Chanterelle, not Chantelle. This café at Siglap is named after chanterelle mushrooms which are fungi with trumpet-like cups and wavy, wrinkled ridges.

I know, I know. ANOTHER café at East Coast?

Chanterelle Café is located at Siglap V next to Craftsmen Specialty Coffee, joining cafes such as La Fez, Neptune, Seng Coffee Bar, The Brewing Ground, East Coast Commune and Sundays Ice Cream in the East Coast Plan.

The space was quite inviting with many types of seats available. It was like entering a house due to its set-up (comfy chairs and low seats) and space between tables.

Also spot the illustrations all around, and a hidden fox on the wall.


In terms of menu offerings, the café is collaborating with a couple of local brands, such as OsomeFood (a health food store), Bob The Baker Boy for cakes, Mushroom Kingdom (for oyster mushroom snacks) while coffee bean is sourced from Bright Coffee Company (their coffee is roasted in a Probat roasting facility in Singapore).

The menu is focused on mainly drinks for now. Other than the usual coffee, there are the more interesting offerings such as Strawberry Foam Milk ($6.50), Taro Foam Milk ($5.50), Royal Milk Tea ($5.50), Nutella Hot Chocolate ($6.00), and Strawberry Ade ($6.90).


While there are croissants and chocolate almond croissants sourced from a supplier, the main in-house food item available is an intriguing-sounding Eggless Egg Toast ($17.90).

If you are feeling slightly puzzled, the ‘egg’ is made of type of ‘superfood’ made up of ingredients such as chia seeds, turmeric, and shiitake mushrooms.

This plant-based functional food supposedly contains no cholesterol or hormones, while the mouthfeel tasted more or less like an egg – I thought the chewy texture was more towards fishcake then a hard-boiled egg.

I do think a creamy Mushroom Toast would have worked quite well with the ‘egg mayo’ and crispy toasted bread. Perhaps they can offer it next time.


The recommended drink at Chanterelle Café is the Strawberry Ade ($6.90) included with soda.

While the menu printed “homemade strawberry”, it was the “strawberry jam” which was hand-pounded and mixed in-house. The co-owner mentioned that it was harder to mash up strawberries than it seems and required much of her strength.

To her credit, this was indeed a cup of good-to-order refreshing and not-too-sweet-beverage, and I would think just some squeeze of lime may provide a better lift to the overall taste.

Perhaps still in the opening days, I was surprised to find not that many mushroom dishes on its menu. Wasted opportunity I thought?

Hopefully, they can explore expanding the menu with more mushroom-based and hearty options because there can be so many more possibilities.


Chanterelle Café
2 First St, #01-02 Siglap V, Singapore 458278
Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

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