Singaporeans love their BBQ food, and Yakiniku-GO at The Seletar Mall appears to be popular with diners in the vicinity.

It has also opened another outlet at Jurong Point.

Yakiniku 焼き肉 commonly refers to a style of barbecuing bite-size meats, one of the most popular styles of cooking in Japan.

Yakiniku-GO caters more for small groups of diners, even individuals and couples, as each electric grill is good for 1-2 to share.

Hey, no pressure to share your tasty grilled meats with anyone else.

The pork-free restaurant provides all the amenities of a yakiniku restaurant with full-sized tables (like having a ‘private yakiniku desk’) in a cosy environment.

The plus point: for those of you worried about smelling like a chimney after the meal, the electric grills produce no smoke and so there is none of that lingering BBQ odour.

Started by RE&S Enterprises which is behind popular Japanese concepts like &JOY Dining Hall, Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi, Kuriya Japanese Market, Sushi-GO and Shimbashi Soba, you can find Yakiniku-GO right at The Seletar Mall Level 1 (if you Grab or cab over, it is right next to the drop-off point) and Jurong Point basement 1.

Ordering at the restaurant is fuss-free and contactless: simply scan the QR code with your mobile device. Note that there is a 50 minutes dining limit.

Prices are value-for-money, starting with $9.80 for a Karubi or Beef & Chicken Set, which comes with rice, soup, kimchi or salad.

If you can’t decide what to order, here’s more:

Yakiniku-GO Set ($15.80, 100g + Half Steak 60g)
For first timers, perhaps you can order the signature Yakiniku-GO Set which boasts three popular cuts of beef: Short Plate, Angus Ribeye Steak and Beef Tongue.

Top up $5 to get full steak.

My favourite was the Karubi aka Short Plate which was tender, juicy, with more marbling than the usual cuts. When cooked well, there would be a light delectable crisp on the edges.

The Angus Ribeye Steak provides a contrast, cut in long strips for you to enjoy more of that juicy bite.

While Gyutan or Beef Tongue is not that common in Singapore’s context, it is a popular cut for Yakiniku dining in Japan – loved for its rich and meaty flavour yet tastes surprisingly clean.

Tip: grill one side of the gyutan for a longer period and leave the other side slightly rare.

Over at Yakiniku-GO, the thickness of the beef tongue is determined after several rounds of R&D and the pieces also undergo a special processing step that ensures optimal bite and texture. Recommend to dip into the citrusy Negi Shio Tare.

Manzoku Platter ($17.80)
For those who love to have a bit of everything, the Manzoku Platter features Beef Short Plate, Ribeye, Flap Meat, Boneless Short Rib, Outside Skirt, Beef Tongue, Chicken to even Lamb.

Special mention goes to the Harami or Outside Skirt (close to the diaphragm area of the cow) which comes with bolder flavour and slightly chewy texture. Good to go with the Miso Tare.

Also enjoy the Kainomi or Flap Meat – a small, delicious part of the rib area, with texture in between lean and fatty.

DIY Niku Sushi Set ($6.80)
If you like to have some fun with your food, make your own ‘sushi’ by grilling the short rib meat.

Lay the grilled slice atop the vinegared rice and wrap with seaweed, then garnish with kimchi, spring onion and sesame.

This comes with three slices, so if you want a more filling meal, then get the usual sets.

Jyo Karubi or Boneless Beef Short Rib ($7.90 for 50g, $11.90 for 100g)
If you want to order ala carte or top-up, then get the Jyo Karubi which is the Beef Short Ribs with even more marbling, matched with delicate taste and tenderness.

Pop a slice in the mouth and let it melt within, or dip into the House Special Yakiniku Tare for a touch of sweetness.

Wagyu Tokujou Karubi ($11.80 for 50g, $22.80 for 100g)
The triangular wagyu chuck short rib is a marbling score of at least 8 to 9 (out of 12), with good balance of fat and lean meat.

Seafood Hoiru Yaki ($12.80)
If you don’t take beef at all, consider the Seafood Hoiru Yaki which includes scallop, prawns, squid, butter, garlic and spring onions.

The combination is placed in an aluminium foil holder, then cooked on top of the grill.

The best part to me was the buttery-garlic (and rather soupy) sauce, especially when some of the seafood juices flowed into it.

Pour one or two spoonfuls onto the fluffy rice, and be in bliss when you savour that simple pleasure.

Four Types of Sauces
The four types of sauces include House Special Yakiniku Tare, Spicy Yakiniku Tare, Miso Tare and Negi Shio Tare. The recipes are formulated in-house by its Japanese head chef.

The Negi Shio Tare appeared to be the favourite, made with Japanese leek and four types of citrusy juices: lemon, lime, yuzu and orange. The slight-tangy sauce pairs well with the white meats such as chicken, and Gyutan.

I found the sweet House Special Yakiniku Tare good to go with most of the meats.

Takeaway Bento
For those who want to dabao something back home or office, there is also a wide range of takeaway bentos priced from $9.80 nett onwards.

The boxes collectively feature grilled jyo karubi, gyutan and angus ribeye steak, finished with tare sauce and condiments, and come complete with rice, kimchi and edamame.

Recommended options include Angus Ribeye Steak Jyu, Karubi With Kinshi Tamago Jyu and Karubi & Negi Shio Chicken Jyu.

Customers can order takeaway bentos in-store.

Yakiniku-GO – The Seletar Mall
The Seletar Mall #01-49/50/51/52/53, 33 Sengkang West Ave, Singapore 797653
Tel: +65 6242 5939
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, Last order: 9.15pm (Mon – Sun)

Yakiniku-GO – Jurong Point
Jurong Point #B1-55, 1 Jurong West Central 2, Singapore 648886
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, Last order: 9.15pm (Mon – Sun)

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Yakiniku-GO.


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