Probably one of the pioneers in the cafe scene in Singapore that brings about the 3rd wave coffee since 2012, Necessary Provisions has reopened in Tanglin within SmartFit Pilates Studio.

This is good news for the fans, since they closed down their previous space at Eng Kong Terrace in 2018 and focused on their coffee wholesale business instead.

Instead of the dark and rustic feel seen in its previous space, the interior is decked in wooden elements with warm and cosy vibes here.

With a total of 22 seats (12 indoors and 10 outdoors), the small and concise menu focuses purely on vegetarian options and healthier choices.

What you can expect include Green Salad ($18), Miso Tofu Salad ($14), Quinoa Ulam ($12), Bowl of Fruits ($15) and Fresh Toasted Granola ($8).

For a heartier portion, French Toast ($19), Eat Your Spinach ($19), Pomodori Tomato-dori ($18) and Croque Kinoko ($15) are available.

Frankly speaking, I had high hopes for them initially, especially when they are considered a veteran in the cafe scene.

And it turned out that I might be a tad disappointed.

The Croque Kinoko ($15) was served with thinly-sliced grilled Shiitake (mushroom) sandwiched between 2 pieces of ciabatta, topped with toasted gruyere cheese, grated parmesan cheese with a sprinkle of black pepper and pickles.

It was decent with a balanced taste, with slight savory and earthy notes from the mushroom.

Considering the price point, I would expect a larger portion instead of the size of my palm.

The French Toast ($19) turned out to be of similar size using the same ciabatta instead of the soft and fluffy brioche (which is more commonly used).

The ciabatta had a more “interesting” texture, being soft, soggy and airy on the inside compared to a fluffy texture seen in a brioche.

Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelette) was then served on top of charred banana, toasted ciabatta with grated parmesan cheese and maple butter served on its side.

The maple butter was however the saving grace, adding some moisture and flavours to the otherwise muted dish.

The drinks menu is quite extensive, serving Coffee using single origin from Colombia, roasted by Smitten Coffee, Tea ($7) such as Jun Chiyabari Estate and Oolong, Matcha ($7 – 9) from Uji, Kyoto, Kombucha ($8.50), Beer and Wine.

The usual selection of espresso-based drinks can be found on their menu such as Espresso ($4.50), Americano (Hot $5, Iced $6), Latte (Hot $6, Iced $6.50), Cappuccino ($6), Mocha (Hot $7, Iced $8) and optional Oat Milk (Hot +$1, Iced +$1.50).

I had the hot Mocha With Oat Milk ($8) with a smooth and medium bodied, slightly on the sweeter side due to the oat milk used.

The Hot Matcha Latte ($8) was freshly whisked and prepared upon order, unsweetened with a thick texture and light vegetal notes.

Other pastries on display include Savory Scones ($5), Cookie ($4), Banana Bread ($4) and Pandan Chiffon Cake ($4).

Welcome back, Necessary Provisions, which will probably attract the healthier eating crowd instead of the usual cafe hoppers who are looking for hearty brunch food.

Necessary Provisions
91 Tanglin Road, #01-01, Singapore 247918
Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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