This is a new “seafood in a pack” concept in Singapore.

While “HACK IT” is not the first here, but there are a few pointers what makes that difference – prices are considered pretty wallet-friendly, and this concept is by the famous JUMBO Group of Restaurants.

It also has a limited time only pop-up at The Riverwalk (near Clarke Quay) from 12 April. Diners can walk in, order, and enjoy cracking live and fresh seafood in-store right on the table top.

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As to why the name, “HACK IT” is a term used to describe the action of cracking or smashing, and exudes the attitude of seizing the day.

You will be having fresh seafood prepared with JUMBO’s specially created sauces with Southeast Asian flavours, sent right to your house (via or at The Riverwalk pop-up store.

A tasty option to consider for gatherings and family meals.

Foodies should be more or less familiar with the Southern Louisiana style seafood concept, but local restaurants have given this a twist with Asian flavours.

Seafood are placed in bags, poured out ‘ceremoniously’ on tables, and diners eat straight from there with hands or gloves. Can be messy but fun.

HACK IT’s seafood packs have that extra edge because the seafood is wok-fried with sauce (wok-hei!) rather with sauces just mixed or tossed over boiled seafood.

There are various distinctive sauce bases to choose from, which includes Chilli Crab, Black Pepper, Hot and Spicy Mala (additional $5.60), Smooth Creamy Butter, and newly launched Nonya Sauce.

This is to be paired with one of the four curated specialty packs of ‘Xiao Long Xia’ In A Pack ($40), Crab In A Pack ($62), Lobster In A Pack ($62), and Deluxe Seafood Pack ($100).

The idea is to pick your favourite seafood + sauce combinations. So even Xiao Long Xia with Chilli Crab sauce is a reality. There is also a complimentary choice of carbs, including Instant Noodles, Penne, Garlic Fried Rice and Steamed Rice.

This is what I have tried: (All prices quoted subject to service charge and prevailing GST.)

Crab In A Pack + Chilli Crab Sauce ($62)
Includes Live Mud Crab (600g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Live Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g) with Choice of Carbs

It is only right that my default top choice would be “Crab In A Pack” in the signature chilli crab sauce.

The live mud crabs, seafood and other ingredients are first wok-fried in the mouth-watering signature sauce, packed and sealed (to keep in the heat), then sent your place.

Don’t need to use newspapers (yikes) on your dining table, as table cover, bibs and gloves are provided. But to be safe, you can always add another layer of plastic sheet below the paper cover.

Here’s the drill: Pour the seafood out and enjoy with HANDS.

I think the portion is good for two to share, and the thrill is just letting your hair down at home, reach out for the food, and even lick the sauce from your gloves or hands (without people judging).

The luscious Chilli Crab sauce is said to contain a myriad of over 10 different Southeast Asian spices such as chilli, turmeric, lemongrass, and candlenut.

All-in-all, quite an enjoyable experience. I liked that sweet-tanginess with subtle eggy fragrance that brings out the freshness of crab. Somehow, I found this sauce even nuttier than the usual, though I wished there was more for me to sweep up the crispy mini ‘Man Tou’ (additional $3.40 for 4 pieces).

Crab In A Pack + Nonya Sauce – NEW Sauce ($62)
The Nonya inspired sauce takes centrestage with a combination of raw sugar and evaporated milk. Also included is pineapple puree into the mix which balance the mild spiciness that is addictively sweet and tangy.

’Xiao Long Xia’ In A Pack + Hot and Spicy Mala Sauce ($40 + $5.50 Mala Sauce)
Includes ‘Xiao Long Xia’ (500g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g) with Choice of Carbs

Being the Mala Xiang Guo lover, this pairing is also quite a straight-forward selection.

What I enjoyed was that the pack also comes complete with additional broccoli, lotus root and assorted mushrooms for those greens and crunch.

All Seafood Packs are served with complimentary side of staple. Pick the instant noodles, and it almost feels like having an indulgent-luxe version of Xiang Guo at home.

