Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao’s specialty tea chain At Tea 署茗職茶 has opened its 2nd Singapore outlet in the heart of town at 313@somerset.

Its first SG outlet is found at Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Boss Jam Hsiao initially set up this bubble tea business to create employment opportunities, especially during the challenging COVID-19 period.

The tea beverages specially curated by the singer himself and brewed upon order, quickly became a hit and there are now several outlets in Taiwan itself.

What’s noteworthy about the 313@somerset outlet is it comes with a seat-down café concept offering more than just beverages, also featuring Tea Gelato and Planetary Cakes.

This café is space-themed with a gigantic rocket in the middle, a nod to Jam Hsiao’s hit 薩哈星球 ‘Planet Sa-Hah’. (The rocket has “17N9” printed on the exterior, a phonic play on “一起很久” meaning “together for a long time”.)

There are also several instagrammable spots for photo opportunities.

If you are looking at what to order, the At Tea best-sellers include Cream Cheese Foam Jam’s Oolong Tea, Cream Cheese Foam Genmaicha Assam Black Tea, Zesty Grapefruit Green Tea with Aloe Vera, Cane Roasted Black Tea Au Lait with Pearl, and Once Upon A Milk Tea with Pearls.

Of course, there are the following new At Tea exclusive drinks and signatures you can check out:

Planet Sa-Hah ($6.90)
Inspired by Jam Hsiao’s popular song 薩哈星球, this drink already looks like it can take you on a magical galaxy journey.

At the base is a space-blue “Sa-Hah Jelly” which is made from natural ingredients, then topped with fresh-tangy passionfruit and premium jasmine green tea.

While the drink appears yellow and blue, the trick is to give it a good shake and watch the colour-shifting to an almost luminous-green.

Looks aside, the playful creation contains those light fruity notes and tart taste that would provide a cool and refreshing feeling for the hot weather.

Pink Meteor 945 ($6.90)
If you are a fan of guava drinks, put this as a must-order. Make it an out-of-this-world drinking experience with Pink Meteor 945, a uniquely Singapore creation. Available only for a limited period.

Pink guava, perilla plum and pomegranate ruby jelly combine to form a fruity alliance of familiar yet exciting flavours – sweet with a side of the guava tang.

The mild sweetness of guava is perked up with sweet-sour notes from perilla plums, while soft jellies provide a delightful wobbly bite as you take a slurp up the straw.

* Get a limited edition 17N9 carrier which comes FREE with any of the new 17N9 drinks – Planet Sa-Hah and Pink Meteor 945. Available at both Tiong Bahru Plaza and 313@somerset outlets from 1 Oct 2021. Only 1709 pieces available, while stocks last.

Jam’s Style Tea Latte Series – French Earl Grey Latte ($5.20 for medium)
At Tea’s menu also highlights Jam’s Style Tea Latte 蕭式茶那堤, a drink that defines milk tea in its purest form – just milk and tea.

Each individually-prepped cup of tea begins with a unique double brewing method.

First, tea leaves are steeped in hot milk to extract the tea profile. Then, it undergoes a blending process to bring out its natural aroma.

Once ready, it is topped with a velvety milk foam from aerated New Zealand free-range fresh milk.

The French Earl Grey Latte is recommended by the store for a good reason – with deliciously sweet, floral aroma; matched with delicate creamy feeling.

Jam’s Style Tea Latte Series – Cane Roasted Tea Latte ($5.20 for medium)
Enjoy this full-bodied drink made only with premium Black Tea leaves from the rugged mountains of Ceylon.

Made using a blend of Taiwanese and Ceylon Black Tea, Cane Roasted Tea Latte combines the strong spicy flavour of Ceylon Black Tea and malty flavour of Taiwan Black Tea.

Together, the tea leaves are slow-roasted with red sugarcane giving rise to a caramelised aroma and a toffee-like flavour.

Cream Cheese Foam Jam’s Oolong Tea ($5.40 for medium, $5.90 for large)
Discover Jam’s Oolong Tea Selection and find out this special creation of the founder himself.

This signature tea is roasted the traditional way where slow caramelisation takes place. What you get is brewed tea with a sweet taste and a distinctly smoky aroma.

Try a cup of Jam’s Oolong Tea topped with a dense, creamy and mildly savoury cream cheese foam.

Enjoy how the milky foam – a blend of Australian cream cheese and French cream touches your lips as you sip the robust tea full of character.

Or savour them separately.

Don’t be surprised if your order comes with no straw as it is best to drink this straight from the lid. This allows the tea to run thru the foam, picking up just enough salty cheese flavour before it reaches your lips.

Genmaicha Assam Black Tea Au Lait ($6.30 for large)
Genmaicha is a mixture of green tea and roasted brown rice, and there are even rice puffs within this drink for some light crunch.

With a toasty, nutty aroma, this 22oz beverage has a mildly brisk yet smooth flavour.

Fragrant Lychee Rose Tisane ($6.90 for large)
A gorgeous-in-purple cooling drink with subtle floral fragrance of rose included with succulent lychee fruits at the bottom.

Add toppings such as Aloe Vera ($0.90) for a further delightful bite.

Mingjian Oolong Tea ($3.80 for large)
The Mingjian Oolong tea uses the same method of blending as Jam’s Oolong Tea but roasted at a lower temperature so as to retain the natural floral notes of the tea leaves.

You would find this drink with slight smokiness, and enhance the experience with Oolong jelly ($0.90). The jelly would be a good pairing, being soft with delicate tea taste.

Tea Gelato ($4.90)
At Tea didn’t forget you, ice cream lover. Indulge your sweet tooth in a rich and creamy gelato made with free range fresh milk, cream and real tea leaves.

Churned by a local supplier, the crave-worthy gelato comes in Jam’s favourite BBT flavours like Jam’s Oolong Tea and Cane Roasted Black Tea.

Planetary Cakes ($4.90)
With a sit-down concept, there are also newly launched Planetary Cakes coming in dome shapes to complete the experience.

With flavour of Mango Yogurt, White Chocolate, Raspberry Cheese, and Chocolate Praline, my vote goes for the rich and smooth mousse-filled chocolate for an indulgent treat.

At Tea 署茗職茶 – 313@somerset
313 Orchard Road, 313@somerset #B2-46 52A, Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm (Mon – Thurs), 11:30am – 10:30pm (Fri – Sun)

At Tea 署茗職茶 – Tiong Bahru Plaza
302 Tiong Bahru Road, Tiong Bahru Plaza #01-158, Singapore 168732
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with At Tea.



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