Tampines is getting more happening for foodies of late.

Kraft Kitchen often described as a “hidden café gem”, is an award-winning Halal-certified speciality café serving specials like Seafood Pot, Pot Pie, stews, pasta, coffee and desserts.

Located along Tampines Street 81 (near Tampines West Community Club), this no GST and no service charge café offers Western dishes with a touch of local flavours, and Japanese donburi bowls and salads (under the branding Mama Don).

Good to know that the tasty offerings are all priced wallet-friendly, with popular items such as Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Sauteed Mushrooms Ciabiatta, Chicken Cutlet, Gratin Cheese Cream Bake Rice, Mac & Cheese, Creamy Chicken Stew, and Sriracha Chicken & Fries all priced at $10 nett.

Drop by for brunch, lunch or even late dinner as they are open till 10pm.

Here are 10 of the recommended Kraft Kitchen dishes and desserts:

Gratin Cheese Cream Mac & Cheese with Teriyaki Chicken

Gratin Cheese Cream Mac & Cheese with Teriyaki Chicken ($10)
Start off with Kraft Kitchen’s specialty, a plated dish with your choice of Baked Rice or Mac & Cheese cooked au gratin, and choice of meat.

It is getting harder to find café food offerings below a certain price range, but Kraft Kitchen still keeps their food items inexpensive with the Baked Mac & Cheese for just $10 nett.

Try the Gratin Cheese Cream Mac & Cheese coupled with a sweet-savoury Teriyaki Chicken. A creamy béchamel sauce topped with cheese is cooked til a brown crust forms.

Want a meat other than teriyaki chicken?

Other options include chicken cutlet, crispy fish fillet, meat balls, striploin steak (+$5), lamb chop (+$5), salmon fillet (+$7), and even sautéed mushrooms as a non-meat alterative.

Baked Rice with Crispy Fish Fillet

Baked Rice with Crispy Fish Fillet ($10)
Other than Mac & Cheese, you can choose the equally delectable Baked Raisin Rice paired with your choice of the meat.

Try it with a Crispy Fish Fillet and let the savoury notes contrast with the dual type of sweet raisins in the rice. The fish which was more like battered fish & chips, came with generous portion of 3 pieces.

The same creamy béchamel sauce topped with cheese au gratin is served with the rice and fish combo.

Striploin Beef

Striploin Beef ($17)
For your main, the signature striploin beef is a must-try. Striploin is a tender steak from the short loin with a nice flavour.

Let them cook it to your preferred doneness, and they will serve it along with baked baby potatoes and mixed green salad tossed in vinaigrette dressing.

Spicy Beef Ragout Pasta

Spicy Beef Ragout Pasta ($15)
Another house special, this pasta dish is highly recommended for its spicy and beefy flavours. Al dente linguine is served with spicy beef brisket simmered in beef broth.

The well-seasoned meat is braised for at least 4 to 5 hours so that it is soft and tender yet still remains that bite, cooked ragout style with a thick house-made sauce that is not too jelak (rich).

Other pasta choices include Chicken Alfredo ($10), Meatball Pasta ($13) and Seafood Marinara ($15).

Mushroom Soup Pot Pie

Mushroom Soup Pot Pie ($8)
Bursting with umami flavours, this pot pie comes with an earthy mushroom soup served covered with buttery puff pastry.

There are also choices of Cream Chicken Pot Pie ($12) and Spicy Beef Stew Pot Pie ($15).

Be ready to wait for 15 minutes to enjoy this savoury dish, and this served with cheesy toasts with melted mozzarella which you can dip in to the soup.

The top puff pastry would actually require 3 days to make, rolling into at least 6 to 7 folds during the process so that the overall texture would be crispier, and the puff would raise higher.

Laksa Seafood Pot

Laksa Seafood Pot ($15, platter version available at $58 for 3-4 pax)
Make it a seafood party with their version of Seafood Boil. Other than the Cajun Seafood Pot and Cream Seafood Pot, those craving for more local flavours can go for the Laksa Seafood Pot.

This features a medley of seafood – prawns, clams, squid – mixed with sausages and corn on a cob in a signature laksa sauce. Accompanied with mozzarella cheese toasts for a crunchy side.

Other than the smaller version good for 1 to 2 pax, you can also get a platter for the family.

Sriracha Chicken & Fries

Sriracha Chicken & Fries ($10)
Throw in a side that is perfect for sharing. The popular Sriracha Chicken & Fries will add some heat and crunch to your palate.

Before serving, the fries would be topped with cheese and further torched for some smokiness.

Grilled Salmon Don ($17)
On the menu are also “Mama Don” offerings, with hearty donburi or salad bases topped with various ingredients.

Choices include Chicken Katsu ($9), Grilled Teriyaki Chicken ($9), Spicy Sriracha Chicken ($9), Fish Katsu ($10), Striploin Beef Don ($15), to Spicy Beef Brisket Don ($14).

Have a filling Japanese rice bowl and try their Grilled Salmon Don. A fillet of fatty salmon is grilled to a smoky finish, then served atop fluffy steamed Japanese rice.

Each don comes with fresh blanched broccoli florets, sweet corn kernels, and a soft onsen egg.

The salads come served with green and red frisee, broccoli, carrots, cherry tomatoes, corn, with house salad dressing.

Strawberry Marshmallow Melt ($8)
Similar to the English dessert Eton Mess, this hodgepodge of goodies consists of marshmallows tossed with chunks of strawberries and blueberries, drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Together, they are oven baked til the marshmallows melt and mingle with the berries and choco.

Kraft Kitchen

Dome Au Chocolate ‘Omakase’ ($12.50)
Make it a truly sweet ending with a chocolate dome done omakase-style. Leave it up to the chef to surprise you with this eye-catching dessert. Witness how the chocolate dome melts to reveal the surprise filling of ice cream.

Pair this with a refreshing coffee drinks of Great Balls of Espresso ($6), Affogato ($6) or Toasted Marshmallow Coffee ($6).

Kraft Kitchen
820 Tampines Street 81, #01-526, Singapore 520820 (in Tampines Polyview)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Kraft Kitchen

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kraft Kitchen.


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