Nightlife is certainly not boring in Singapore with many supper spots and ice cream shops opening till late.

Look out for Sweet Hut 甜秘密 which opens till 3am daily at Geylang Lor 40. It is actually just short walk from Paya Lebar MRT station.

(Anyway, I suspect this post will go viral and possibly other websites will also quickly grab a few pics and post, so head down early or wait for a couple of weeks to enjoy the space.)

Doing a quick search on Google Maps, I was directed to the stretch of shophouses along Geylang, and thought that they are just the normal traditional dessert shop.

Sweet Hut stood out among the row of shophouses due to the colourful walls and hanging neon lights that didn’t quite resemble the typical local dessert place.

Here, you will find a huge, 50-seater Instagram-worthy space.

There are varied themes in different corners, ranging from a blue floral backdrop to a golden cage, tatami area or even seats shaped like a rolling dice and Rubik’s cube.

With multiple neon lights spanning across the ceiling, the entire vibe seems to be young and vibrant, yet they do not serve hipster cafe food like ice cream and waffles here.

Instead, desserts such as Durian Sago ($6.90), D24 Durian Mousses ($6.90), Bird’s Nest ($15 – $28), Herbal Gui Ling Gao ($2.30), Almond/ Walnut/ Peanut/ Sesame Paste ($3.80), Yam Paste with Pumpkin & Ginkgo ($5.80) and Honeydew Sago ($4.30) can be found on their menu.

This fusion is interesting, having familiar sweet treats served in an hipster ‘instagrammable’ space located within a nostalgic shophouse.

My favourite was the Yam Paste with Pumpkin & Ginkgo ($5.80) aka Orh-Nee, usually served in Chinese banquets.

The yam paste was rich and creamy with a thick and viscous texture, topped with a dollop of pumpkin flesh that added some sweetness. The ginkgo nuts contributed some chewiness to the overall texture.

The taste was well-balanced and fragrant, flavourful without being overly sweet.

Mango lovers should be thrilled to see that there are Mango Sago ($4.80), Coconut Milk Mango Ice ($4.80), Mango Pomelo Sago ($5.80) and Mango Lemongrass Pearl ($5.80) on the menu.

The Mango Lemongrass Pearl ($5.80) came with a layer of lemongrass Ai-yu jelly at the bottom layer, topped with crushed ice, fruit pearls and mango cubes.

There were different textures in a bowl, from the soft and chewy mango cubes, to the smooth Ai-yu jelly, firmer fruit pearls and crushed ice.

The mango cubes were sweet, whereas the jelly was lightly infused with lemongrass without overpowering the taste. Not the best around, but good supper dessert place.

For the durian lovers, four durian desserts and snacks namely Durian Sago ($6.90), Nyonya Green Bean Soup with Durian ($6.90), D24 Durian Mousse ($6.90), Musang King Durian, Fried Durian with Yam ($6.90), Golden Fried Durian ($6.90) Mousse ($9.90) can be found here.

I decided to try the uncommon Nyonya Green Bean Soup with Durian ($6.90), which ended up too watery for me.

Neither the green bean soup nor the D24 durian flesh tasted distinctive.

Apart from desserts, Sweet Hut also offers light savoury bites such as Golden Mee Sua ($4.90) – similar to Swee Choon’s signature dish, Fresh Shrimp Spring Roll ($4.90), Otah Bun (2 for $2.90), Fried Otah ($3.90) and Handmade Curry Puff (2 for $2.90).

The Fried Otah ($3.90) sounded interesting (as otah is usually grilled instead) as it came with a golden brown crust that added some crispiness and crunch.

Sweet Hut has an interesting concept by specialising in traditional snacks and desserts with a modern appeal (in terms of its interior) and will probably attract a relatively young (and young-at-heart) crowd.

Sweet Hut 甜秘密
654 Geylang Rd, Geylang Lor 40, Singapore 389584
Opening Hours: 6pm – 3am (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.



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