SUKIYA, Japan’s No. 1 Gyudon restaurant chain and its recognisable red bowl logo is finally in Singapore.

It has opened its first SG outlet at Suntec City, located at East Atrium which is of short walking distance from Promenade MRT station.

The leading Gyudon chain began in Yokohama, Japan in 1982, and since then has expanded to over 2,500 SUKIYA restaurants worldwide. More than 600 of these are in East Asia, South East Asia & Latin America.

True to its mission of serving quality, authentic Japanese food at affordable prices, SUKIYA at Suntec City offers rice bowls and ala carte dishes with prices starting from $4.20 Nett.

Yes, no additional service charge. So that is pretty affordable.

The Japanese bowls are available for dine-in and takeaways for the convenience of office workers in the vicinity. There are no additional charges for takeaways. Yeah!

Although Gyudon is SUKIYA’s claim to fame, it also serves a diverse set of popular Japanese meals, like curry rice, yakitori bowls, yakiniku bowls, and many more.

Available in various sizes (S, M, L, XL) so suit your appetite level, here’s more on the recommended dishes: (Pictures below are all M-sized bowls except the Gyudon which is in XL)

Classic Gyudon ($4.20 for S, $4.90 for M, $6.70 for L, $8.80 for XL)
Not to be missed is SUKIYA’s signature Classic Gyudon. The Gyudon is a hot and fluffy Japanese rice bowl topped with thinly sliced beef and onions simmered in a mildly sweet soy-based sauce.

They use Koshihikari, a 100% Japanese-grown short grain rice that is soft, moist, springy and slightly sweet; while the high-quality beef is imported from USA.

The beef is specially-sliced thin so it takes on the full aroma and flavour of the sweet and savoury shoyu-based sauce. Another highlight was the soft sliced onions.

Loved that the beef was not-too-fatty as well, simmered till very tender. If you eat the beef alone, you may find it on the saltier side, so it is recommended to give it a good mix with the rice to balance the flavours out.

Available in 4 sizes, the M is SUKIYA’s standard size (and just $4.90), and XL (still inexpensive at $8.80) offers bigger portion of rice than M with double portion of meat.

Feel free to customize your Gyudon experience with additional toppings, including kimchi, French green bean with Szechuan mala sauce, okra, half boiled egg, spring onions complimented with sweet and spicy Korean chilli pepper, and triple cheese.

Melted Cheese on Triple Cheese Gyudon ($7.50 for M)
At SUKIYA, you can customise your Gyudon – what better way than add melted cheese on top of three kinds of grated cheese: mozzarella, cheddar, and Monterey Jack cheese.

This is the most popular topping in Japan.

The fromage overload is obviously a treat to both cheese and meat lovers. A truly crave-able dish served with Tabasco for that desired heat.

To me, the star is the melted cheese (but do mix it up with the rice before it firms up) which provides that added gooeyness and umami-ness.

Low Carb Gyudon ($5.50 for M)
Skipping the carbs? Here’s a great dish to order at SUKIYA: Low Carb Gyudon.

Instead of the usual soft and fluffy Japanese rice, you get tofu as the base. Joining the healthy party train is the accompanying salad of shredded cabbage, carrots and corn with sesame dressing over the tofu, topped with the simmered thin sliced beef.

Surprisingly, I quite enjoyed the refreshing taste (wasn’t as ‘boring’ as imagined) as the flavours of richer beef and mild tofu complemented each other well. A healthier option worth looking into.

Curry Rice with Beef ($8.50 for M)
Take the classic Gyudon and make it extra saucy by pairing it with SUKIYA’s original authentic curry rice.

Savour SUKIYA’s famous thin-sliced beef and onions served with a rich and spicy brown curry.

Compared to the usual lighter-brown and thicker sweet Japanese curry that you are familiar with, this had a thinner consistency and spice blend with a slight kick.

Charcoal Grilled Yakitori Bowl ($5.90 for M)
For those wanting chicken, they have the chicken yakitori bowl featuring grilled skewered chicken thighs in a sweet sauce.

There was a light smoky aroma to the chicken pieces, also lined with conspicuous amount of shredded nori (seaweed).

Chicken Karaage Bowl ($6.90 for M)
An alternative to grilled chicken skewer is SUKIYA’s chicken karaage, perfect for those craving for something crunchy fried.

While I wished the exterior was more crispy, the meat was still quite juicy inside.

The bite-sized Japanese-style fried chicken is marinated in soy sauce. Served atop warm and fluffy Japanese rice and a half-boiled egg.

Unagi Bowl with Beef ($13.50 for M)
Go for a mixed bowl with combo topping of Japanese Eel with Beef. Sourced from quality suppliers through strict quality control, the eel is cooked in a special sauce and topped with Japanese Sansho pepper.

Moist and tender on the inside, the grilled unagi exuded a fragrant aroma and a smooth mildly-flavoured white flesh.

I think it is hard to find a bowl BOTH unagi and beef for this price.

Gyudon and Beef Yakiniku Combination Bowl ($9.80 for M)
Exclusively available in Hong Kong and Singapore, the Gyudon and Beef Yakiniku Combination Bowl includes beef prepared in two different ways.

Enjoy thick cut beef marinated in a home-made yakiniku sauce and grilled, side by side with classic beef gyudon, for twice the beef goodness.

This double topping bowl also includes bok choy and fresh spring onions.

Kyoto Uji Matcha Latte ($4.50)
SUKIYA’s very own contemporary beverage is available in the restaurant, offering different types of teas from Japan. These include Kyoto Uji Matcha Latte, Earl Grey Tea Latte, Strawberry Milk, and Milo Latte.

Order an iced latte made with Hokkaido milk and 100% Uji matcha. Uji is a small city on the southern outskirts of Kyoto known for its matcha.

Refresh with this creamy drink included with Hokkaido milk, and choose a pudding topping for more indulgence.

You can also adjust your sugar level to regular, less or none.

Strawberry Milk ($4.20)
Add a dose of joy to your meal with a serving of Strawberry Milk, a fruity drink on ice to cool you down.

The sweetness of strawberries delightfully complements the creaminess of Hokkaido milk giving you a pink-and-white, caffeine-free drink for a cool change.

Suntec City East Wing #01-647, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm, Last Order 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with SUKIYA.


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