Just as I thought that Jalan Besar cannot get any more crowded with new cafes, there are a few that popped up just this month.

Joining the hood are Habitat Coffee, Sweet Cheeks Gelato, Glacier, and Pacto 忆缘 by Parchmen.

Other recent café openings at Jalan Besar include Lola Faye Cafe, Once Upon A Time (opened by actress Jeanette Aw), +886 Taiwanese Bistro, Asylum Coffehouse, For The People, Sweets Craftsman, to Café Monochrome.

Pacto 忆缘 by Parchmen is found at a ‘hidden’ spot right within Jalan Besar Community Centre, of walking distance from Lavender MRT station.

Interestingly, it is located just next to a vaccination centre and there were people heading by for takeaways after their jab.

The cafe is opened by the same team behind pet-friendly Sun Ray Cafe at Serangoon Garden and Parched at Ubi. One of the key differences is that Pacto has a stronger tea focus.

The one thing to note is their coffee is more on the wallet-friendly side, with an espresso priced at $2.

A Long Black is at $3.50, with no additional charges for an iced version.

Other coffee-based drinks include Flat White ($4), Latte ($4), Cappuccino ($4) and Mocha ($5).

For some tea, you can go for the Mingyue Gorge Purple Shoots ($5), Anxi Tie Guan Yin ($4.50), Ao Fu Hou Dancong ($4.50), Fujian Rougui ($4.50), Giddpahar First Flush ($4.50) and Darjeeling ($4.50).

There was a small selection of cakes available, from Sourcream Cheesecake ($6), Hazelnut Royaltine ($7), Green Tea Azuki ($6), Matcha Swiss Roll ($4.50) and Houjicha Swiss Roll ($4.50).

We previously tried the rolls from Parched, and preferred the Matcha Roll over the Hojicha due to the stronger tea fragrance.

The Yuzu Osmanthus Cake ($6) was a not-bad choice, of soft and fluffy layers of yuzu-soaked sponge cake, layered with fresh osmanthus whipped cream.

While the texture was quite appealing, I would personally prefer a stronger floral fragrance.

The Pecan Pie ($6) was surprisingly one of the better ones I had of late, tasted sweet (but not over), generously nutty and somewhat chewy with a buttery base.

Pacto 忆缘 by Parchmen
Jalan Besar Community Centre, 69 Jellicoe Road #01-05, Singapore 208737
Tel: +65 9833 0858
Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Fri), 8am – 6pm (Sat – Sun)

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