I guess I can say I was very lucky.

While “The BTS Meal” is sold out in apparently 5 minutes according to TODAY, I made a late after-lunch order via GrabFood and got the meal at my doorstep in half an hour.

To avoid massive crowd during this challenging COVID-19 times, this special meal is available via delivery channels only.

The meal cannot be purchased in-store or via drive-through facilities.

The BTS Meal done in collaboration with fast-food giant McDonald’s comes with a 9-piece Chicken McNuggets, two new limited-time sauces – Sweet Chili and Cajun, Large Fries and Large Coke Original Taste Less Sugar.

Do note that the special BTS brown bag is not available in Singapore.

This is priced at $8.90, while the GrabFood service fee came up to $4.70.

I must say this came in a pretty-purple colour. BTS member Taehyung mentioned that this purple was the last colour of the rainbow and meant to represent love and trust.

“I Purple You” became a popular phrase among BTS fans, which means loving and trusting the person for a long time.

Taste-wise, the Chicken McNuggets are the usual nuggets – nothing out of the ordinary, and the drink came such in a large size I could drink this across 3 days.

The special thing are the two limited sauces of Sweet Chili Sauce and the Cajun Sauce – hot mustard with chili and peppers (contains egg and soy).

Picked by BTS and inspired by McDonald’s South Korea, I preferred the Sweet Chili Sauce which was sweet, sour and only slightly sour.

I would say it reminded me of the Thai sweet chilli sauce, just that this was less spicy.

I was not too sure of the Cajun Sauce, which had a hot mustard flavour. (By the way, there is no fixed ingredient in “Cajun Sauce”, but it typically includes paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, pepper and oregano.)

Perhaps I am quite used to the delightful sweet honey mustard, and got slightly thrown off by the spicy taste. SCMP rated it 10/10, while Mothership gave a 2/5.

Okay lah, food is subjective. Give me Curry Sauce any time?


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