Okay. After compiling this Tampines cafe guide, I think we do need more coffee places in this part of Singapore – not the usual mass market ones.

However, for the sweet tooth, there is little worry as there are quite a number of ice cream and waffles places around in Tampines, some opened till very late at night.

Kraft Kitchen
820 Tampines Street 81, #01-526, Singapore 520820 (in Tampines Polyview)
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Kraft Kitchen often described as a “hidden café gem”, is an award-winning Halal-certified speciality café serving specials like Seafood Pot, Pot Pie, stews, pasta, coffee and desserts.

Located along Tampines Street 81 (near Tampines West Community Club), this no GST and no service charge café offers Western dishes with a touch of local flavours, and Japanese donburi bowls and salads (under the branding Mama Don).

Good to know that the tasty offerings are all priced wallet-friendly, with popular items such as Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Sauteed Mushrooms Ciabiatta, Chicken Cutlet, Gratin Cheese Cream Bake Rice, Mac & Cheese, Creamy Chicken Stew, and Sriracha Chicken & Fries all priced at $10 nett.

Start off with Kraft Kitchen’s specialty, a plated dish with your choice of Baked Rice or Mac & Cheese cooked au gratin, and choice of meat.

It is getting harder to find café food offerings below a certain price range, but Kraft Kitchen still keeps their food items inexpensive with the Baked Mac & Cheese for just $10 nett.

Try the Gratin Cheese Cream Mac & Cheese coupled with a sweet-savoury Teriyaki Chicken ($10). A creamy béchamel sauce topped with cheese is cooked til a brown crust forms. Kraft Kitchen (Tampines)

Around – Tampines
The Alps Residences, 115 Tampines Street 86, #01-51, Singapore 528537
Opening Hours: 12pm – 2am (Tues – Sat), 12pm – 12am (Sun), Closed Mon

Gorgeous Glasshouse Ice Cream Cafe Opens Till 2AM Tuesdays To Saturdays
As a stand-alone building at The Alps Residence in Tampines, this is Around’s 2nd outlet, opened shortly after their first outlet in Ang Mo Kio.

With a total of 8 tables indoors, the ice cream cafe offers 16 flavours at any one time, ranging from interesting and outlet exclusive ones such as Yakult Oreo, Peanut Butter & Blueberries and Cereal Milk.

Other classic flavours include Pistachio, Speculoos, Strawberry Cheesecake, Peppermint, Salted Caramel, Durian, Matcha and Nutella.

Their Waffle ($7.90) was the highlight, thick and crispy with a choice of Nutella or maple syrup drizzle. It had a golden-brown hue on the inside with a crispy texture, fluffy and cake-like on the inside.

An ideal spot for photos with tall ceiling, glass windows and a clean, minimalist interior. Around (Tampines)

O’Brew Culture
Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1, #02-K2, Singapore 529536
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Thurs), 10am – 10pm (Fri – Sun)

Korean Dalgona Specialty Cafe With Low-Carb Cheesecake
Specialising in Korean Dalgona Coffee, O’Brew Culture has a small seating area with 3 tables and is located on the 2nd storey of Tampines 1 (beside The Alley).

Service is swift and prompt considering that it is solely managed by a single staff from taking orders to drinks preparation.

(As the friendly Korean barista has hearing impairment, simply smile and point to the items on the menu to make your orders.)

Their menu focuses on artisanal coffee with the usual selection such as Espresso ($3), Long Black ($4) and White ($5), and interesting options such as Rose/ Vanilla/ Hazelnut Coffee ($5.50), Rose Chocolate ($6), Vanilla Pistachio ($5.50) and Dalgona ($5.90).

Also available is a low-carb, flourless Japanese-style Cheesecake ($6.90) made using cream, cheese, grated cheese, unsalted butter, eggs, pink salt, lemon juice and vanilla extract. Light and fluffy like most Japanese desserts, with a tinge of citrus-ness from the lemon. O’Brew Culture (Tampines)

Fluff Stack – Tampines
10 Tampines Central 1, #01-31 Tampines 1, Singapore 529536
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm (Sun – Thurs), 11am – 9:45pm (Fri – Sat)

Soufflé Pancakes Cafe With Wobbly Boba Pancakes
Fluff Stack specialises in fluffy stacks of soufflé pancakes, similar to the ones found at Gram Cafe & Pancakes.

A basic double-stacked Souffle Pancakes start from $8.80 that comes with honey butter, maple syrup and Chantilly cream.

They differentiate themselves from other soufflé pancake shop with the option to add toppings such as Coconut Sago ($0.80), Hazelnut Chocolate ($1.50), Gula Melaka Boba ($1.50) and Fruits ($2 – $2.80).

