[Updated Sep 2022] Great news for ramen fans. Kanada-Ya Singapore has opened its 5th location at JEM.

It was in 2009 when Kanada-Ya was founded by Kazuhiro Kanada in the small city of Yukuhashi on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu.

This renowned Japanese ramen chain expanded to Singapore in December 2019, and since then has wowed ramen fans with their award-winning tonkotsu ramen.

Over in Singapore, there are currently outlets at Paragon, Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ), Century Square, and Marina Square.

Kanada-Ya makes its specialty ramen with an 18-hour broth and a secret sauce to add umami flavours. It took a year of experiments before this self-taught chef, a former pro-keirin racer, discovered his breakthrough recipe.

It was the rich and flavourful pork bone broth that earned it awards, paving the way to expand in Hong Kong, London, Spain, and Singapore.

In London, it was voted as the No. 1 Ramen Restaurant in London by The Telegraph London.

Here’s more on what you can expect at Kanada-ya: (Note: items differ slightly from outlet to outlet)

Kotteri Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.90 for basic, $16.90 for regular, $18.90 for special)
The creamy and thick (“kotteri” means thick) tonkotsu broth is the foundation of this signature ramen.

The signature pork bone extract has a deep and robust flavour. If you want to experience the most authentic Kyushu ramen, order this. A Kanada-San’s original recipe you shouldn’t miss.

Available in 3 variants, the Special gives you 4 pieces of thick and juicy slices of pork belly chashu, crunchy wood ear fungus, tokudai nori, spring onion, and a runny-in-the-center hanjuku egg.

To keep it authentic, the signature tonkotsu broth is handmade by the founder himself and imported from the original restaurant in Japan.

Along with the comes a special wheat noodle. Mr Kanada makes his noodles with a specific type of flour, enriching with an exact protein content and alkaline salts. These gives the noodle its firm yet springy texture.

Black Garlic Ramen ($16.90 for basic, $18.90 for regular; $20.90 for special)
Even in Singapore, you get to the try Hong Kong’s Favourite, the Black Garlic Ramen.

Made with fragrant homemade black garlic sauce, this ramen pairs together Kanada-Ya’s satisfying tonkotsu broth with tender slices of pork belly chashu, wood ear fungus, leeks, nori, and spring onion.

Truffle Veggie Ramen ($16.90 for basic, 18.90 for regular, $20.90 for special)
Cross the borders of taste and try London’s recipe, the Truffle Veggie Ramen. Ideal for vegetarians, this ramen is made with a meat-less ramen broth that’s still rich and creamy.

Instead of the special ingredient pork bones, this veggie-based broth is made with soy milk for that light creaminess, vegetable dashi for umami flavour, and truffle oil for that alluring aroma.

The noodles used are of a different type from the other bowls, with a softer bite. My favourite parts were the crispy deep-fried lotus roots and sweet beancurd skin.

Truffle Ramen ($22.90 for basic, $24.90 for regular, $26.90 for special)
This truffle-centric ramen is London’s favourite, a simple yet stunning Hakata style ramen topped with belly chashu, asparagus, and nori.

The distinctive aroma will definitely ‘arrive’ before the bowl does as diners wait in anticipation.

Its fragrance and flavour come from the black truffle oil mixed with the signature tonkotsu soup base, and the black truffle jelly topping made with black truffle paste.

Even the chashu is truffle marinated for that ultimate truffle flavour.

You get firm yet springy noodles to pair with their signature pork bone broth. If you like the thin and long Hakata style noodles with a firm bite, this will be right up your alley.

Oyakodon ($12.90)
Oyakodon (literally “parent-and-child-donburi”) is a play on words for a dish with both chicken (parent) and egg (child).

This Japanese rice bowl dish is prepared by simmering bite-sized pieces of pan-seared chicken thighs, egg, and onions in an umami-rich dashi and soy-based sauce.

The sweet and savoury saucy mixture is then poured over a bowl of steamed fluffy rice. However, I do feel that if this is your first time to Kanada-ya, the noodles are still the more distinctive dishes and better choices.

Unagi Don ($16.90)
A Japanese rice bowl rice featuring pan-seared Japanese freshwater eel glazed with a sweet and savoury tare sauce.

Home-made with soy sauce, sake and mirin, the tare sauce coats the flavourful unagi as it is laden over fluffy, steaming rice.

Nanban Chicken ($9.90)
Complement your Kyushu ramen with this Kyushu appetiser from the Miyazaki prefecture.

Made with a lightly battered chicken that’s deep-fried and marinated in a sweet and sour vinegar-based sauce. It’s made Nanban-style (Nanban means “foreign”) by topping it with a specially-made tartar sauce with quite a bit of chopped items.

Truffle Fries ($6.90)
It does feel strange to find Truffle Fries in a ramen eatery, but go for eat if you crave for these nibbles. Enjoy some crunch along with your ramen with these thin-cut potatoes deep-fried ‘til golden brown.

Served with a drizzling of fragrant truffle oil and sprinkling of nori.

Crispy Sweet Spicy Wings ($8.90)
Tease your palate with these sweet and spicy mid-joint wings. Deep-fried ‘til golden brown in colour and skin crunchy, they can be an appetiser for sharing – I did feel that the meat within could be marinated longer for the flavours to better permeate through.

Takoyaki ($5.90)
Add a side dish of little balls of takoyaki made from wheat-flour batter in dashi broth with small pieces of chopped octopus within.

Served with a coating of brown takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, and a generously sprinkling of bonito flakes.

Agedashi Tofu ($5.90)
A traditional Japanese appetiser of silken tofu coated with potato starch and deep-fried ‘til a crispy crust form.

It is soaked into a dashi-based sauce and topped with katsuobushi (bonito flakes), grated ginger, grated daikon, scallion, and nori. Perhaps there could be more sauce so that the dish would be more flavourful.

The tofu did have a warm, satin soft interior.

Kanada-Ya – JEM
JEM #03-09, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 529509
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Kanada-Ya – PARAGON
290 Orchard Road, #04-09/K1, Paragon, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Kanada-Ya – PLQ MALL
10 Paya Lebar Road, #03-30, PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Kanada-Ya – Century Square
Century Square #01-34, Singapore 529509
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Kanada-Ya – Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-203/204, Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Kanada-Ya.


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