I would describe the sauce as in between wei la (mildly spicy) and xiao la (little spicy) with that element of spiciness and kick from Sichuan peppercorn, chilli pepper and various spices, but not being overly tingling to the tongue.

While I am not the biggest fan of ‘Xiao Long Xia’, this pack comes with quite a substantial half a kg portion, and the ‘baby lobsters’ were considerably meaty.

Deluxe Seafood Pack + Smooth Creamy Butter Sauce ($100)
Includes Live Mud Crab (600g), Live Boston Lobster (500g), Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Live Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g) with Choice of Carbs

While most of the other sauces have an Asian-savour with a touch of heat (say Chilli Crab, Mala, Black Pepper), this full-flavoured creamy butter sauce would suit the non-spice lovers.

The smooth-milky sauce comes with apparent fragrance of butter and curry leaves, topped with crispy milk crumbs which is rather addictive.

There was a certain richness and mild sweetness, which worked well with the gently coated lobster flesh as it didn’t over-power the natural flavours of the seafood.

Best tossed with the complimentary served of Penne Pasta.

The selection of unique Asian side dishes include:

Seafood Baked Rice with Chilli Crab Sauce ($9.20)
Assorted seafood with fried rice in sweet-tangy signature chilli crab sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and baked.

HACK IT’s Signature Salad ($11.50)
A refreshing and fruity salad of mixed greens with sliced avocado, starfruit, rock melon, cherry tomatoes AND interesting addition of crunchy ‘chai poh’ bits (though not quite the same as those on chwee kueh).

Drizzled with olive, house-made plum sauce, and tossed crushed peanuts.

Sotong Dough Fritters ($9.20)
Inspired by the local rojak, an appetiser deep-fried sotong fritters tossed with diced pineapple and grapes in salad cream sauce.

HACK IT Mid Wings ($9.20)
Deep-fried mid wings coated with chef-created sweet and spicy sauce. Something like Korean sauced wings, except that this has a crispy outer layer.

Crab in the Cake ($8.50)
House-made Crab cake filled with fresh crab meat and vegetables, deep-fried till golden brown and accompanied with Thousand Island sauce.

Yuan Yang Fries ($9.50)
Duo of thick-cut Spam fries and baked ‘Man Tou’ Bread Sticks. Recommended to dip in Chilli Crab sauce.

Nonya Prawn Fritters ($8)
Crispy, deep fried vegetable fritters with whole prawns, served with sweet and spicy sauce. A childhood favourite.

Deep Fried Mini ‘Man Tou’ ($3.40 for 4 pcs)
When you have Chilli Crab sauce, you need those fluffy mantou.

All Seafood Packs are served with a side of staple: penne pasta, instant noodles, steamed rice or garlic fried rice.

Optional add-ons include seafood of Live Dungeness Crab, Live Alaskan Crab, Prawns, along with other ingredients such as assorted mushrooms, broccoli, lotus root, potato, and luncheon meat.

For those who prefer to customise your own Seafood Packs, you can choose to have the HACK IT Your Way Seafood Pack, where you get to pick your favourite seafood items, ingredients, and sauce.

The full selection of star crustaceans includes ‘Xiao Long Xia’ (500g), Live Mud Crab (600g – 1.6kg), Live Dungeness Crab (900g – 1.1kg), Live Alaskan Crab (2.4kg – 3.2kg) and Live Boston Lobster (500g).

HACK IT Dine-in Exclusive
Enjoy the Australian Lobster In A Pack (900g) at a special price at $168 (U.P.$228) when you dine in at The Riverwalk.

Have your pick of favourite sauces from Nonya, Chilli Crab, Black Pepper, Mala, or Creamy Butter with a medley of seafood: Clams (100g), Mussels (100g), Live Prawns (200g) and Pearl Corn (100g).

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– Not valid with any other promo codes, promotions or discounts.

Pop-up Address: 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-48, The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
Pop-Up Menu:
WhatsApp (Reservation):
Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm Last Order 2pm, Dinner 5:30pm – 10pm Last Order 9:15pm (Mon – Sun)

Delivery hours: 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
Ordering Platform:

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