Mangiamo! (“Let’s eat” in Italian) Be transported to the enchanting streets of Pisa, Italy when you visit this new modern restaurant.

CURATE CUCINA PISANA is Resorts World Sentosa’s newest restaurant, and Singapore’s first specialising in Pisan cuisine.

The province of Pisa in the Tuscany region is known for its famous vineyards, Italian renaissance, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

You get to experience some of these Italian dishes with a colourful cultural background, some prepared from guarded home-style recipes.

It also sets itself apart from other Italian restaurants in town with its authentic and rustic ambiance, accentuated with beautiful décor, marble wall features and brass accents.

In terms of food, discover what Pisan cooking is all about through culinary creations of Pisan native Chef de Cuisine Chef Davide Bizzarri, who previously trained under renowned celebrity chef brothers Enrico and Roberto Cerea as well as under culinary icon Chef Sergio Lorenzi.

They offer a modern approach to heritage recipes using seasonal and artisanal ingredients imported from boutique Pisan producers.

Diners can encounter prized truffles like as White Truffle, Bianchetto Truffle, and Summer Truffle from three-generational family-owned Savini Tartufi farm; top grade olive oil from Pisan mountains, unique cured Tuscan meats, and the much-coveted Pecorino and cheese from the town of Volterra.

Savour the superb wines of Pisan province as you pair them with seasonal meats and poultry, such as venison, pigeon, and quail.

Here are some of the recommended food and drinks from CURATE CUCINA PISANA:

Pappa al Pomodoro di Mare – Tomato Soup ($24++)
Begin with a traditional Pisan antipasto, a warm and thick tomato soup made from sweet vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, and garlic, topped with melt-in your-mouth Stracciatella cheese.

You may be surprised to find this ‘soup’ looking like a stew instead, and Chef Davide explained this is what it is like back home. He wanted to serve the diners here the authentic, homely stuff.

What makes this soup extra tasty are the added white clams and black mussels stewed in pescatora sauce.

Served with fresh Tuscan bread for that extra dip into the tangy, hearty stew.

Fusilli di Pisa – Lobster Pasta ($58++)
This must-try pasta features Pisa tower-shaped fusilli hand-made by Martelli Pasta, and is my personal favourite dish of the meal.

Let’s talk about the pasta: It is sourced from this family-run business is in Lari, a small medieval village near Pisa, and has been making pasta using old-style traditions since 1926.

To this day, they remain a traditional artisan pasta factory using slow techniques and low temperatures. Though they take a longer time and produce lower yield, they enhance grain flavour and sauce absorption.

To create artisan pasta, they only use the best Italian durum wheat semolina, combined with cold water and bronze dyes. This makes the texture unique and helps hold the sauce well.

Enjoy this dish featuring colourful Martelli fusilli tossed in Sardinia’s saffron cream sauce with chunks of fresh Boston lobster, sweet Tomberry tomatoes, and green zucchini.

Risotto Tartufo – Mushroom Risotto ($30++)
One of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy, risotto is prepared using Carnaroli rice.

Unlike other variants, this plump, short-grain Italian white rice has a higher starch content and firmer texture, resulting in a creamier risotto.

Sauteed porcini mushrooms and seasonal Italian truffle add earthy and umami flavours to the dish, topped with soft, buttery mascarpone cheese.

Merluzzo – Cod Fish ($48++)
For your second course, try an Atlantic cod dish cooked alla Livornese in a spicy and vigorous tomato sauce.

The mild flavoured firm-fleshed fish is complemented with extremely tasty Tuscan Leccino olives, garlic mashed potatoes and marinated tomatoes.

If you are up for meats instead, available is the Cervo ($98++, serves 2) venison served bone-in, in a savoury shallot sauce simmered with the reduction of San Giovese red wine. The venison rack is also served with Valdarno chickpeas braised with fragrant rosemary and a side of sautéed baby spinach.

Tiramisu ‘Pisano’ ($16++)
This is based on Chef Davide’s mama secret recipe of ‘Tiramisu’, and is definitely well-worth the try.

