TVB fans will not be unfamiliar with veteran Hong Kong Actor Benz Hui 许绍雄 (欢喜哥!), known for his many iconic roles in HK films and dramas.

Don’t be surprised if you ever spot the veteran actor at Cafe Bakeaholic in Springleaf. This is because the shop is owned by his daughter, Charmaine Hui.

While Charmaine was supposed to head off to UK to pursue her Masters degree this year, her plans was disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which left her ‘stranded’ in Singapore.

So, what started off as a passion for home-baking evolves to a full-fledged double unit bakery-café that can sit 30 pax.

It is located at The Brooks II, a mixed-use commercial-residential development at Springleaf (at Yishun kind of near the Singapore Zoo).

Spanning across 2 units with tall ceilings, the first unit has a fun and vibrant pink layout, with a ribbon-like waveform bespoke lighting, colourful chairs with terrazzo tabletops and a gold-trimmed glass display shelf showcasing the bakes of the day.

The unit next door has an additional #OOTD corner with multiple hanging light bulbs for the perfect Instagram shot.

The menu at Cafe Bakeaholic is pretty extensive with both savoury and sweet items, ranging from Salad ($8 – $12) to Pizza ($13 – $15), All Day Breakfast ($10.90 – $14) and their rotating selection of Pastries ($3.50 – $7.50) and Desserts ($3 – $8).

Signature bakes include the Madeleines (Single $3.90, Box of 6 for $22) that comes in various flavours such as Lemon, Earl Grey and Genmai Matcha with mulberry properties with an additional antioxidants properties.

I had the Lemon Madeleines (Single $3.90, Box of 6 for $22) that was the only flavour available at the time of visit.

Tasting like butter cake, it had a soft and buttery texture with a light citrusy punch from the lemon.

2 flavours were also available for their Donuts, the Sugar ($2.80) and Cinnamon ($3), both a soft and fluffy with a chewy texture that was light and refreshing.

The Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Brookies (65g for $12) was my favourite, a mix between brownie and cookies with a punch of sea salt added to cut through the rich chocolatey taste.

Unlike the usually cookie with a crispy and buttery texture, the Brookie leaned towards a soft, chewy and fudgy brownie texture.

For a fun and interactive experience, Hot Cocoa Bomb ($8), Dark Chocolate Milk Bomb ($8) and White Chocolate Matcha Milk Bomb ($9) are available on their menu.

Hot milk is poured over a chocolate tart shell to melt and release the content encased within.

Matchaholics would probably prefer something stronger and more robust as the White Chocolate Matcha Milk Bomb ($9) was on the sweeter side due to the white chocolate tart shell and the marshmallows.

Highlander coffee is used for their espresso-based drinks such as Espresso ($5), Long Black ($6), Cappuccino ($6) and Latte ($7).

Also available are Tea items such as Earl Grey ($7), Calming Spirit ($7), Nutcracker ($7.50), Milky Popcorn ($8), Blood Orange ($7) and Pear & Mangosteen ($7.50).

Being the only cafe in that area, Cafe Bakeaholic will be a good option for a dessert fix, and perhaps you might catch Benz Hui there helping out his daughter.

Cafe Bakeaholic
The Brooks ll, 25 Springside Green, #01-12/13, Singapore 786015
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 5pm (Mon – Sun)

Café Bakeaholic – Orchard
Wheelock Place #02-19, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


  1. Been here today,
    1. Tiny slice of lemon blueberry cake, cold and tasted like baked yesterday
    2. Drinks are pricey considering the out of town location.
    3. Service is a mess, can’t even process customer on a first come first served…everyone just walk in like a food court and chope seats
    4. Not value for money. Big breakfast is tiny…literally! And being a bakery I got Gardenia bread for my big breakfast.
    5. Service wise they are trying still have a lot of room for improvement. This place is riding on celebrity name but will tapers off over time

  2. First and last visit. Had a latte and the chocolate bomb. Latte was not well made and the milk was not frothed properly. Chocolate bomb was sweet enough to give you a diabetic shot on Christmas and basically tasted like sweet milk after the bomb melted. Madeleines were average. “Brookies” were bad. It just didn’t capture what makes a brownie or a cookie great. More like a thin slightly chewy cookie.

    It’s lucky to be the only cafe in the area.


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