Ollella has undergone a transformation over the years, from selling Choux when they first opened in 2016 to traditional Indonesian kueh in 2019.

The founder Marcella has always wanted to reintroduce French pastries back into the menu despite the transition in 2019.

Thus together with her Head Chef at Ollella who has 3-years baking experience at the defunct Antoinette, they decided to open another brand – Swish Roll.

Swish Rolls

Located along the stretch of shophouses at Cluny Court, Swish Rolls shares the same space as hole-in-the-wall Ollella with a striking yellow and pink shopfront.

Other cafes in the area include PRAIRIE by Craftsmen, The Affogato Bar, Plain Vanilla Bakery and Gastronomia.

Served mainly as a takeaway kiosk, there are only 2 tables in the alfresco area for dining-in, people-watching and looking out for wild chickens taking a morning stroll down the stretch.

One thing to note, even though both Swish Rolls and Ollella are sharing the same space, you will have to order twice if you are getting from both concepts.

Instead of airy Japanese-style roll cakes, Swish Rolls offers European-American Swiss rolls that are slightly denser than the Japanese version.

5 different flavours are available, both in slices ($5.20) or full roll ($15), namely Fudgy Brownies, Blackforest, Strawberry Pistachio, Lemon Meringue and Caramel Biscoff.

Swish Rolls

My favourite was the Strawberry Pistachio Swiss Roll ($5.20) made of vanilla sponge with strawberry puree and fresh cream, topped with crushed pistachio and freeze dried strawberry.

It is almost like a Japanese Swiss roll with a moist and fluffy texture, stuffed with generous fillings that has a nice balance of citrus notes from the strawberry and the earthy nutty profile of the pistachio.

It’s light and refreshing whereas the crushed pistachio and freeze dried strawberry adds a textural crunch to the overall texture.

Swish Rolls

The Caramel Biscoff ($5.20) comes with swirls of sea salt caramel and fresh cream in between layers of vanilla sponge, topped with Biscoff crumbs.

It’s almost like eating the real Biscoff biscuits, except in the form of a cake, with a sweet and malty taste.

4 different mini croissants are available: Chocolate Ganache ($3.50), Sea Salt Butter ($1.80), Turkey Ham & Cheese ($3.50) and Almond Frangipane ($3.50).

These are also available in Bags of 5 Sea Salt Butter Croissants ($8) or Premium Mix ($16) with all other flavours.

Swish Rolls

The Ham & Cheese Croissant ($3.50) is my favourite, using turkey ham, gruyere béchamel sauce within the flaky crust, topped with melted mozzarella & cheddar cheese.

There is a good balance of savoury gruyere béchamel sauce which complements well with the sweet, buttery taste of the croissant.

Chocolate lovers can look forward to the Chocolate Ganache Croissant ($3.50), with molten Valrhona dark chocolate ganache and a tinge of sea salt with cocoa powder for extra indulgence.

Specialty coffee is served using beans roasted by Brawn & Brains to go alongside the pastries.

Swish Rolls

If you are looking for a more hearty selection, Ollella offers Signature Nasi Lemak (Regular $3.50, Chicken Rendang $8), Lontong Sayur ($6), Beef Bakso ($8 – $10), Sate Ayam 6 sticks for $9) and Kueh Box (10 pieces for $18, 16 pieces for $25).

For gifting purpose, Ollella also offers 16 pieces Bamboo Kueh Parcel that comes with an assortment of Kueh Dadar, Lemper Ebi, Lemper Ayam, Binka Ubi, Pulut Inti, Kueh Salat and Lapis Sagu.

Swish Rolls

Swish Rolls
Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-02B, Singapore 259760
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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