An elegant and rich layered Italian dessert made with ladyfingers soaked in espresso and rum and laced with freshly whipped mascarpone and dusted with cocoa powder.

Inside, the zabaglione filling of egg yolks whisked with sugar and Marsala wine, sets a key flavour of this Italian dessert.

Pera del Chianti – Pear with Panna Cotta ($16++)
Indulge in a Pisan dessert featuring an Italian pear poached steeped in a spiced Chianti wine.

This shimmering dessert is served with sprinklings of edible gold flakes.

The surprise comes when you cut through the middle of the fruit, and find velvety smooth vanilla panna cotta ‘hidden’ within.

If you have more room for desserts, get the Pisan dessert Torta co’ Bischeri ($16++), of rich 70% dark chocolate and risotto cake filled with raisins, pine nuts and candied fruits.

Aperol Spritz ($13++)
From 5pm to 7pm, discover a wide array of Italian cocktails during the daily Aperitivo Hour. A mobile mixology bar – the Spritz Trolley will be set up in the restaurant’s alfresco area.

Taste Italian summertime with “Spritz Pisano” aka Aerosol Spritz, an ultra-refreshing, vibrant bubbly cocktail that is not too sweet.

If you are in the mood for wine, explore some unique Pisan house wines.

They offer the best vintages of Super Tuscan from the Bolgheri area, known to produce the best red wines in Tuscany. Revered names like Sassicaia and Ornellalia are just few of your many options.

(A Super Tuscan is a red wine from Tuscany that may include non-indigenous grapes varieties, particularly Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon and Syrah.)

Sgroppino ($18++)
A cocktail originating in Venice, Italy, Sgroppino is an icy blend of zesty lemon sorbet and vodka, and optionally topped up with chilled Prosecco, an Italian sparkling white wine.

Perfect as a palate cleanser, dessert, or pre-dinner drink, and ideal for Singapore’s all-year summer weather.

Pair the drinks up with snack menu including Sliced Prosciutto Ham ($16++) or Tuscan Pork Salami ($16++) served with pickles and focaccia bread; or selection of Tuscan Pecorino Cheese ($16++) and classic Tuscan style Bruschetta ($14++).

Festive 4-Course Set With Vespa Tour ($228++ per diner)
If you are up for an adventure, book a Vespa side tour with CURATE CUCINA PISANA that takes you off the beaten track – as though you are in Italy.

Enjoy a welcome drink before going for a ride in a Vespa sidecar to discover Mt Faber’s gorgeous sights. After the ride, get ready for a sumptuous 4-course festive set menu.

For the Pre-Festive Dinner Set Menu available in November, main options include the 48-hour low-temperature-braised beef short ribs in Chianti wine; or Carnaroli Risotto cooked with Prosecco wine & Italian saffron pistils.

As for December, try the venison dish of Cervo e Castagne (pictured above). Traditionally served during Christmas in Italy, this dish is made using Chef Davide’s grandma’s recipe with dark cocoa and Chianti wine sauce.

It is a cocoa-marinated venison striploin prepared tagliata style – boneless, and grilled.

For the sauce, it is served with a Chianti wine sauce, alongside braised chestnuts from Garfagnana region, sautéed spinach, and chickpeas from the Valdarno valley.

This special experience is a collaboration between CURATE CUCINA PISANA and Singapore Sidecars, available during the year-end period for only $228++ per person.

Resorts World Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway The Forum, #01-231 & 232, Singapore 098138
Tel: +65 6577 7288 / +65 6577 6688

Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 3pm (Fri – Sun), Closed Mon & Tues Lunch, Wed, Thurs except eve of PH, PH
1st Seating 11:30pm – 1pm, 2nd Seating 1:30pm – 3pm
Dinner 6pm – 10pm (Fri – Tues), Closed Wed, Thurs except eve of PH, PH
1st Seating 6pm – 8pm, 2nd Seating 8:30pm – 10pm
Last order 30 min before closing
Reservation: /

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Resorts World Sentosa.


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