“I once was lost, but now I’m found”. A modern-day market for unique fashion, The Editor’s Market has opened their flagship outlet at Orchard Road within Ngee Ann City.

And within this fashion and lifestyle boutique, shoppers will be able to find this own gourmet cafe brand: Found (pun unintended).

This is not the first time to see both retail and F&B brand coming together under the same roof.

Other notable collabs include as Bynd Artisan + Sunday Folks at ION Orchard; In Good Company with Plain Vanilla Bakery at ION Orchard and with Birds Of Paradise at Jewel Changi Airport respectively.

What makes Found Cafe different: it is not just a collaboration with another existing F&B, but an own brand specially created.

The cafe is integrated into the store to showcase the slow way of life, curated through the Editor’s Market’s perspective by taking a pause and savouring the little things and minute details in our daily lives.

The 16-seater space has a sleek, white and minimalist touch, equipped with Korean cafe elements such as the use of raw materials with a muted tone and an unfinished look.

Taking a look at the details, the bar counter has a rough granite look, accentuated by the horizontal gaps that created a visual image of a stack of granite blocks.

Furniture pieces are in various shades of black and white, to showcase the simple but yet refined outlook.

The raw concrete feel is complete with the use of metals here, from the mini coffee tables to the legs of the chairs and the trays used to display the assortment of pastries at the counter.

A good mix of savoury and sweet pastries are all displayed on the counter, sourced from various cafes on a weekly rotational basis.

Savouries include Black Truffle Pie ($9.50), Spam & Potato Sourdough ($6), Black Garlic Sourdough ($5.50), Cheese Kurt ($6), Coffee Knot ($3.50) and Tomato Forcaccia ($5.50).

The Black Truffle Pie ($9.50) sourced from Elijah Pies has a very aromatic truffle scent, with a smooth and velvety layer of portobello mushroom cream on top with bits of mushrooms within the pie.

First bite into the pie shell was crispy and flaky, overwhelmed by the distinctive truffle scent, in a good way.

Unfortunately after a few bites, the saltiness of the Black Truffle Pie becomes a little unbearable and jelak.

Their selection of desserts are more enticing, comes inn different shapes and colours, served on plates of different colours.

I was expecting them to serve on the metallic plates as displayed, which will complete the aesthetic feel of a Korean cafe.


My new FOUND love was their Layered Cake ($8) like a tiramisu, in flavours of Banoffee and Matcha.

The latter comes with alternating layers of matcha ganache, cream cheese and matcha sponge topped with a layer of matcha powder and a layer of macadamia crust at the bottom.

Dig into the various layers and get a feel of difference in textures, from the creamy cream cheese to the thick matcha ganache, moist sponge cake, and crunchy macadamia crust.

The entire combination was robust and earthy, mainly due to the fragrant tea flavour of matcha and the nutty profile of the macadamia layer.

2 interesting dessert on display in the shape of square cubes caught my attention: Rare Cheese Cake ($8.50) and White Choc Cube ($8.50).

There is also a good selection of Loaf ($5.50) in various flavours: Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Earl Grey Lavender, Banana and Lemon.


Tea lovers should enjoy the Earl Grey Lavender Loaf ($5.50), with a distinctive tea aroma.

This may be too “perfumey” for some people, topped with a layer of St Honore Buttercream and a single fig.

Though the Lemon loaf ($5.50) was refreshing and citrusy, it was a tad too dry for my liking.

Coffee lovers can check out their espresso-based drinks (Black $4.50, White $5.50) using beans from Homeground Coffee Roasters or Filtered coffee ($7.50) from Nomad.

Single origin coffee beans from Ethiopia is used for their Black ($4.50) whereas Colombia is used for their White ($5.50), the latter with a green apple and caramel tasting notes.


Specialty drinks such as Coconut Blue Pea Dirty ($7), Espresso Con Panda ($6), Orange Espresso Soda ($6.50), Sparkling Matcha ($7) and Sesame Dirty ($8.50) can be found.

Using matcha powder from Niko Neko, the Sparkling Matcha ($7) was light, refreshing and enjoyable with distinctive vegetal notes from the matcha that was not bitter.

The Sesame Dirty ($8.50) was also worth a try, a good balance of sweet and earthly sesame with the acidity from the espresso shot.

Getting a feel of Korean cafe before Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) to Korea begins next month, because I FOUND mine here.


Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road, #B1-16 to #B1-24, Singapore 238872
Opening Hours: 10am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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