Seems like Holland Village’s Lor Mambong is getting more ‘happening’ of late, with the opening of cafes and drinking places such as The Chir Café & Bar, Boss Bistro & Bar, and JOMO.


It is a play of words and the emotionally intelligent antidote of “FOMO”, which means “Joy of Missing Out”.

Essentially about being present and being content with where you are at in life. Right.

The café is a three-storey ‘hidden’ gem at the end of Lor Mambong Road though, so may not be visible to many.

It features an alfresco area sweeping around the building where people can be spotted drinking outside, a full retail shop experience on the ground floor.

The main part is a possibly-stylish, minimalistic restaurant and bar on the first and second floor. It takes up completely different vibes in the noon and night – one quiet, the other boisterous.

The family-friendly menu has a wide selection of dishes including aged Aussie Angus burgers, deep-fried pork belly, and homemade pies all from master butchers Sidecar Handcrafted.

Founder of JOMO Steve Yallop is close friends with the founder of Australian Butcher Sidecar Handcrafted, hence the partnership on the menu and weekly BBQs.

Oh yes, the BBQ sauce provided was very yummy.

Light bites to go with drinks include Crispy Pork Belly Bites ($8), Chicken Salt Fries ($8), Sausage Rolls ($10), and Popcorn Chicken ($10).

The menu printed that ”if you don’t not know (what Chicken Salt Fries is), ask an Aussie.”

Chicken salt is so ubiquitous that it is the default seasoning for fast food fries down under.

Mains include Dry Aged Aussie Beef Burger ($14), Pulled Pork Burger ($14), Shredded Lamb Burger ($16), JOMO Veggie Burger ($14), Gourmet Hot Dog ($14), Banger’s & Mash ($14), Homemade Beef Pie & Chips ($16), and Cajun Chicken Salad ($14).

Note that on Sundays, they offer a different family BBQ menu (reservations recommended).

I was recommended the Thai Basil, Lime & Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger ($14) because it was just different from the usual.

It was a tasty burger, with all the Asian flavours giving some unpredictability to the taste profile, plus the patty was sufficiently juicy.

The JOMO Beer Battered Fish and Chips ($16) has beer batter made from JOMO Super Dry, with a beautiful golden crisp and tender flaky fish within.

At a period when restaurant and café prices are just creeping up North (like WHY are burgers getting so expensive nowadays), I actually think that the food here is ‘correctly’ priced, without making me feel a big pinch. Plus, all nett.

JOMO – Holland Village
48 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277699
Tel: +65 9800 3787
Opening Hours: 3pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Sat), 11am – 2pm, 3pm – 6pm (Sun)

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