Apart from the Classic Souffle Pancakes ($8.80), 4 other flavours are available, namely Oolong Souffle Pancakes ($9.80), Strawberry Cheese Souffle Pancakes ($12.80), Hazelnut Chocolate Souffle Pancakes ($13.80) and Mango Passionfruit Souffle Pancakes ($14.80).

Expect long waiting time during peak hours as each batch of soufflé pancakes requires about 15 minutes to prepare. The end-product is a stack of wobbly stacked soufflé pancakes.

Tun Xiang 豚香南洋馆
10 Tampines Central 1, #03-K1, Singapore 529536
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 9.30pm (Sun – Thu), 11.30am – 10pm (Fri – Sat)

Iberico Black Pork Ricebowl & Noodles With Nanyang Milk Tea
This local food café is decked in turquoise green metal grills and white marble tables, located next to Gochi-So Shokudo ごち惣食堂 – which specialises in charcoal grilled Iberico pork Japanese dishes.

A casual eatery focuses on using Iberico black pork as core ingredient in their dishes, Tun Xiang 豚香南洋馆 prides themselves in bringing the taste of the premium meat to the masses at a reasonable price point.

The menu is straightforward and features their three key roasts – Iberico Pork Belly Char Siew ($8.90/$11.90), Iberico Pork Collar Char Siew ($9.90/$12.90) and Roasted Chestnut pork ($8.90/$11.90). Available with a choice of staples like white rice or noodles.

I had the Iberico Pork Belly Char Siew with Noodles, and liked how its tender soft char siew had a good fat-to-meat ratio that almost melted in my mouth.

Add that caramelized glistering layer of roasted skin for a candied-charred aromatic flavour. Considered above average for something in a mall. Tun Xiang 豚香南洋馆 (Tampines)

Three’s A Crowd – Tampines
802 Tampines Ave 4, #01-11, Singapore 520802
Opening Hours: 11am – 10:30pm (Sun – Thurs), 11am – 11pm (Fri), 11am – 12am (Sat)

Halal-Certified Ice Cream Café with Cakes
This Halal-certified café serves up items such as Ice Cream (Single Classic $3, Double Classic $6, Single Premium $4.50, Double Premium $8), Waffles (Maple $6, Ondeh $9), Brownie ($4.80), Acai (Original $12, Cookie Butter $13), Coffee (Black $4, White $5), Tea (Oolong $5, Chai $6) and Shakes (Coconut $8, Avocado $8).

Ice cream flavours include classic choices such as Espresso, Mango Passion, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Oreo Mint and Coconut.

Premium flavours include Berry Cheesecake, Baked Apple, Dark Gianduja with dark chocolate and hazelnut, Roasted Pistachio, Speculoos and a Seasonal Special flavour – Durian (Single $5.50).

You can include waffles with the ice cream, with offerings of Classic Waffles ($6), Churros Waffles ($8), Horlicks Waffles ($9), Nutella Waffles ($9) and Apple Pie Waffles ($9).

Emi’s Waffle and Gelato
Blk 825, Tampines Street 81, #01-46, Singapore 520825
Opening Hours: 12pm – 12am (Mon – Sun)

Gelato Cafe At Tampines Opens Till 12AM
Emi’s Waffle and Gelato is the newest entrant in Tampines West, and it opens till midnight daily.

More of a takeaway place with only 8 seats indoors, the menu comprised of Gelato (Single $4.50, Double $8, Triple $11.50), Supreme flavours (+$0.50), Homemade Waffle ($5), Cone (+$1), Cakes ($6), Coffee (Black $3.50, White $4), Hot Tea ($5.50).

18 gelato flavours are available on display, with Premium flavours (Single $4.50, Double $8, Triple $11.50) such as Salted Caramel, Golden Vanilla Pod, Cookie & Cream and Matcha Green Tea.

The Homemade Waffle ($5) was slightly disappointing, being on the thicker cut with a crispy golden-brown exterior with a dense and dry interior.

At least the Black Sesame ice cream was as delightful, with detectable nutty and earthly flavours.

Perhaps they can tone down the sweetness level by around 10-20% to bring out the aroma of black sesame. Emi’s Waffle and Gelato (Tampines)

Dutch Colony
Our Tampines Hub, 1 Tampines Walk , #01-K8, Singapore 528523
Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

Specialty Coffee Brand Opens Sleek Minimalist Café At Our Tampines Hub
Dutch Colony is partially Muslim-owned and all the ingredients, and cakes and pastries are from Halal-certified kitchens and sources.

A good selection of dishes can be found on their Breakfast menu, from Hearty Breakfast Platter ($19) to Truffled Egg Mayo Croissant ($11), Ham & Cheese Croissant ($11), Yogurt Granola Bowl ($10), French Toast ($16), Guac on Toast ($11) and Eggs & Toast ($5).

The French Toast ($16) is another signature item on their menu, with caramelised banana, mixed berries, peaches, espresso butter on top of a brioche toast, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and pomegranate.

