mixture.

Items on the menu include Premium Kolo Mee ($8.90), Classic Kolo Mee ($7.90), Chicken Cutlet Kolo Mee ($7.90), Black Pepper Smoked Duck Kolo Mee ($7.90), Curry Chicken Kolo Mee ($7.90), and Crispy Roasted Pork Kolo Mee ($7.90).

While the Curry Chicken had a more localised taste, you would still enjoy the soft potatoes and tender chicken pieces; and you can even pour some of the gravy over the noodles.

Accompany with sides of Kuching Fried Chicken Wing ($6.50 for 3pcs), Ngoh Hiang ($6.50), Popcorn Chicken ($5.50), Fried Dumpling ($5.50), and Wanton Soup ($5.50). I found the golden Fried Chicken Wing sprinkled with spices pretty moist and well-marinated.

Go for the Premium Kolo Mee
For an all-in-one bowl, go for the Premium Kolo Mee ($8.90, $9.90 set meal with beverage) topped with house-made char siew, prawns, seafood dumpling, and even abalone slices.

With thin slight curly egg noodles lightly coated in a savoury sauce with chilli.

Kei Kaisendon
Century Square #B1-28
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Japanese Donburi Specialist At Affordable Pricings
Kei Kaisendon is a donburi specialty serving up fresh sashimi and kaisendons. Only the freshest sashimi is used every day, and the other daily ingredients could be slightly different.

Available bowls for selection range from Mentaiyaki Kaisendon, Mentaiyaki Tamago Kaisendon, Tori Teriyaki Don, Saba Teriyaki Don, Salmon Mentaiyaki Don, Tebasaki & Yakitori Don, to Unagi Don.

If you love some deep-fried Japanese items and nibbles, the kiosk also features Tonkatsu, Ebi Fry, Seafood Kakiage Tempura, Fish Katsu, Kaki Fry, Fried Gyoza, and Takoyaki.

Go for the Kei Signature Kaisen Don
Must-try is the Kei Signature Kaisen Don ($12.90, $16.90, $19.90), the restaurants’ signature bowl which has various quality seafood toppings.

It includes salmon, mixed fish, ikura shoyuzuke and chuka wakame served atop a base. Comes with choice of salad, Japanese rice or both.

Krispy Kreme
Century Square #B1-29
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

One Of Most Famous Doughnuts In The World
Krispy Kreme is one of the most beloved and well-known doughtnut brands in the world, with more than 85 years of history.

The top favourite doughnut to go for is the Original Glaze Doughnut ($2.80), with a recipe that dates back to 1937.

It is tantalising with its signature glaze on the proprietary dough – soft and fluffy.

Other popular treats to get your hands on include the Chocolate Iced Glaze, Chocolate Ice with Sprinkles, Cookies and Cream, New York Cheesecake, Cookie Crunch, Red Velvet, Matcha Green Tea, to Rocky Road.

Go for the Magic in The Middle Series
Okay, this is the Original Glaze with a surprise within. The signature ring-shaped Original Glaze doughnuts are filled with different fillings from Nutella, premium Italian Hazelnut Kreme, to Peanut Butter Kreme.

Century Square #B1-32
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Refreshing Coconut Shakes And Desserts Made From Freshly Extracted Coconut
This coconut juice, shake and gelato kiosk is launched by Sin Hwa Coconuts Industrial Pte Ltd, one of the largest coconut milk manufacturers in Singapore with more than 50 years of experience in the industry.

For the trendy drink of Coconut Shake, there are varieties of Coconut Gelato Shake ($4.50, $5.50), Coconut Oreo Shake ($4.90, $5.90), Coconut Gula Melaka Shake ($5.30, $6.30), Coconut Soursop Shake ($5.70, $6.70), and Coconut Avocado Shake ($5.90, $6.90).

If you are going for a drink which is lighter in textures, there is also the NutNut Gelato Coconut series offering fruity tropical flavours of original, mango, passion fruit, strawberry and peach. Something you need for the hot Singapore weather.

There is also the option to add optional toppings of rainbow mini balls, black mini balls, aloe vera, nata de coco, lychee mini ball, yoghurt raindrop ball and coconut ice cream.

Go for the Coconut Avocado Shake
Blended with coconut water, coconut gelato, coconut flesh and avocadoes, this is a creamy and rich shake. The avocado lends a nutty and slightly sweet flavour, though just on the mild side.

I would say go for the 0% or 25% sugar, and be rewarded with a thick and silky beverage with bits of coconut.

Ichiban Boshi
Century Square #02-29
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 11am – 10pm (Sat – Sun)

Ichiban Boshi is a well-loved contemporary diner offering an extensive range of Japanese fare in a relaxed setting.

Here you can enjoy Japanese classics like sushi and donburis, or go for the specially-curated crowd favourite set meals.

No two Ichiban Boshi outlets are the same, and the Century Square outlet focuses on Hokkaido Ryori (Hokkaido cuisine).

For the lover of sashimi and sushi, get the Sashimi & Sushi Gozen ($29.90) which comes with assorted sashimi & sushi, including sliced salmon, hamachi, maki rolls, tuna, ebi, and many more.

Go for the Spicy Irodori Kaisen Gozen (Festive special available till 15 Feb 2022)
One thing you would notice is that the set includes quite many components. For this alone, a main of seafood in spicy broth, roast beef & salmon roe, sous vide pork soft bone mini rice bowl, potato cheesy balls, chawanmushi and fruit – making this a satisfyingly-filling meal.

The spicy soup was what I enjoyed best. You get a medley of seafood from prawn, flounder, squid, and clams, combined with vegetables and chunks of sweet pineapple in a spicy broth for a chockful soup.

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