After King Of Fried Rice and King Of Pao Fan, here’s another “King”… King Army Stew.

The new Budae Jjigae specialty eatery is located at Fortune Centre, which is a short walking distance from Bugis+.

The building is known to house many vegetarian restaurants, casual Japanese izakaya and local dessert stores such as Yatkayan.

Located on the 3rd storey, the eatery can fit about 4 tables inside, and 3 two-seaters outside.

Budae Jjigae” is literally translated as “army base stew”. The dish was created shortly after the Korean War, using surplus food supplies from the U. S. army bases.

Therefore, it is common to find processed and canned food within the stew, such as baked beans, ham, hot dogs and spam. Later on, gochujang and kimchi was added to the mix, and the dish continues to be enjoyed today.

There are four types of stew offered at King Army Stew, namely the Classic Army Stew ($25.90, $35.90), Seafood Army Stew ($33.90, $45.90), Spicy Pork Ribs Stew ($28.90), and Beef Bulgogi Stew ($28.90).

Add-ons such as chicken franks, tteobokki, enoki mushrooms, sliced tofu, cheddar cheese slice, luncheon meat, baby octopus, asari clams, prawns and mussels are available, priced between $1 – $3 per portion.

Interestingly, no egg.

The Classic Army Stew came with an assortment of ingredients such as onions, lettuce, luncheon meat, chicken franks, bacon, mushrooms, kimchi, baked beans, and instant ramen stewed in a homemade spicy paste, topped with cheddar cheese.

Accordingly, the recipe is by a Korean chef, but modified to suit local tastebuds.

While I wasn’t expecting too much, this Budae Jjigae was surprisingly quite daebak, coming in a bountiful pile of ingredients, in a thick and sweet base.

I would have personally preferred it to be less sweet with a spicier kick, but those who enjoy that baked bean sweetness would be fond of this.

While Army Stews have always been associated with low-cost low-quality ingredients, the other peripherals such as the spam, sausage and instant noodles were not the cheap-cheap not-tasty type.

Most Army Stews found in Singapore restaurants are in the $30 – $40 range, so I think the price should be attractive enough for customers to head down.

King Army Stew
190 Middle Road, Fortune Centre #03-19, Singapore 188979
Tel: +65 8926 1372
Opening Hours: 12pm – 2:30pm, 5:30pm – 10:30pm, (Mon – Fri), 5pm – 10:30pm (Sat), Closed Sun

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