While the brioche was soft and fluffy, I personally preferred a thicker cut with a more chewy texture, which would be a nice contrast to the crunchy pumpkin seeds and pomegranate.

The only dessert on the menu is the Waffle-licious ($13) made from 3 pieces of waffles with seasonal berries, peaches, almond flakes and coffee caramel. Dutch Colony (Tampines)

Merely Ice Cream
1 Tampines Walk, #B1-52 Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528523
Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 9:30pm (Mon – Thurs), 12:30pm – 10pm (Fri – Sun)

Small-Batch Ice Cream Shop at Our Tampines Hub
Merely Ice Cream has been around since 2012, known to make small-batch ice cream with quality ingredients. They have another outlet at Sunshine Plaza, Bencoolen Street.

This Tampines outlet is operating more as a take-and-go kiosk.

Its best-selling flavours include Salted Butterscotch, Valrhona Chocolate, Roasted Pistachio, Oreo Milk, Horlicks Panda, Grape Yakult Yogurt and Earl Grey.

Would recommend getting the Salted Butterscotch which is an interesting blend of salty and sweet, but doesn’t go over on either. Pair this up with a rich and smooth Valrhona Chocolate.

19Tea Singapore
1 Tampines Walk, #01-K7, Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528523
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Souffle Pancake and Milk Tea Café from Korea
A brand that originated from South Korea, this tiny café at Our Tampines Hub serves up inexpensive wobbly souffle pancakes.

Flavours include Original Snow, Matcha, Tiramisu, Meringue Milk Tea, to more fanciful Red Velvet Oreo and Lotus Biscoff.

The price of the Souffle Pancake starts with $4.20 for a single original, to $11.90 for set of 3.

Pair with a best-selling drink of Signature Milk Tea with brown sugar and black pearls.

Otherwise, there are also other thirst-quenchers such as Injeolmi Milk, Strawberry Milk, Chocolate Milk, Taro Milk, Iced Honey Milk Tea, to Ice Grapefruit Green Tea. (You can get 1 classic flavour souffle pancake at $3.30 with every drink purchased.)

Puffs and Peaks
866A Tampines Street 83, #03-03, Tampines Central Community Complex, Singapore 521866
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 5pm or sold out (Thurs – Sun), Closed Mon – Wed

Highly-Raved Custard Cream Donuts
Some of you may be familiar with popular online-baker Puffs and Peaks. They have been around for a while doing online bake sale, as well as making occasional appearance at pop-up events.

Good news for those who resides in the east, Puffs and Peaks has opened a bakery café at Tampines Central Community Complex.

There were four donut flavours ($3.80 each) available at point of visit – Pandan Coconut, Matcha, Taro and Passionfruit, and the flavours rotate on a weekly basis.

I was lucky enough to snag one of each flavour, of which passionfruit was already left with just the last few solo pieces.

On first bite, I was pretty much sold.

Their donut texture was rather light and airy, dusted with sugar granules and accompanied with generously stuffed custard cream fillings.

Contrary to other donuts that usually come with denser and heavier texture, this combination was on-point and I could easily finish a donut on my own without feeling jelak. Puffs and Peaks (Tampines)

LAURA baguette
2 Tampines Central 5, #01-01 Century Square, Singapore 529509
Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

Protein Bowls, Sandwiches, Cakes and Coffee
You almost cannot miss this café when you walk into Century Square, though it is not that difficult to find a seat here.

The café is known for its protein bowl with brown rice, included with chicken, salmon, or beef with other supplementary ingredients and toppings.

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe
SAFRA Tampines Level 3, 1/A Tampines Street 92 Singapore 528882
Tel: +65 6538 0312
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 11pm (Sun – Thurs), 10:30am – 11pm (Fri, Sat, Eve PH, PH)

Hipster Café Food At A KTV
While KTV is not allowed for now, there is still hipster café food here.

The offering at 7th Heaven is extensive, which includes café favourites of Truffle Fries ($10.90), Spam Fries ($11.90), Salted Egg Wings ($13.90), Crab Meat Linguine ($17.90), BBQ Chicken Mushroom Pizza ($19.90), to the more unfamiliar and inventive Egg Lava Beef Burger ($17.90), Salted Egg Chicken Pasta ($17.90) and Lychee Smoked Duck Pizza ($21.90).

Other than the Pulled Pork Burger ($17.90) and Salted Egg Chicken Burger ($17.90) with buttermilk fried chicken topped with salted egg sauce, the best seller is the Egg Lava Beef Burger ($18.90).

This contains a donut beef patty with lava egg in the middle (watch out when you cut it apart) topped with grilled bacon and cheese.

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* Compiled by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary, Nicholas Tan @stormscape and Lewis Tan @juicyfingers


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