Another one? This can be a matter of pure coincidence, as there are now three NEW ice cream bars at Sunset Way.

Located in the same neighbourhood as Hundred Acre Creamery and Burnt Cones (that also serves gelato and waffles), Dawn’s Gelateria is the latest addition to the community.

Over here, there are quite a number of food choices such as Chin Huat Live Seafood, Springleaf Prata Place, HoHo Korean Restaurant, Summer Hill, The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe, Olla Specialty Coffee, Sunset Railway Cafe, Buttercake N Cream, Fredo’s Baker, Classic Cakes and Balmoral Bakery.

As to get this out of the way… in case you come here looking for a “her”, owner Chef Dawn is a guy.

This can be a relaxing place to take an easy-day out, with most of their seating space located outside the shop (8 indoors, 30 outdoors).

Unlike most gelato bar that focuses primarily on their gelato and waffles, Dawn’s Gelateria also serves an extensive menu of hot food that ranges from Starters ($7 – 16) to Mains ($11- $26), Seafood ($20 – $26) and Pasta ($15 – $24).

There are a total of 18 rotating gelato flavours.

Available in 2 cup sizes, think Regular flavours (3oz $5 and 5oz $8) such as Valrhona Chocolate, Fior Di Latte (Milk), Earl Grey, Chocolate Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet, Watermelon & Lime, and Mint Stracciatella.

At a higher price tag, there are Premium flavours (additional $1 per flavour) such as Speculoos and Amarena Cherry, Specialty flavours (additional $1.50 per flavour) such as Pistachio and 50% Strawberry, Sugar-Free Peanut Butter (additional $2) and Alcoholic Cranberry Portwine (additional $2).

After visiting many ice cream and gelato shops lately, I think I have gotten pretty “OCD” when it comes to the layout of the gelato in the display shelf.

Unlike most gelato bars with flavours properly laid out and labelled, the flavours here at Dawn’s Gelateria are randomly arranged.

As a little suggestion: some categorisation such as Regular, Premium, Specialty, Alcoholic and Sugar-free, would help customers make quick choices.

Plus, the flavours are labelled with a white marker against the glass panel, which made it hard to differentiate.

I ordered the 3oz of regular gelato ($5): Earl Grey and Watermelon & Lime on a Waffle ($8)

At $8 a piece, the waffle was considered slightly on the pricy side.

The Waffle came with golden brown crispy edges, thinner than the usual buttermilk waffle, with a denser and fluffy texture that is almost cake-like.

The highlight was the Watermelon and Lime sorbet, with sweetness from the watermelon on the first bite and a lingering refreshing citrus punch in the aftertaste due to the lime added.

The texture was dense and compact, non-icy with robust flavours that was not overly-sweet.

The Earl Grey was strong and intense, with a lingering pleasant tea aroma, and a texture that was smooth and creamy.

I was looking through their savoury menu and the Dawn’s Specialty Gelato Salad ($12) caught my attention.

What’s a Gelato Salad?

In fact, it is salad with mesclun lettuce, Japanese cucumber and cherry tomatoes topped with a scoop of savoury gelato such as Olive Oil Balsamic or Garlic Aioli.

Optional roast chicken, calamari or king prawns are available at an additional $4.90.

On the first bite, the Garlic Aioli gelato interestingly tasted like Thousand Island Dressing in the frozen form, savoury and cold at the same time. Can be an acquired taste.

The Garlic Aioli gelato went well with the salad, making it extra chilled and flavourful.

Dawn’s Gelateria does offer some interesting options and quality gelato on their menu.

However, the problem is with a 4th ice cream shop opening soon at Sunset Way (the first there being The Daily Scoop), and can be tough competition here within a small community.

Dawn’s Gelateria
106 Clementi Street 12, #01-38, Singapore 120106
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Sun – Thur), 11am – 11pm (Fri – Sat)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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