Fuwafuwa (ふわふわ) is a Japanese word that refers to something that is “fluffy”, “light, “soft” and “airy”.

Located on the 2nd floor of City Gate, Fuwa Fuwa is a 25-seater Japanese Kakigori-specialty cafe with a simple interior, decked in white and wooden elements.

Are you asking “Wait, where is this City Gate mall? It is at Beach Road near Golden Mile Food Centre (where KeyPoint used to be).

By definition, Japanese Kakigori is known as shaved ice or Japanese “ice kacang”, and is similar to their Korean counterpart of Bingsu.

Unlike Korean Bingsu that uses a milk-based shavings as the base, Japanese Kakigori typically uses ice blocks shavings that are light and fluffy. After which, flavoured syrup is drizzled over since the base is bland.

The result is an airy texture that is less dense compared to our traditional Ice Kacang and Korean Bingsu.

A total of 4 fixed flavours are available at Fuwa Fuwa, namely Ichigo ($12.50) which is strawberry, Uji Kinotoki that is matcha ($13.50), Mango ($13.50) and Chocolate Brownie ($13.50).

Another 3 rotating flavours are available on our daily of visit, the Kinako with Kuromitsu ($14.50), Amazake Lactoberries ($14.50) and Strawberry Cream Cheese ($14.50).

Be prepared to wait as there was only one service crew in the shop on my day of visit.

Each Kakigori has to be prepared manually by spinning the bowl continuously to ensure that the texture is even and consistent.

My favourite was the Uji Kinotoki Kakigori ($13.50) served with Hokkaido Tokachi Azuki in between the layers of the shaved ice and by the side.

Sweetened milk was also drizzled to make the dessert more milky and creamy, while the first flush of Kyoto Uji Matcha provided some bitterness, earthiness and complexity.

The iced shavings were so “fuwa fuwa” and indeed cotton-candy-like, almost felt like a guilt-free treat.

The Hokkaido Tokachi Azuki was a nice touch, adding some sweetness and texture to the combination, making it sweeter and chewier.

I decided to be adventurous and try out the daily special – Amazake Lactoberries ($14.50) that was generously drizzled with amazake (fermented Japanese rice beverage) which was also known as a Sweet Sake due to their similarities.

Words of cautious: As the lactoberries which is made up of cranberries and blueberries mixed with probiotics can be very sour, add one scoop at a time into the Kakigori until you are comfortable with the taste.

I made the mistake of adding all the Lactoberries into the Kakigori and it turned out to be too sour.

Apart from Kakigori, Fuwa Fuwa also serves a small menu of Mapo Tofu with Rice ($11) and Carbonara ($15) for those who prefer to eat something savoury before indulging in the sweet treats.

Fuwa Fuwa
City Gate, 371 Beach Road, #02-44, Singapore 199597
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm (Sun – Tues), 11am – 9pm (Wed – Sat)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.



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